Everyman Recon Grappler A/T Tire Review by a Truck Guy

I’m a truck guy and I know from friends and personal experience that tires and wheels are basically the #1 modification made to our vehicles. We generally want the most aggressive looking off-road tire we can find and then spend most of ...

5 Fun Off-Road Activities You Can Enjoy In Your Compact Crossover SUV

Compact crossovers have opened up off-roading to a wide range of outdoors-loving drivers. With dozens of affordable vehicles out there providing decent ground clearance, all-wheel drive traction, and an adventurous personality, it’s only natural that they should make possible a ...

Factory Jeep Wrangler JL Half-Door Review

The open-air experience is a driving factor for many who purchase a Jeep Wrangler. Having the ability to peel back the top, or fully remove it, and take off the doors is something many Jeep owners look forward to and ...

The Alpha Superwolf: A Macho Off-Road Electric Pickup to Take on Bronco & Gladiator

Over the last several months electric vehicle startup Alpha Motor Corporation has shown off several different vehicles it plans to build on its new EV platform—with everything from a retro-styled coupe to a small pickup in the works. This week ...

Going Tow-Behind RV Camping? Here's How to Prepare

RV-ing, defined as temporarily living out of a recreational vehicle—the term recreational vehicle representing motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth-wheel campers, pop-up campers and truck campers—is fast-becoming America’s new pastime. Throughout the pandemic, RV sales have steadily climbed and are now at ...

Behind the Trend: "Overlanding" is More Popular Than Ever, But What Exactly is It?

Overlanding. We’ve all heard the word. We’ve heard people use the term like it’s been around forever. And we can probably all identify an “overland build” just by looking at it. Yet for a relative newcomer to the scene (like ...

Baja Forged Ford Super Duty All-Terrain Workshop

LGE CTS Motorsports is a family affair. Sisters Theresa Contreras and Sara Morosan along with Theresa’s husband Jason, produce full custom builds for the public and many manufacturers including Ford, KIA, and several aftermarket companies. They specialize in both style and ...

All-Electric Off-Roading, Part 1: Why You Should Go Overlanding in an Electric Vehicle

There is no question that electric and alternative fuel cars and trucks are the future of personal and commercial transportation with every major automotive manufacturer investing heavily in the technology and launching new electrified models, especially the best-selling truck and SUV ...

Jeep's Best Wrangler Yet? We Review the 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392

When Jeep released the news of its highly anticipated Wrangler Rubicon 392, we knew we had to have one. A 392-cubic-inch 6.4L HEMI V8 with 470hp and 470 lb-ft of torque is every Jeep enthusiast’s dream come true. Finally, a ...

The Silver Bullet LJ: A Modern Take on a Timeless Jeep

The original Jeep Wrangler Unlimited produced from 2004 to 2006 came in the form of a two-door and boasted an extra 15” of total length over its sister vehicle, the Jeep TJ. Affectionately known as the Jeep LJ, it quickly ...

The Decepticon JKU: A Transformed 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon

The 4-door Wrangler Unlimited produced from years 07’-18’, commonly known as the JKU, opened up a new world for many Jeep owners and enthusiasts. The introduction of the 4-door meant that you no longer had to sacrifice comfort and convenience ...

38" Ridge Grappler Review on a '21 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392: Built2Wander

I’m biased. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I am a big fan of Nitto Tires, and more specifically, the Trail Grappler. I’ve run the Nitto Trail Grappler on every single one of my Jeep builds dating ...

The Ram 1500 TRX Is A Mopar Stomp On Ford's Raptor With 702hp Of Hellcat Fury

When the Ford F-150 Raptor first appeared on the scene nearly a decade ago, the Blue Oval threw down a gauntlet that Mopar seemingly ignored. Despite the presence of the rough-and-rugged, heavy-duty Power Wagon in Ram showrooms, Pentastar fans were ...

