If we are talking about Instagram trends – in recent years they change not every year, not even every six months, but several times in a span of months. Talking about changes, Reels is a recent addition by the platform itself. Insta borrowed this in some way from Tik-Tok, bursting into the lives of Instagram users at a very fast pace.

Reels are not just small 60 second video clips for personal use – it is also a very powerful advertising tool. Reels allows many businesses in a short period of time to deliver interesting and important information to their customers.

instagram reels: new trend, new way

Moreover, this feature has unique promotion technologies which focus on users’ interests. Even without buying targeting ads on Insta, you can get a lot of likes, views and new subscribers with this feature. That’s why this method becomes a good addition to full-fledged promotions, i.e., like when you buy real Instagram followers.

This format is the format of creativity – able to showcase a person or even a whole team’s capability to cram everything required in a 60 second clip. That said, Instagram Reels are really interesting to your subscribers and soon to be followers who prioritizes subscribing creative accounts.

The first thing to do is to think of a strategy for your branding. An easy way to start from scratch is to create a suitable title for the reel – maybe even on a piece of paper. Since we’re there, you may try story boarding the content. An interesting thing to do would be to look at other reels or shorts and see what fonts and colors are popular for the current season. Incorporating them should add some dynamics to your clips so those 60 seconds wouldn’t be boring or out of fashion.

instagram reels: new trend, new way

The next action to take is to create a content plan where you will have to create a daily schedule of your publications so you could get the optimal time to edit or create a video for your account. Do not tread this lightly as creating clips could be daunting at times.

The next step is the connection of several social networks to create a common information platform. For example, if you have a Tik-Tok video that maxes out in 60 seconds or less, you may easily transfer them to Instagram. This is optional but definitely helpful if you want to share the same information to a new audience. For those subscribers who are following you on both platforms and have seen the video in Tik-Tok or Instagram, it is best to just re-share the clip or target a new audience. Also, don’t forget to check the Metrics to find out the best time for publishing and uploading these videos in your targeted region.

Instagram Reels as well as Stories are vertical video formats with 9:16 ratio and a resolution of 1980 x 1080 pixels respectively. This resolution and format is the most convenient combination to post videos – otherwise a potential mobile user wont fully appreciate the content and the video you prepared. Do not disregard that the foot fifth of the motion picture roll appears in the caption on the video. In the event that that is conceivable, avoid setting imperative visual components in this area.

Don’t be afraid to use new features because they help users to explore your content – experienced, popular Instagramer or not. Best of all, use these as a tool to gain more popularity and to deliver important and necessary information to your subscribers.


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