Today, Intel recognized the outstanding achievements of 47 partners with the distinction of Channel Partner of the Year at its Intel Vision 2022 conference. The North America Channel Partner of the Year awards honor Intel partners that are enhancing technology innovation, sales growth, go-to-market strategizing and marketing. These awards recognize the innovative solutions of Intel and its partners, which are made possible through continued ecosystem collaboration.

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“A healthy ecosystem requires partners who lean in and make us all better by challenging us day in and day out. With this year’s awards, we recognize our partners for their key contributions to the ecosystem by driving technological innovation that results in real-world impact. Today and every day, we are thankful for the strong collaboration with our partners and appreciate the shared commitment to bringing world-changing solutions to businesses, organizations and customers across the globe.”
-Greg Ernst, Intel corporate vice president and general manager of Americas Sales and Marketing

Why It’s Important:

The title Channel Partner of the Year is awarded to companies achieving the highest standards of design, development, integration and technology deployment to accelerate innovation, growth and go-to-market strategies.

Partner Program Winners:


  • ASI – U.S. CCG (Client Computing Group) Distributor of the Year Award: For innovative marketing activities, compelling website tools and a relentless focus on supporting our broad channel of partners.
  • TD SYNNEX – U.S. DCAI (Datacenter and Artificial Intelligence Group) Distributor of the Year Award: For leading the U.S. Channel in Data Center Blocks volume and growth and attach rates, and growing the customer base via deep-dive technical trainings.
  • Arrow Electronics – U.S. NEX-IoTG (Network and Edge Group/Internet of Things Group) Distributor of the Year Award: For leading the channel with a large volume and number of accounts supported via the Technical Demand Creation program.
  • TD SYNNEX – U.S. Marketing Distributor of the Year Award: For consistently enhancing the value of the Intel Partner Alliance program, communicating intelligent process automation points via its e-commerce site and delivering compelling training events, both virtually and in person.
  • TD SYNNEX – U.S. Internet of Things Group (IoTG) Solution Aggregator of the Year Award: For leading the channel in delivering many important/strategic IoT solution deployments, edge consumption revenue and overall partner engagements.
  • Ingram Micro – U.S. Branded Client Distributor of the Year Award: For driving Intel preference by selling a healthy mix of Intel® CoreTM-based systems and supporting many partners throughout the year.
  • TD SYNNEX – U.S. Branded Datacenter and Cloud Distributor of the Year Award: For its industry-leading cloud engagement, delivering on key pillars such as marketing, training and reporting, and showing the value of Intel in the cloud.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)/Manufacturing

  • ESI – Growth: For expertly navigating severe supply constraints, successfully sourcing components and providing best-in-class supply support at a large retailer with its delivery of Intel-based notebooks. As a result, ESI accelerated the growth of their notebook business and was recognized by this company for being one of their top suppliers of the year.
  • Supermicro – Innovation: For developing and delivering breakthrough AI innovative solutions based on 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, including the high-performance Intel® Habana accelerators that will enable customers to achieve faster time to train, efficient scaling and improved total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Juniper Networks – Growth: For collaborating with Intel on a huge strategic initiative showcasing the transformation in 5G by embracing the open and disaggregated software architecture on Intel FlexRAN and Intel® Xeon® D.
  • Evotek – Go-to-Market: For rapid sales growth well above market norms due to expansion of data center portfolio to include leading data center solutions based on Intel Xeon Scalable processors.
  • Razer – Innovation: For expanding its portfolio with the introduction of its first Intel® ThunderboltTM 4 technology-based gaming dock. This product expands the input/output (I/O) capabilities of its (and third-party) gaming notebooks, differentiates Intel platforms from competition and brings Thunderbolt technology to the gaming ecosystem worldwide.
  • DDN – Go-to-Market: For collaborating successfully with Habana Labs to bring to market a new turnkey advanced AI solution featuring the DDN AI400X2 storage appliance integrated with the Supermicro X12 Gaudi Training Server.
  • NetApp – Innovation: For expanding product portfolio and leveraging the latest Intel technology (3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Quick Assist Technology) to provide new performance and solution benefits to its customers, enabling digital transformation in both data center and cloud, which allows customers to experience the modern data services in a multicloud environment.
  • Colfax – Go-to-Market: For high-value engagement and insights into Intel business units, ensuring that channel interests and needs are met across data center products and programs, as well as for being a key provider of Intel® DevCloud services, including DevCloud for oneAPI, DevCloud for the Edge and DevCloud for field-programmable gate array (FPGA).
  • Pure Storage – Growth: For outstanding YoY growth and portfolio expansion with launch of FlashArray//XL based on 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors.
  • Corsair/OriginPC – Go-to-Market: For growing its desktop gaming systems and creating the best in gaming experience with Intel 12th Gen Intel Core processors with key events, including a livestream event that included a live build with Intel’s 12900KS processor, as well as providing two 12900KS show systems for PAX East and participating in the PAX East Live Show.
  • Framework – Innovation: For leading the right-to-repair movement with the successful launch and ramp of its new modular laptop powered by 11th Gen Intel Core processors. Named one of the best inventions of 2021 by Time magazine.