On the Trail: Hitting Sedona, Arizona's Broken Arrow with Austin Stobaugh

Sedona, Arizona ages better than most of the old western movies that were shot there. Until the ’70s, Sedona played backdrop to over 60 Hollywood projects, and the old films certainly do not do justice to the timeless grandeur of ...

Crossover Adventuring: The Best Places to Go Off-Roading in Your Compact SUV

While it wasn’t long ago that “heading out to the trail” or “going wheelin’” meant you were likely driving a Jeep or another type of dedicated off-road vehicle. But today with the explosion of compact SUVs and crossovers that pack ...

Honda Gets Tough: Honda CUVs to get TrailSport Off-Road Treatment

Honda announced this week that it plans to unveil a new direction for its light truck vehicles, called TrailSport. The TrailSport branding will serve to designate those vehicles that are most capable for off-road adventuring. Although early examples will focus ...

Taking a 2019 Honda Ridgeline to its Off-Road Limits

It would appear that the past year has been the time that Americans finally discovered that going outside is actually a pretty fun thing to do. Overlanding and overlanding-adjacent culture has exploded, RV’ing is back in full swing, and automotive ...

On the Trail: Exploring the Mountains of Maryland with Erik Miller

For most people out West, the idea of an off-road excursion has them picturing purpose-built 4x4s traversing open landscapes filled with red rocks, sandy washes or jagged mountain trails hundreds of miles from the city. But for East coast off-roaders, ...

On the Trail in Uwharrie National Forest with Ali Mansour and Kristine Fischer

Uwharrie National Forest is home to some terrific off-road terrain but back when the U.S. was a mere infant, people tackled its dirt for a totally different reason: making that money. In 1799 the first significant gold strike in the ...

Exploring Texas Off-Road on Big Bend National Park’s River Road

Whether you’re native to Texas or not, Big Bend National Park should be on your list of places to drive to—and better yet, a place to explore off-road. Since many people think of vast, flat deserts when they think of ...

The Curries Take on Jeep Jamboree 2019

Jeepers and Jeep Jamboree are fully supported off-road trips through the Rubicon Trail in Northern California. So, what’s the difference between the Jeepers and Jeep Jamboree trip? Jeepers Jamboree is a three or four day trip that offers a more ...

10 Ways to Experience Off-Road Trails From Home

If staying at home has you yearning for the great outdoors, Nitto Tire has just released 10 videos and soundtracks from favorite off-road trails throughout California, Utah and Arizona to bring nature to you. The longer we stay at home, ...

Badlands Off Road Park Review: Buying & Riding in the Same Place

Dunes, mud, rock, streams, wooded trails and hills. For off highway enthusiasts in the Midwest, it doesn’t get much better than Badlands Off Road Park. The Attica, Indiana OHV destination is one of a kind in the diversity of its ...

Chasing Dust: Prerunners on the Mojave Road

These days, few landscapes in the Southwest remain largely untouched. Metropolitan expansion in the deserts of California have pushed out into previously barren regions. But one part of the desert remains mostly intact, resembling life as it was in centuries past. ...

On the Trail: Sand Hollow to Sand Mountain OHV Area

Sand Hollow State Park looks like someone tried to recreate the Martian landscape in the middle of Utah. That’s because of all the beautiful red rock characteristic to this part of the US of A. You’ll find it close to ...

On The Trail, Episode 1: Holcomb Valley

We teamed up with our friends at Toyota USA to tackle some of the best off-road terrain in Southern California, specifically, the Holcomb Valley trail system. Located in the mountains just across from Big Bear Lake and Big Bear Mountain ...

A Great Truck Made Even Better: What You Need to Know About Modifying the Ford Raptor

More than a decade ago, Ford brought us a beefed-up, off-road ready version of its F-150 pickup called the Raptor. In the years since, the Raptor has gone on to become one of the most capable, most in-demand and just ...

