New, non-alphanumeric names are on the way for the next generation for McLaren supercars.

It’s been a tough year or so for British supercar manufacturer McLaren. The financial impact of the pandemic resulted in the company selling its headquarters in Woking, England, earlier this year for almost $240 million. But one way to move forward is to release new, exciting products. It seems that’s exactly what’s underway at McLaren because CarBuzz has uncovered no less than three trademark applications from the company via the UK's Intellectual Property Office.

Presumably, these are names of all-new models, not merely a special edition of an existing model, so McLaren seems to be on a mission to rapidly expand its portfolio. The three trademark names are Solus, Aeron, and Aonic. None of these names ring any particular bells or seem to hark back to any previous McLaren model so are likely clean-sheet designs.


All the names were filed under class 12 for motor land vehicles or cars, parts, and accessories. As for where these new models will fit in, we can only guess. In February this year, Roger Ormisher from McLaren told CarBuzz that further decisions on the naming of new models had yet to be made. Among the brand's supercars, the new Artura hybrid marked a departure from McLaren's alpha-numeric names when it was revealed.

The Sports Series was discontinued earlier in 2021 as well, so the Solus, Aeron, and Aonic won't fit into that category either. With McLaren unlikely to go the SUV route, our guess is that these new models will represent the next step in the company's electrification journey.


Currently, the Artura sits below models like the Senna and Speedtail that are part of the Ultimate Series. The Artura is also cheaper and less powerful than gas-only models like the 720S. It seems like the perfect time for McLaren to introduce a more extreme, hardcore hybrid, or perhaps even a fully electric supercar.

As for the new trademark names themselves, these could also hint at a few possibilities. 'Solus' means 'unaccompanied' or 'alone', so could McLaren potentially be readying a competitor to the single-seat Ferrari Monza SP1? The name 'Aeron' refers to a couple of things, one being a masculine God of battle or slaughter. If that description has anything at all to do with the car, we should be in for something special.



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