As you might already know, the One Piece anime has crossed the 1,000 episodes mark and is still ongoing even after decades. That speaks volumes about the true success of the anime series. Among the 1,000+ episodes, the anime series only has 9% filler arcs, amounting to almost 95 filler episodes. Unlike other anime, One Piece has filler episodes grouped together as filler arcs. So if you are planning to start watching One Piece and want to skip the filler arcs or watch them separately, we have you covered. Read on to find out about the filler arcs and episode numbers you can skip in One Piece.

One Piece Filler Episodes List (2022)

We suggest you give the descriptions a read to get a gist of the story in these filler arcs and find the answer to whether you should watch it or not. Pirate, if you are just starting out your One Piece journey, we suggest you check out this list of One Piece arcs to watch them in the right order. That said, let’s look at the filler episodes you can skip in OP.

Filler Arcs in One Piece Anime (So Far)

The filler arcs in One Piece might not be important to the average viewer but they are essential for die-hard fans. What it means is that the anime includes arcs that are purely fillers, as well as arcs that you need to watch before watching some One Piece movies.So it is up to you to decide if you want to watch the filler episodes or not. However, if you are planning to watch One Piece movies too (see the right order to watch in the One Piece arcs list linked above), there are a few arcs you should watch before you see that movie. We have created this filler guide in order to assist you to get the most out of One Piece. That said, let’s dive right in.

Warship Island Arc

one piece

  • Episodes: 54-61

The Warship Island arc is the very first filler arc in One Piece. The Straw Hats rescue a girl named Apis from the ocean before going into the grand line. She escaped from the warship and the crew plans to get her and  Sennenryu back to their homeland. This is a trivial arc, and you can skip it right away.

Post-Arabasta Arc

one piece

  • Episodes: 131-135

The Post-Arabasta arc takes place, you guessed it, after the Arabasta arc and features five standalone episodes. This is the second filler arc in the series. Each episode discusses the goals and dreams of the crew members at that time. For some reason, Luffy’s and Robin’s dreams are not covered here.So if you want to know a little more about the Straw Hat pirates, you should watch this arc without question. But most of the fans consider it to be lacking in the narrative side.

Goat Island Arc

one piece

  • Episodes: 136-138

The Goat Island arc chronicles the story of the Straw Hats who mistakenly land on this island while trying to escape from the Marines. The third filler arc in the anime sees Luffy and his crew discover an old man with numerous goats. Hence, the island’s name. Once again, Straw Hats decide to help this old man and get his ship back to working condition. Another poor filler arc that you can easily skip to save time.

Ruluka Island Arc

one piece

  • Episodes: 139-143

The Ruluka Island arc takes place right after the Goat Island arc in One Piece. That means we have back-to-back filler arcs from episodes 136 to 143. This is the fourth filler arc and is also known as the Rainbow Mist Arc.

Just like the previous filler arc, we see the Straw Hats being chased by the marines and they find this new island. This island is being ruled by a dictator named Ruluka (Ex-Pirate) who overtaxes the people of the Island. Luffy and co decide to help the people and leave the island shortly. This arc can also be skipped like the previous filler arc, so you can get right into the Jaya Arc without wasting any time.

G-8 Arc

one piece

  • Episodes: 196-206

The G-8 Arc takes place right after the Skypiea adventures and is the fifth filler arc of the One Piece anime series. It is considered to bethe funniest and best filler arc of One Piece. The Straw Hats get trapped inside a marine base, and they must survive to find their ship to escape from the base. If you’re looking for a perfect filler arc, this is the one you need to watch.

Ocean’s Dream Arc

one piece

  • Episodes: 220-224

Ocean’s Dream is the sixth filler arc and is based on a One Piece PlayStation game. The story is about how a young man erases the memories of the Straw Hat Pirates. Each crew member forgets who the others are, and they find themselves in a strange situation. Only Robin survives this weird incident. The unique plot can attract you to watch these four filler episodes but skip them without worries.

Foxy’s Return Arc

one piece

  • Episodes: 225-228

Foxy’s Return arc takes place right after the Ocean’s dream arc, making it another back-to-back filler arc (episodes 220 to 228). This is the seventh filler arc of the series. The story of this arc is that the Straw Hats meet Foxy again, and they clash with each other. It would be wise to skip this arc as Foxy is one of the most hated characters in the One Piece fandom.

Ice Hunter Arc

one piece

  • Episodes: 326-335

The Ice Hunter arc takes place after the Post Enies Lobby arc and is the eighth filler arc. When the Straw Hats are on their way to the Florian triangle, they attempt to help the members of a damaged ship but soon discover that those members are part of Bounty Hunters. Thus, they set to fight against the crew. Whilst the One Piece canon hasn’t explored the bounty hunters concept well, it might be nice to watch this arc, or you can skip it. It’s your choice.