Nitto Tire's Recon Grappler A/T vs Ridge Grappler: Real World Comparison

With so much innovation packed inside and out of a modern four-wheel drive, it’s no surprise that we are seeing serious progression where it matters the most- tires. Specifically with Light Truck tires. One company that is at the forefront ...

Dirt, Mud, Fun: Tahuya ORV Park Review

Once summer rolls around, I eagerly await our annual camping and off-roading trip to Tahuya ORV Park in Washington. Located about three and a half hours north from Portland and an hour and forty minutes west of Seattle, Tahuya ORV Park ...

Trail Tested: Nitto Tire Recon Grappler A/T Review

Innovation in the automotive world is at an all-time high. Never before have vehicles been so powerful, fuel efficient, and off-road capable right off the showroom floor. Just as automobile manufacturers are redefining the enthusiast car landscape, so are companies ...

5 Toyota 3.5L V6 Power Upgrades for Every Budget

When you start outfitting your truck or SUV for off-roading and overlanding, the weight of larger tires, roof racks, tents, heavy bumpers, sliders, and all of your camping gear will result in a drop in performance. Getting that power back and ...

Top 5 Budget-Friendly Mods for The Jeep Gladiator

The aftermarket for the 2020 to present Jeep Gladiator is on fire. It seems like each week we are seeing some new bumper, lift, or widget roll out of the aftermarket for the Jeep truck platform. Of course, we are ...

Maintenance Musts for Your Vehicle Before Hitting the Off-Road Trail

No matter the terrain your off-road vehicle sees, there are standard basic maintenance musts that are absolutely necessary. Keep in mind that older and harder-driven rigs may require additional visual checks, servicing, and parts replacements to minimize parts failures and ...

Nitto's New 35" Trail Grappler SXS Tires

The SXS industry has evolved very quickly over the years. It wasn’t long ago that a “Sport SXS” was 50 horsepower sitting on  26” tall tires.  Now, Side-by-sides are available with nearly 200hp, come with long-travel suspension and factory 32″ ...

Please Stop: Common Mods that Ruin Your Diesel's Looks and Performance

We’ve been analyzing and covering the diesel performance industry for going on two decades now, and in that time we’ve watched various trends come and go. But we have to admit, we’ve seen some real doozy’s infiltrate the ranks of ...

From The Mall to the Trail: Fitting Upsized Tires on Our '04 Lexus GX470 Project

For a long time, the 2003-2009 Lexus GX470 was one of America’s most under-appreciated off-road platforms, combining stout body-on-frame Toyota truck underpinnings with a dash of Lexus refinement and V8 power.  Today, it’s fair to say that secret is out—and ...

The 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe Brings Hybrid Power To The Off-Road Masses: A Daily Driving Review

The 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe is a bit of a confusing engineering exercise. On the one hand the Wrangler represents one of the most simple designs on the SUV market, a full-frame truck riding on a pair of solid axles ...

The King Of All In-Cab Monitors and Why Your Diesel Pickup Needs One: Installing & Reviewing Edge Products’ Insight CTS3

The Edge Products Insight monitor began to replace analog gauges along the A-pillar years ago, and now you can find one in just about a third of all diesel pickups on the road. This isn’t by accident. Powerteq LLC, the ...

Faster Starts, More Horsepower: Why You Should Add an Electric Fuel System to your ’94.5-’97 Power Stroke

For more than 20 years, diesel heads have been modifying the 7.3L Power Stroke. But of the countless upgrades you can perform on the first diesel V-8 to wear the Power Stroke name, the original ’94.5-‘97 version needs the most ...

Save $10K On Your LML Duramax Diesel Engine: Install A Lift Pump

The Bosch CP4.2 represents the evolution of high-pressure diesel fuel pump technology. It costs less for the manufacturer to produce yet produces much higher injection pressures than its predecessors. This means diesel engine manufacturers can meet extremely stringent particulate matter ...


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