I’d love to lie and say I’m some sort of master digital artist, but I’m not. As such, I don’t need a top-of-the-range drawing tablet. However, I do enjoy sketching, and so do my children. Accordingly, I’ve been looking at something that is hard-wearing, easy to set up, and won’t break the bank. I’ve looked at the Remarkable writing tablet, and this device is phenomenal. Yet, it doesn’t tick the artistry boxes. Instead, that accessory is focused on note-taking, writing, and many other business tasks. So, I continued to search for an alternative, and this is when the One by Wacom drawing tablet landed on my desk.

This excellent accessory comes in multiple sizes and I have the medium one to review. Its battery-free approach ensures that you have little to worry about as it is also a plug-and-play device. As such, the setup is extremely simple and it’ll complement many programs you already use. However, there are a handful of free trials included if you want to experience some educational apps alongside any creative programs. Upon plugging it in, I was amazed by its responsive nature and the accuracy of the pen. Furthermore, this lightweight plastic device has two integrated buttons to enhance usability. In short, if you lack patience or technical know-how, this device will probably tick many boxes.

Review One by WACOM

The One by Wacom in all its glory.

What’s in the box of the One by Wacom?

  • The packaging is sturdy and ensures its contents are protected. Moreover, there is a colourful outer sleeve that highlights key selling points.
  • The One by Wacom tablet. This beautifully simple device comes in a choice of two colours. There is an all-black version or a black and red version like the one I’m reviewing. On the front screen, there is a small LED light that shows when it is powered, and a micro USB port for powering the device.
  • Micro USB cable. This small rubberised cable powers the device from any PC or laptop.
  • Writing pen. This blackened plastic pen is lightweight and simply designed. The two tactile buttons are found by the nib and it feels comfortable in your hands.
  • The user guide. Though it is easy to set up, I’d still recommend a quick read of this user guide.

Review One by WACOM

Simple packaging.

Review One by WACOM

The front of the One by Wacom.

Review One by WACOM

One by Wacom has a vivid red back.

Review One by WACOM

Connect to your PC with this USB cable.

Review One by WACOM

Accessories for your pen.

Review One by WACOM

The lightweight but robust pen.

Review One by WACOM

A simple user manual.

Review One by WACOM

The complete package.

Technical aspects.

Active Area6.0 x 3.7 in, 8.3 x 5.7inPen Pressure2048Buttons on Pen2Buttons on TabletNoneTablet Resolution2540 lpiReport Rate133 ppsColoursBlack, Red

If you are familiar with Wacom products, then you’ll know all about the Wacom Intuos. This powerful drawing tablet is the bigger brother to the One by Wacom. Now, this may seem irrelevant, but its fans raved about the excellent drawing surface and responsive touch. Fortunately, this device has stolen that technology but delivers it at a fraction of the cost. This is amazing, as beginner and intermediate digital artists get the best of both worlds.

Whenever you are using a drawing tablet, you don’t want the design to be cumbersome and heavy, and luckily, this one isn’t. The screen is stretched to the very limits and the bevel on the edge is as small as can be. Consequently, you have an enormous area to work with and this was fantastic. Furthermore, it’s pinpoint accurate once you get used to using it. At first, I struggled with the feel and flow of the pen on the screen. Yet, with minimal time and some playing around, it quickly became second nature.

Accordingly, it was easy to focus on the pictures I was creating without worrying that the technology would fail me. This was particularly noticeable when using the buttons on the pen. These tactile inputs allow you to scroll through images and other minor tasks. Furthermore, you can alter the pressure of the device, change your dominant hand, and other settings. As such, you can customise the pen to work exactly how you wish. Once you have it set up, it’ll remember your settings and you are good to go.

Review One by WACOM

Take a closer look at the tablet.

More than just a digital canvas.

I’ve alluded to my love of the ReMarkable writing tablet. However, the One by Wacom is different as it allows you to turn your PC, Chromebook, or laptop into a giant notepad. Thanks to its responsive nature, and smooth strokes, you can, if you wish, make notes and write with this wonderful tablet. Now, I’m not saying it’s as advanced, but if I needed to sign a document, the One by Wacom will suffice.

Understandably, though, many people will buy this for its cost-effective approach and its intuitive ways. Thanks to its low latency connection, every stroke of the pen reacts beautifully. As such, it feels like you are painting on a canvas or drawing on a piece of paper. Talking of paper, the surface of the tablet has a nice resistance that captures that pen-on-paper experience. Furthermore, there is an undeniably scratchy sound when you are scribbling away. This is oddly reassuring, and it beautifully combines the digital world with real life. This was an incredible design choice from Wacom, especially when you consider the remarkably low price point.

Review One by WACOM

A simple but effective design.

Is the One by Wacom worth it?

There is an argument that any of these tablets are a bit of a niche product. However, if you specialise in journalism or you are an artist, then they are invaluable. Yes, there are apps on mainstream tablets that allow you to draw and design, but they cost a bomb and they need to be charged and connected to the internet. The One by Wacom, however, lets you get on with your art in a quick and easy way.

With no technical experience necessary, you can get to work immediately. By plugging it into your PC, Chromebook, or laptop, you can soon become a digital artist. Moreover, the included apps are handy if you are stuck for ideas or you simply want to try something new. On top of this, the simple know-how guide talks you through the finer points so you never feel out of your depth. If you are into your art, or simply want to try some digital note-taking, then I recommend you to buy it here!

(More information on Wacom can be found here!)


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