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M1 just made its Bespoke mobile plans even more flexible, with the introduction of M1 Bespoke Family mobile data plans today (4 August 2022).

Users of the orange camp telco may recall how M1’s Bespoke plans work. In essence, there are three types: Bespoke Contract (with phone included), Bespoke Flexi, where a phone’s monthly payment is separate from its adjustable mobile data plan, and Bespoke SIM-only, which has a flexible mobile plan minus a handset. Users can tweak Bespoke mobile data plans based on their GB and talktime needs once a month.

Bespoke Family Plan

A new plan feature for existing Bespoke customers is Bespoke Family. With one Bespoke mainline user, he or she can go on to add anywhere from one to 10 family lines to the plan.

Every extra line in Bespoke Family grants extra 40GB data, 100 minutes talktime, and 100 SMSes. These allotments can can be shared among all lines within that Bespoke Family plan. It also makes the mainline’s data bundle shareable among all lines.

According to M1, a Bespoke Family plan with one Bespoke main line and 10 family lines would see at least 400GB extra data usable among all the lines, and that doesn’t yet include the GBs coming from the main line’s original plan.

The cost of each individual family line goes lower when more lines are added: with only one family line added, it costs S$14.95/month for that line. But, it goes down to S$9.95/month per line if there are four or more. Because it’s still a Bespoke plan, the main line user can add or remove family lines anytime with no administrative fees or termination costs.

Breakdown of Bespoke Family Lines

Below is our breakdown of Bespoke Family plan costs and mobile data where we exclude a mainline, since your mainline could have a flexible GB and monthly cost.

Simply add your mainline's GBs and cost to your total amount, since mainline data bundles are shareable as well. The table also explains how M1 arrived at “400GB extra to share” for 10 additional family lines.

Take note that our table doesn't look at extra minutes or SMSes from additional family lines (each line gets extra 100 minutes talktime and 100 SMSes).


Breakdown of monthly data and cost for M1 Bespoke Family Plan
Cost per Family Plan line Extra GBs added Cost of all family lines Total shareable GB Perceived value for money (in GB per dollar)
Bespoke mainline only (0 Family lines) N/A N/A Your Bespoke mainline cost Nothing to share N/A
1 Family Plan line S$14.95 1 x 40GB +S$14.95 +40GB ~2.68GB per dollar
2 Family Plan lines S$12.95 2 x 40GB +S$25.90 +80GB ~3.09GB per dollar
3 Family Plan lines S$10.95 3 x 40GB +S$32.85 +120GB ~3.65GB per dollar
4 Family Plan lines S$9.95 4 x 40GB +S$39.80 +160GB ~4.02GB per dollar
5 Family Plan lines S$9.95 5 x 40GB +S$49.75 +200GB ~4.02GB per dollar
6 Family Plan lines S$9.95 6 x 40GB +240GB ~4.02GB per dollar
7 Family Plan lines S$9.95 7 x 40GB +S$69.65 +280GB ~4.02GB per dollar
8 Family Plan lines S$9.95 8 x 40GB +S$79.60 +320GB ~4.02GB per dollar
9 Family Plan lines S$9.95 9 x 40GB +S$89.55 +360GB ~4.02GB per dollar
10 Family Plan lines S$9.95 10 x 40GB +S$99.50 +400GB ~4.02GB per dollar

According to M1’s official statement, such family-sharing plans would be ideal for users who use secondary phone lines (for work or personal reasons), or users who centrally manage mobile bills on behalf of their family unit (marital, domestic, or civil partners, ageing parents, legal wards and children, your cat, and more).

What about add-ons?

There are some caveats to using its Bespoke Family, most of which are already reflected in M1’s FAQ here.

Only Bespoke SIM-Only, Bespoke Contract, and Bespoke Flexi plan users can become a mainline user for Bespoke Family plans. These Bespoke users must not be already using unlimited data plans, and that also means you cannot select unlimited data on your mainline after adding Bespoke Family lines.

Add-ons like 5G data (5Go Plus), Unlimited Weekend data perks, Bundle Packs on the mainline are not shared with family lines – they’ll have to subscribe for these add-ons separately. This also means that the lines are 4G/LTE mobile data by default if you didn't get any 5G boosters from M1.


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