Peculiarities of Selecting Group Video Call Software – Experts note the increasing popularity of video conferencing platforms nowadays. This trend began in 2020 when the global epidemiological situation became much worse. Since that time, businesses have started to implement telecommuting actively.

peculiarities of selecting group video call software, android
Peculiarities of Selecting Group Video Call Software

And remote work demands regular video calls to talk to customers, colleagues, team leaders, etc. As a result, nearly 78% of companies worldwide employ online meeting software intensively today.

However, some business owners have problems when choosing conferencing platforms. Specialists explain this fact because numerous brands currently offer group video call software. Moreover, each digital product excels in its individual list of helpful options.

Experts recommend picking video meeting platforms created only by reputable developers (e.g., Solely such digital products offer stable connection, complete communication privacy, and several tariff plans for clients with various budgets.

What Features Are Critical for Group Video Call Software?

First, it’s worth highlighting the intuitiveness of an interface. Specialists advise picking platforms with easy-to-navigate experiences. This means that the most important elements should be in conspicuous places.

Such interfaces assist in avoiding wasting time looking for the necessary buttons or sections. Among other essential features of group video call software, experts note:

  1. Noise reduction. This function allows holding conferences from anywhere with a stable internet connection. That may be a hall of a hefty hypermarket full of people, crowded parks, or a central square. Other conference participants won’t hear anything but the certain user’s voice with the described option.
  2. Speaker auto-detection. The mentioned function allows starting to talk without pushing any buttons before it. That significantly simplifies the communication process.
  3. Ability to change interlocutor’s volume. Each person speaks with individual loudness. Thus, some people may converse too loudly. The mentioned option enables avoiding discomfort relating to excessively loud-speaking meeting participants.
  4. Conference taping. Some online meeting platforms allow recording online meetings even in several rooms simultaneously.
  5. Screen sharing. This option helps to explain complex things better.

Nay, video quality is important. Specialists recommend picking software that enables streaming in HD.

The Versatility of Group Video Call Platforms

Specialists advise selecting software that may be launched through any popular internet browser on laptops, smartphones, or tablets. Moreover, the platform should be compatible with any desktop (Windows, macOS, as well as Linux) and mobile (Android or iOS) operating system.

Group Video Call Software Safety

Experts recommend choosing platforms protected by advanced SSL certificates. Furthermore, the described digital products should offer private rooms. Such meetings are usually defended by photo identification. So, a participant has to take a snapshot and send the photo to a host to join a room.

Types of Tariff Plans

Generally, video conferencing software proposes free and paid subscriptions. Gratis tariff plans usually include basic features. Therefore, such tariff plans mostly suit freelancers, start-ups, and small businesses.

On the other hand, paid subscriptions uncover additional functions. For example, iMind offers online chat within such tariff plans.


This option is incredibly helpful when it’s necessary to share graphic information. So, users frequently apply the chat for business infographics sending. Also, paid subscriptions propose storing data without time restrictions, personal support, and many more.

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