Find Professor E. Gadd and defeat the bellhop boss.

This portion of the Luigi's Mansion 3 walkthrough covers the very beginning of the game. It includes how to check into this haunted hotel, searching the first few rooms, and how to find the Poltergust G-00. You can check out the full guide and walkthrough here.Once you have your trusty vacuum and flashlight you'll be able to further explore the hotel and eventually find E.Gadd. Before that, you need to learn how to open the door to the first floor, fight your first ghosts, and head to the second floor. Getting through the door will require using a gold key which you can find behind the check-in desk.When you get up there, you'll need one more key to get to a very important safe. Here, you'll get the Dark Light which you'll use to get Professor E.Gadd back. Once you have him alongside you, escort him back to the garage and fight the first boss of the game: an enraged bellhop.When it's all over, you'll be given a device that lets you talk to E.Gadd, check the map, and see your current objectives. Plus, you'll get the suction shot.
Below are the walkthrough sections and objectives. Please note we've added a few objectives ourselves to indicate the steps you need to take to complete the main objective.

Intro Walkthrough

  • Check-in and get settled
  • Visit Mario and Peach's Rooms
  • Run from King Boo
  • Find the Poltergust
  • Do the tutorial
  • How to Capture Ghosts
  • Get the 2nd floor large door key
  • Get the 2nd floor metal door key
  • Head through the metal door
  • Return to the Garage
  • How to Defeat the Bellhop Boss

Basement Gems, Grand Lobby Gems, Mezzanine Gems

At this point in the game you still don't have all your abilities or Gooigi. You will not be able to get all the gems on the 3 floors you visit but any gems you can get at this point are noted in this guide. Gem locations are written in a blue box so look for it if you're stuck or scroll past it if you'd rather discover it yourself.

Check-in and get settled

luigi's mansion 3 guide: intro walkthrough

Check in to the hotel.

Walk forward and talk to the person and the front desk. Hellen Gravely will welcome you and see you to your rooms on the 5th floor.

You can explore but there isn’t much of a point as you’ll revisit this floor later. Walk up to the bed and go to sleep.

Visit Mario and Peach’s Rooms

Go into Mario’s room (room 502) and go into Peach’s room (room 501). You can explore but without your poltergust vacuum, it’s pretty pointless. Once you’ve been in both of these rooms, head to the elevator which just ominously opened…You’ll see Hellen Gravely and realize this vacation may not be what it was cracked up to be.

luigi's mansion 3 guide: intro walkthrough

Look for Mario.

Run from King Boo

Run from King Boo! Be sure to watch out for the luggage and other obstacles crowding the hallway. When you get to the end there will be a laundry chute. Jump down it (by pressing X once you’re close enough). You’ve escaped and now your adventure can begin.

luigi's mansion 3 guide: intro walkthrough

Keep running down th ehall while King Boo throws things at you. Interact with the chute at the end of the hall to get away.

Find the Poltergust

Find the poltergust. It's in the parking garage in the basement. Exit the laundry room you landed in by going to the right of the room and exiting the door. You’ll notice polterpup is already leading you in the correct direction. The garage is the first door you’ll see once you’re moving through the hallway. It has a picture of a car to the right of the door.

luigi's mansion 3 guide: intro walkthrough

Wah hoo! Find the poltergust in the car in the right of the garage.

Once you’re in the garage, walk to the right until you see the car. You’ll hear something rattling in the front. Interact with it and you’ll find what you need.

Do the tutorial

luigi's mansion 3 guide: intro walkthrough

Follow the on-screen instructions.

Follow the tutorial directions. Press every button Polterpup asks you to press. If you ever have a hard time clearing one of the tutorial steps (ex. Blowing a gust of air at the Polterpup) step a bit closer to this adorable ghost dog. Also, be sure you’re pressing the buttons long enough.

Exit the garage. It’s the same door you came from, just look for the door and arrow painted on the floor.

Continue to the right and you’ll see a locked up door with a device attached to it. Use your strobulb (flashlight) to activate the device on the door, removing the locks. Note: you can always use your strobulb on these kind of blinking lights.

luigi's mansion 3 guide: intro walkthrough

Flash the strobulb on this light to open the door.

