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In Madden 23, Franchise Mode players can tweak their coaching staff to their choosing. One way to do this is by obtaining Skill Points, and acquiring boosts to help out the coaches, and the roster. So, how can you get these points and upgrade coaches in Franchise Mode? Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

How to get coaching points

First off, let’s get into what is needed in order to upgrade points: Skill Points. If you’ve played FIFA or NHL, you are probably acquainted with the skill trees that are a part of those games, particular in regards to the career modes. In Franchise Mode, users can use these points to obtain certain boosts that can be applied to the coaches, and the team as a whole.

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If you go to ‘Manage Staff’ at the home screen, select the ‘Franchise Staff’ tab to see all of the staff members. From here, select a coach, and then click on ‘Select Gameday Goal.’

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Here, you will be able to choose Weekly Team Goals for each coach, and for the weekly gameplan. If a goal is completed, points will be awarded towards the Skill Point pool. So, for example, if you pick a goal for the Head Coach that awards four Skill Points for winning by 17+ points, four points will be added to the pool for hitting that mark.

How to upgrade coaches

As the season goes on and goals are met, the Skill Point pool will grow. You will be able to see the amount of Skill Points available by looking for the number next to the green icon with a F in it.

To upgrade a coach, select ‘Manage Staff’ at the home screen, and then ‘Franchise Staff.’ Click on ‘View Talent Tree’ to see the full list of traits for each coach, and the player personnel.

Many of these are XP gain boosts for players, while others include decreased costs for Player Personnel, Offensive and Defensive Coordinator talent discounts for Head Coaches, as well as boosts for players.

Select a trait to unlock with A/X. If one is highlighted in green, that means it is already owned. If a trait has a lock on it, that means it can’t be bought with Skill Points.


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