Meta Quest has a lot of VR games that are supposed to simulate a metaverse. However, even Meta’s own Horizon Worlds app has not even come close to such a feat. Fortunately, recent reports suggest that Roblox could be coming to Quest VR headsets in late 2023.

The Verge’s Editor Alex Heath mentions “hearing that Roblox is planning to come to Quest in the back half of this year.” The report comes from The Verge’s new Command Line newsletter, which features many scoops, interviews, and analysis of the tech industry’s inside conversation.

Roblox VR on Meta Quest headsets

Back in May last year, there were rumors that Roblox might be coming to VR. Roblox CEO David Baszucki even mentioned that there could be a Quest version one day. According to Alex Heath, the game will be coming to the VR headset in late 2023, which coincides with the release of Meta Quest 3.

Meta has already confirmed that it will be releasing Meta Quest 3 in 2023. The company usually releases its newest VR headsets during its Meta Connect keynote, which takes place sometime around October. So it is very likely that Roblox might be the launch title for the Meta Quest 3.

Assuming that a Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chip will power Quest 3, it might be able to run Roblox without any issues. Roblox VR will be a perfect game for Quest due to its immense user-generated content. Few VR games like Rec Room and VR Chat also support user-generated content.

Minecraft and Population: One also features similar sandboxes where users can create anything from their imagination. However, they are not particularly something like a metaverse world. Unfortunately, the report also cautions that “plans are subject to change.”

Let us know if you are excited to play Roblox VR on Meta Quest 2 in the comments section below.


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