Go up the stairs. A trash can will be blocking your way but use the burst move (ZR + ZL) to destroy it. You’ll see a few gems but you can’t actually get them yet. Enter the door at the top of the staircase and keep moving left. You’ll enter the Grand Lobby and encounter your first ghosts.

How to Capture Ghosts

Stun the ghosts with your strobulb.

Once the ghosts are stunned, suck them up (ZR). Make sure you’re close enough to the ghosts to actually vacuum them. You’ll know you’re actually vacuuming them when you see their numbers go down.

luigi's mansion 3 guide: intro walkthrough

Capturing ghosts means slamming them into oblivion.

Once they’re actually being vacuumed pull the joystick in the opposite direction until the circle fills up.

When the circle is full press A, as prompted, over and over again to Slam the ghosts. Try slamming a ghost into another ghost.

You can also totally vacuum multiple ghosts at the same time! For more combat tips be sure to check out our Tips and Tricks page.

You’ll know all the ghosts are captured when the music settles, the lights come back on, and the purple ghostly barricades have vanished.

2nd-floor large door key location

Polterpup will let you know that you need to go to the second floor BUT the door up there requires a key. It’s located behind the front desk.

Walk up to the front desk and use Burst (ZL + ZR) to open the flap, allowing you to enter the area.

luigi's mansion 3 guide: intro walkthrough

After getting behind the clerk's desk, walk to the gold key on the left to interact with it.

Walk directly up to the key (you’ll be prompted to press X) and pick it up.

Get the 2nd-floor metal door key

Go up the stairs and head through the door using your fancy new key.

Walk directly up to the painting of E.Gadd and a very short cinematic will play.

Head through the door on the left; it’s what polterpup wants.

Next, you’ll need to go through the metal door straight ahead. Polterpup is already there. Unfortunately, that door requires a key.

Get the 2nd floor metal door key

Head down the hall, to the right, and enter the next door you see. You’ll end up in a powder room/dressing room. Walk to the right of that room. Notice what's in the mirror. Face the direction of the in-game camera (i.e have your back towards the mirror) as flash the Strobulb to activate the blinking light on the wall. This will open up what's on the wall and reveal the key you need.

luigi's mansion 3 guide: intro walkthrough

Go to the very right of the room and flash the strobulb light. The key will come out of the painting behind Luigi.

Head through the metal door

Enter the metal door. Use the strobulb to flash the safe. Inside the safe is the Dark Light.

luigi's mansion 3 guide: intro walkthrough

Flash this safe with the strobulb to get the dark light.

Follow the tutorial from Polterpup and use the Dark Light to flash the painting of coins, making the coins real.

Head back to the area with E.Gadd’s painting. Flash the Dark Light on the painting to bring E.Gadd back to life.

Exit the door leading back to the Main Lobby. And head to the elevator. Remember, you can use the Burst move to move the trash can out of the way.

Enter the elevator and face the buttons. Press X to select a floor. Go to B1 with professor E.Gadd.

How to Defeat the Bellhop Boss

Capture the Bellhop ghost boss. All you have to do is knock the luggage out of its hand so that you can stun it with the flash from your Strobulb.
Knock the luggage out of its hand using the Burst move (ZL + ZR). Before it can pick up another suitcase, stun and vacuum him up. Be sure to slam it as well.

luigi's mansion 3 guide: intro walkthrough

Knock the suitcases out of the ghosts hands with a burst move to stun and capture him.

Rinse and repeat until it's captured!From here, talk to E.Gadd and he'll send you on your first official set of objectives. For the next portion of the guide, check out the RIP Suites Walkthrough.

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Janet Garcia is an editor and strategy guide writer at IGN. She has played both Luigi's Mansion, Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, and now Luigi's Mansion 3. After speaking to Nintendo representatives about Luigi's Mansion 3 at E3 2019 and doing extensive research on Gooigi, she felt more than ready to take on every floor of this hotel. For more haunted content, you can follow her on Twitter @Gameonysus.
Additional edits and images by Aiden Strawhun. Follow them on Twitter @AStraww.


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