Rivian reported delivering more than 430,000 Amazon packages with its Electric Delivery Van (EDV) during the vehicles’ pilot deployments. Amazon officially rolled out Rivian’s EDV vehicles last month.

In July 2022, Amazon announced that Rivian EDVs would be deployed in locations across the United States, including Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City, Nashville, Phoenix, San Diego, Seattle, and St. Louis. Rivian and Amazon worked closely together to design the EDV vehicle.

“A close development partnership with Amazon and its delivery drivers enabled us to optimize the EDV features and design for last mile delivery. This process included delivering more than 430,000 packages through multiple pilot deployments that began in early 2021 – these pilots enabled a rapid refinement of a range of features,” stated Rivian in its Q2 Shareholders Letter.

Rivian EDV Features

Rivian explained each EDV feature, providing a reason behind each design decision. For instance, the EV automaker equipped the electric delivery van with rear roll-up doors so it would be easier to load bulky warehouse items. Rivian’s Amazon Delivery Van also has a tall roof, so drivers can easily walk through it. Plus, Amazon EDV vehicles work with Rivian’s fleet management system, called FleetOS.

The EV automaker also highlighted how closely Rivian engineers worked with Amazon employees to optimize EDV features.

“To ensure optimal temperature, Rivian engineers spent time in the vans during delivery routes, which helped the development of an HVAC system optimized for driver comfort and efficiency,” noted Rivian.

One Amazon delivery driver already provided his first impression of Rivian’s EDV via his YouTube channel Friday Adventure Club. He was impressed with the EDV and listed its advantages over ICE delivery vehicles.

Amazon deployed Rivian EDV 700s in July. Rivian has two other variants for its electric delivery van: the EDV 500 and the EDV 900. The EV automaker announced that it started production validation for the EDV 500 in Q2 2022.

Check out an Amazon Drivers review of the Rivian EDV below!

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