Solutions Providers

  • CDW – Growth: For partnering with Intel to continue to scale its education focus and drive digital transformation in the classroom. CDW increased Chromebook unit volume by 20%, delivering a record number to schools across the U.S. in K-12. This included offering services to better enable the use of technology in the classroom and deliver better learning outcomes.
  • Sterling Computers – Growth: For sustained growth in the federal space, leveraging vPro to strengthen its client-to-cloud manageability portfolio.
  • Iron Bow – Public Sector Solution of the Year: For creating an integrated campaign to drive hybrid solutions to our public-sector customers. This campaign is a true collaboration of sales, marketing and presales engagements from both the Intel Select Solutions team and Iron Bow to deliver reliable, scalable and optimized performance across enterprise applications, taking advantage of Intel Optane technology.
  • WWT – Growth: For driving an amazing 110% YoY growth of Intel’s data center adjacency products, powering innovative solutions for data center, edge, 5G, AI/analytics and hybrid cloud solutions, including Intel products such as Intel® OptaneTM technology, Intel networking, Intel FPGAs and Intel Silicon Photonics.
  • Insight – Innovation: For partnering with Intel to strategically drive incredible growth in the cloud space with enterprise customers. This included driving more than 22 strategic wins with major cloud service providers while building a significant pipeline of future cloud opportunities.
  • Cloud Reach – Innovation: For leading the industry in integrating Intel’s workload performance optimizations into its cloud migration projects, tools and services.
  • Mavenir – Go-to-Market: For taking the lead on defining and deploying 5G and connectivity as a service in a consumption-based model. The offering includes a messaging, core and private networks solution on hyperscalers running and leveraging on Intel technologies of 3rd Gen Xeon (Ice Lake), Intel networking and accelerator products Columbiaville and Maclaren Summit and key software products like Intel flexRAN.
  • Accenture – Innovation: For being uniquely positioned with its breadth of solutions and talent to holistically and aggressively address significant industry transformation underway in the areas of hybrid cloud and AI democratization.
  • Presidio – Innovation: For deploying cloud with Intel-based cloud optimizations while leveraging the latest Intel Xeon Scalable processors, resulting in reliable, scalable workload performance that can meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • Zones – Go-to-Market: For continuing to deliver unique ways to engage, train and reward sellers to drive adoption of Intel products. Through the Intel Price IT Right Sweepstakes, Zones educated sellers, enabling them to engage with customers on the value of Intel technologies, including Intel® EvoTM, Intel® vPro® and Active Management Technology (AMT) activation.

Software Partners

  • Redhat – Go-to-Market: For collaborating to build agile, cloud-ready network architectures based on high-performance, industry-standard platforms and open, software-defined infrastructure, leveraging joint ecosystems to take optimized solutions to market and solving clients’ business needs across hybrid cloud, AI, 5G and network transformation and intelligent edge.
  • PAN Palo Alto Networks – Innovation: For unleashing the potential of cloud compute by optimizing and enabling instructions in cloud instances, delivering best performance.
  • SAS – Go-to-Market: For continuous market growth with Intel technology in cloud computing, AI and IoT with breakthrough creative partnership strategies to accelerate the adoption and deployment of critical business solutions.
  • Densify – Innovation: For the creation of the Intel Cloud Optimizer (ICO) software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, which uses precise analytics to help customers solve the complex and dynamic challenge of continuously choosing the best-fit public cloud Intel instances for their workloads.
  • VSBLTY – Growth: For providing enhanced customer engagement and audience measurement using AI-driven software VectorTM and industry-leading VisionCaptorTM and DataCaptorTM.
  • Rakuten Symphony – Innovation: For optimizing Intel cutting-edge hardware based on ICX-D processor bundle with Columbiaville network interface card (NIC) on top of Flex-RAN software stack as a blueprint solution. Symware is a revolutionary answer to the high TCO of conventional radio access networks, and it’s time to join the revolution with Rakuten Symphony, Intel and Juniper.

Internet of Things Group

  • Supermicro – Biggest Growth: For re-energizing its CoSell motion with Team U.S. Supermicro grew more than 450% YoY and is building a strong CoSell engine for the future to drive Supermicro and Intel’s vision out into the IoT market.
  • Dell – OEM – Top Partner: For integrating the CoSell mentality into all OEM motions and growing the partnership with Intel by working with consumption, system integrator and design teams to drive 42% YoY growth in revenue. Dell continually looks for opportunities to link sales forces and grow together.
  • Crestron – Top MRS/RRK (Market-Ready Solutions/RFP Ready Kits): For being the global leader in MRS deployments and the flagship partner in The Intelligent Edge, an initiative with Intel and Microsoft.

Channel Engagement

  • MCPC – Intel Partner Alliance – Channel Engagement: For finding extreme value in the Intel Partner Alliance by taking advantage of Intel® Solutions Marketplace and meeting its training goals. Two team members completed the Intel® Device as a Service (DaaS) Competency, and MCPC plans to have the majority of its sales team take the competency in 2022.


  • SoftChoice – Innovation: For expanding its customer value and capabilities across managed services and hybrid multicloud environments to help organizations accelerate their cloud adoption and meet their business priorities.
  • Converge – Fastest Growth, Public Sector: For developing a strategic approach that allowed it to grow its revenue within the public sector in Canada while expanding its current solutions portfolio.
  • Hypertec – Innovation: HPC (High-Performance Computing) Solution: For developing, marketing and selling a leading high-performance line of servers based on Ice Lake, optimized for high bandwidth and low latency applications such as high-frequency trading (HFT) and for developing a differentiated solution using key unique Intel features such as turbo-lock, which helped Intel differentiate and win in key competitive situations.
  • Insight CA – Go-to-Market: For evolving its customer value by delivering its expertise in intelligent edge/edge AI (with Insight Connected Platform and Market Ready Solutions) to multicloud to help enterprises across Canada accelerate their digital transformations and cloud adoptions and meet their business priorities.
  • CDW CA – Growth: For maximizing its customer value by driving efficiency and business growth through creatively selling what’s on the truck by rolling out a three-way initiative with Microsoft dubbed Autopilot+vPro Campaign.


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