Spa Island Arc

one piece

  • Episodes: 382-384

The Spa Island arc takes place right after the Thriller Barc arc. This is the ninth filler arc of the show, and like all other anime, it is surely a fan service with the spa concept. While it may be exciting to watch the Straw Hats have fun, they get interrupted by Foxy here and that can be annoying for some. So, this one also falls into the skippable list.

Little East Blue Arc

one piece

  • Episodes: 426-429

The Little East Blue Arc is considered a special anime-only filler arc. This arc needs to be watched before the One Piece Film: Strong World. The Straw Hats discover a strange island that looks exactly the same as East Blue. So if you want to watch the Strong World movie, you have to see this one, or else easily skippable.

Z’s Ambition Arc

one piece

  • Episodes: 575-578

The Z’s ambition arc takes place after the time skip, thus, it is the first filler arc after the time skip. Similar to the arc right above, this movie serves as a setup for the One Piece Film: Z. The Straw Hat Pirates move to the Maubeugemour Sea of the New World and are dragged into a battle with the Neo-Marines. So if you are planning to watch the OP Film: Z, you have to watch this four episode filler arc.

Caesar Retrieval Arc

one piece

  • Episodes:626-628

The Caesar Retrieval Arc takes place after the Punk Hazard arc. A group of dark figures kidnap Caesar from the Straw Hats. Now, the Straw Hats and the Heart Pirates have to find him or more like kidnap him back again. Watch these filler episodes to know more about the troublesome villain Caesar.

Silver Mine Arc

one piece

  • Episodes: 747-750

The Silver Marine arc takes place after the Dressrosa arc. These episodes set the ground for the One Piece Film: Gold. The story is about how Luffy and Barto get kidnapped by the Silver Pirates. And now, they have to find a way to escape the pirates who live in a big fortress surrounded by silver mines. So as usual, you need to watch this arc if you want to stream the Gold movie but it is considered a bit boring among the fans and can be skipped.

Marine Rookie Arc

one piece

  • Episodes: 780-782

The Marine Rookie arc takes place after the Zou arc and is the thirteenth filler arc of the show. While the crew is on the way to Whole Cake Island to retrieve Sanji, they run out of food supplies. So the Straw Hat Pirates plan to raid a marine base nearby and loot all the food by disguising themselves as Marines. As fun as it might sound, it doesn’t live up to the type of hype, so you can watch it to kill time or move to the main arcs (linked above).

Cidre Guild Arc

one piece

  • Episodes: 895,896

The Cidre Guild arc is the fourteenth filler arc in the series and takes in the middle of the Wano arc. It serves as a setup for the One Piece Stampede movie. The Straw Hats meet Boa Hancock unexpectedly and team up with her to fight against a team of bounty hunters known as the Cidre Guild. Once again, if you’re planning to watch the Stampede movie, you can watch this One Piece filler arc, or choose to skip these two episodes. But the One Piece Stampede movie is celebrated among fans, so it is worth checking out.

Uta’s Past

one piece

  • Episodes: 1029,1030

Uta’s Past is the fifteenth filler arc of the show and was aired recently. This arc directly ties together with the One Piece Film: Red. It is nice to see the addition of Uta, which ties in with Luffy’s past. But only Uta’s character is considered canon as of now and the events that took place haven’t been confirmed. So if you plan on watching the latest One Piece Red movie, this arc is a must-watch, or you can continue watching the raid on Onigashima.

One Piece Fillers FAQs

Can I skip fillers in One Piece?

Yes! You can skip the filler episodes in the One Piece anime. But there are some filler arcs that you might need to watch before streaming a certain few movies. As a result, if you want to watch One Piece movies, you need to watch the filler arcs. What is the longest OP arc?

Dressrosa was considered the longest arc in OP until the Wano Country arc took over. So, the Wano country arc is now officially the longest arc in One Piece right now. What arc has the most filler in One Piece?

Unlike other anime, One Piece has filler episodes grouped together as separate filler arcs. Thus, you won’t get a filler episode in the middle of an important arc. The fillers exist separately, and you can watch them or skip them as per your wish.

One Piece Filler Episodes You Can Skip

So that’s it for now for the One Piece filler arcs list. We have added all the filler episodes until now and will be regularly updating this list to help you skip to the right moments in the anime. It’s totally up to you whether you wish to watch these fillers or skip them. Some One Piece filler arcs like the G-8 arc are considered highly entertaining by the fans. You need to watch some filler arcs if you want to watch certain OP movies too. So, nevertheless, if you’re a dedicated OP fan, you can watch the filler arcs in your free time, and they won’t let you down. That said, share your favorite filler arcs with fans in the comments below.

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