Right now, a money counting machine is pretty important for those who are starting their own small business. Aside from these new entrepreneurs, gas station companies are also reliant on cash counter products since they need to easily identify if the payment provided by their consumers are correct.

On the other hand, non-profit organizations are also using this device. They need a cash counter so that they can be updated with the total amount of donations they receive. A money counting machine is very useful, especially to those charity groups with donation goals to target.

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How Money Counter Machine Works

A money counter machine works by putting a stack of bills in its holder. Once the dollar bills are all in place, it will automatically pull them into the machine individually.

An internal beam of light would scan each bill to determine the denomination and provide the total amount of the bill stacks. Aside from this, some cash counters also offer a feature that can detect fake money.

They can do this by using a black light to illuminate the bills. Right now, many companies are offering different currency counter models. Some of them are quite advanced compared to their competitors. But, there are still some factors you need to consider when purchasing a cash counter. Here are some:

Choosing the Right Money Counter Machine for You

Before you purchase a cash counter product, there are many factors you need to consider. To help you further, here are the capabilities that your new bill counter for mixed denominations should have:

Ability To Count Different Currencies

A multi-currency counter machine is quite useful if running a business with consumers from different countries. Right now, various bill counters offer features that can count mixed currencies.

Can Detect Fake Money

One of the most important features you need to check is counterfeit detection since many people tend to use fake money to purchase the things they want.

On the other hand, some individuals fall victim to fake bills. Since this is the case, these people don’t have any idea that they are already using counterfeit bills.

If you are a small business owner, detecting counterfeit money is one of the main factors you need to consider to avoid revenue loss.

Can Identify Mixed Bills

The mixed denomination value detection feature is also one of the most critical factors you need to consider. Commonly, cash counters need users to separate their bill stacks by 1s, 5s, 10s, etc.

If you are continuously receiving a huge number of bills, then this would definitely take you some time. Thus, you need to purchase a model that can count the denomination value even if your bill stacks include a mix of 1s, 5s, 10s, and even 20s.


Since money counter machines are designed to specifically make bill counting quicker, interested buyers definitely check their preferred brands’ counting speed.

If you think that it is quite slower than counting the bills yourself, that just means you need to find another model.

munbyn cash, munbyn cash counter, cash counter, business

(Photo : MUNBYN)

The Money Counter Model for Your Business

All the factors provided above are essential when it comes to choosing the right money counter for your business. Having the most suitable model for your business would allow you to be more productive when handling your company’s money.

Multi-currency and speed features are included in the most critical functions you need to look for in a cash counter, especially if your business handles consumers from other countries. Anti-counterfeiting tech and banknote recognition functions are also crucial since malicious actors are becoming more rampant than before.

If you want to have the essential features mentioned above, you might as well choose the MUNBYN IMC01 money counter machine for your business. Here are the specific features you can expect from this advanced cash counter model:

  • IMC01 offers two CIS (Contact Image Sensors). Thanks to this innovation, this currency counter can detect and read two sides of the bill, comparable to the human eye. Since it has two CIS, its denomination counting accuracy is boosted three times compared to other models, which use only one CIS. It is helpful in different scenarios, especially if you count money stacks with some old and damaged bills.
  • When it comes to portability, the MUNBYN IMC01 bill counter is accurate enough for bank agencies. But, thanks to its moderate size, even regular offices can use it as well since it doesn’t take too much space.
  • MUNBYN IMC01 offers a bank-grade counterfeit detection feature. This money counter machine can provide up to 11 different fake money detection methods, such as the following: Variable ink Detection, Spectrum Detection, 2CIS, UV, IR, MT, MG, SN recognition, Dimensional and Thickness detection, Security Line Detection, and Fluorescence Detection.
  • All these banknote verification methods will allow you to check if the cash your company receives is legitimate. Remember that criminals and other malicious actors are now enhancing their practices to fake money and fool more agencies and organizations.
  • When it comes to speed, it can count up to 1,500 bills in a minute. But, you can also change its settings to 800/minute, 1,000/minute, or even 1,200/minute. Adjustable counting speed allows you to efficiently manage bill stacks with different physical qualities and conditions, preventing the need to recount. When your business handles a considerable number of bills, a speedy and efficient money counter can shorten production time while increasing productivity.
  • Another great thing about MUNBYN IMC01 is that it can print the counting result for the breakdown and the bills’ total value, making it one of the best models for catering services.
  • Aside from the adjustable counting speed, advanced anti-counterfeiting options, and other features offered by IMC01, MUNBYN also ensures that its cash counter can accommodate different types of currencies. Thanks to its multi-currency feature, IMC01 can work on CAD, MXN, EUR, COL, USD, etc.

munbyn cash, munbyn cash counter, cash counter, business

(Photo : MUNBYN)

Who Can Benefit From MUNBYN Cash Counter’s Capabilities?

All the features mentioned above can benefit different types of businesses. For example, IMC01’s two CIS solves the problem of gas stations and other companies regularly accepting damaged money from daily consumers since their cash is usually passed around between different sellers.

On the other hand, its advanced anti-counterfeiting options would allow banks and non-profit organizations to make sure that the cash they receive is not fake bill stacks. Remember, it would be hard if you will check your bill stacks manually for counterfeit.

Markets and other giant sellers can also take advantage of IMC01’s adjustable counting speed, depending on the flow of visiting consumers. Together with restaurants and fast-food chains, markets can also rely on IMC01’s print capability since they need to provide the bill breakdown to their customers.

MUNBYN also offers maintenance support so that interested consumers would have the assistance they need if ever they encounter some issues. On the other hand, the manufacturer also provides lifetime software enhancements, which ensure that your cash counter is not outdated, as well as two-year quality protection.

Right now, MUNBYN is offering its money counter machine, IMC01, for only $698.99. It is already a great deal since this model is recently offered for $895.67. If you want to see more details, you can visit MUNBYN’s official website for the IMC01.


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