nottingham city council picks civica to grow digital inclusion and help build more effective services

  • Cx Regulatory Services platform will improve efficiency for 330,000+ citizens and provide a strong framework for future innovation
  • New citizen portal will aid digital inclusion with more people able to resolve queries quickly online, 24/7
  • Smart cloud software will support agile working for 400 Council employees

Nottingham City Council (NCC) will bring in a new cloud platform to meet all of its regulatory service needs, thanks to a renewed partnership with global public sector software provider Civica.

Citizens and businesses across Nottingham will benefit from improved online services and quicker resolution of queries following the five-year, £390K contract for Civica’s Cx Regulatory Services platform.

Increased financial challenges and higher demand on services, plus significant changes brought on by COVID-19, meant the Council was looking for a new solution to focus on demand management across Licensing, Trading Standards, Environmental Health and Housing Enforcement.

NCC currently deals with more than 32,000 queries per year, with new challenges during COVID-19 including a large increase in food service businesses moving to online delivery and the housing needs of a growing student population across the city.

The Cx platform, due to go live at the end of 2022, will provide a single view of all contacts, businesses, land and properties. This will allow multiple Council staff to access records simultaneously, while the integrated system will enable better connected data to share intelligence, improve reporting and minimise manual inputting.

The new citizen portal will make it easier for people to report and receive consistent answers to queries and support channel shift to digital across NCC. Customers can also be easily signposted to other linked services, cutting down unnecessary calls and visits.

Steven Brookes, Senior Project Officer at Nottingham City Council said: “The financial challenges to Nottingham City Council, plus increased need from citizens in recent years, mean we’ve got to be more efficient and effective in how we deliver services. The new Cx platform offers improved task automation, making it both quicker to resolve customer queries and more auditable if we need to make intelligent interventions or resolve issues.

“We want our qualified professionals across the regulatory services team to spend more time on assessments and helping people in the field and less time manually inputting data – which the new platform will support. We are also confident we can use Cx as a launch platform to integrate future services and technologies such as AI and chatbots.”

Emily Douglin, Divisional Managing Director at Civica added: “The Cx platform perfectly meets the needs of today’s local authorities, offering a smart cloud platform which makes best use of modern technologies and supports joined-up working across the Council, anytime, anywhere. We’re delighted to continue our partnership with Nottingham City Council as it continues to invest in technology to best suit the needs of citizens both now and to meet growing future demand.”


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