Rykka Care Centre Owned Berkshire Care Centre: An Overview
(Photo : Berkshire Care Centre)

Located in Ontario, Canada,  Berkshire Care Centre is a vibrant home-based care facility conveniently nestled at the heart of Windsor City Center. It offers short and long-term care services, with 214 long-term care beds and about 15 short-term convalescent beds. The facility offers trained medical professionals who provide personalized care and support to clients by addressing their physical, emotional, and personal needs. That enhances the residents’ quality of life during their stay at the care facility. 

Rykka Care Centres owns Berkshire Care Centre

Rykka Care Centre makes certain that Berkshire is accredited by Accreditation Canada, meaning it meets the national standards of excellence in terms of governance, ethics, safety, and continuous quality improvement. It also commits to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act by offering equal opportunities for accommodating disabled Ontarians.

The Vision, Mission, and Values of Berkshire Care Centre

Berkshire Care Centre has the vision to create a safe environment where residents can lead the best lives through professional and personalized care. Its mission is to make a difference by pioneering services for residents in a caring community. The care facility’s values focus on PEOPLE, meaning participation, excellence, openness, performance, longevity, and efficient use of resources. With a person-centered model of care, the staff helps residents maximize their independence and enjoy their quality of life.

The team at Berkshire Care Centre will walk with you from the moment you get a notification from your LHIN Placement Coordinator. They’ll help you settle right in, from helping with unpacking to overseeing your familiarity with the entire facility and the staff members.

The Accommodation On-Site

Berkshire by Rykka Care Centre provides short-term and long-term accommodation. All residents’ rooms feature a bed, table, chair, a cloth closet, and modern ensuite washrooms that enhance quality living. Also, Rykka Care Centre promotes creativity and personalization when it comes to all of its long-term care facilities. At Berkshire, residents are free to decorate their rooms with personal items to their liking. Personalizing your new space is a fast way to feel at home in a new place.

The facility features three types of long-term accommodation. The private room has one bed and a private bathroom, the semi-private room has two beds and a shared bathroom, while the basic room has three to four beds with a shared bathroom. On the other hand, short-stay accommodation is for people seeking temporary residence. Rykka Care Centre offers Convalescent Care Program for short stays for a maximum of nine continuous days or nine days in a calendar year.

Services Available Through Rykka Care Centres

Personal Care Services

The staff at Berkshire Care Center by Rykka Care Centre understands that each resident is unique and has their own specific needs. Therefore, it tailors services for each client to facilitate a culture of diversity, inclusivity, and individual preference. Personal care services fall into two categories:

a) Primary Care Services

These include:

    Around-the-clock care by a registered nurse

    24/7 on-call services and weekly visits from a medical practitioner

    Occupational therapy and nursing restorative therapy

    Laundry services on-site

    Social work services such as financial management support

    Diagnostic imaging, laboratory care, and pharmaceutical services

    Daily housekeeping

b) In-home Clinics:

Services here include:




    Mobile clothing store

    Advanced foot care

    Mobility and seating assessments

Specialized Services

The nursing team helps improve residents’ quality of life by providing standard care personalized to meet physical, emotional, spiritual, cultural, and intellectual needs. It utilizes in-house and community resources to develop programs that capture residents’ strengths and preferences. The staff undergoes continuous training to ensure it aligns with the Rykka Care Centre’s goal of helping residents achieve their maximum potential. Some specialized services include:

    Skincare and wound management

    Fall prevention program

    Responsive behavior program

    Continence management program

    End of life care program

Resident Programs Through Rykka Care Centre

Berkshire Care Centre customizes multiple programs to meet the individual needs of each resident, depending on their abilities. The programs can fit anyone regardless of age. They include:

a) Recreational Programs

These programs help clients develop new friendships, build self-esteem, maintain social contacts, learn new things, and improve overall well-being. Some options are:

    Multi faith spiritual services

    Fitness activities

    Music clubs

    Cultural and community events

    Access to computers and library

b) Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy

Rykka Care Centre delivers a range of rehabilitation and physiotherapy services aimed at maintaining and restoring the current strengths and abilities of the residents of Berkshire Care Centre. After admission, the staff conducts a comprehensive assessment to determine the ideal physiotherapy for the client. It could also customize therapies and restoration programs.

Signature Programs

The programs fall into various categories:

    Snoezelen Room – It’s a comfortable and unique room where residents can rest and socialize. The room has sensory equipment and materials that help clients respond to sensory stimulation. Snoezelen Room is a safe environment that facilitates empowerment and relaxation.

    Montessori Approach to Dementia – Nurse practitioners utilize the Montessori Approach to help people with Dementia to interact positively with other residents and the environment. The approach mainly focuses on physical and cognitive impairments, aiming at challenging the mind and increasing focus on the task at hand.

    Java Music Club – It’s an inclusive and mutual support group for long-term residents. The psychosocial intervention program is fit for residents of all ages. It’s a fun and interactive program where people sing and share stories.

Culinary Services

Rykka Care Centre Owned Berkshire Care Centre: An Overview

Berkshire Care Centre offers yummy and nutritious meals and snacks. Its menu development team comprises registered dietitians, chefs, food service managers, resident council, and program departments. The team understands the cultural diversity among the residents, preparing meal plans that incorporate various residents’ preferences. Remember that when a client gains admission at the Rykka Care Centre facility, a nutritionist assesses their diet needs and recommends supplements accordingly. 

Residents enjoy three cooked meals every day and snacks and refreshments between meals. They have two options to choose from during each meal. And if they don’t find something they like on the menu, the staff may offer other options such as a sandwich or salad. Guests may also join residents during mealtimes!

Thank you for coming along on this journey of Berkshire Care Centre powered by Toronto’s Rykka Care Centres.


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