sea of thieves captain’s voyages, explained

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One of the many perks of Captaincy is Sea of Thieves is the ability to buy and embark on Captain’s Voyages. These are quests of varying lengths with mostly familiar tasks and activities, but there are a number of conveniences here. For one, you can pick from a number of Captain’s Voyages to curate what types of activities and how long your play sessions will be. Here’s where to find and propose Captain’s Voyages, as well as the many types of Voyages you can go on in Sea of Thieves.

Where to buy Captain’s Voyages in Sea of Thieves

It should be obvious that only Captains and players in their crew can take advantage of Captain’s Voyages. To purchase these, go to the Shipwright on any Outpost. If you’re in a Captained crew, the second menu option for the Shipwright will be to browse their Supply and Captain’s Voyage Shop. Underneath the supplies are a handful of pages of Captain’s Voyages.

Keep in mind that you will have to level up your Reputation for the various Trading Companies of Sea of Thieves; the bar for being able to buy the Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, and Merchant Alliance Voyages is level 25, and level 50 for the “Prized” versions of those Voyages. To buy Athena’s Fortune Voyages, you must reach the status of Pirate Legend. You can buy multiple of each type of Voyage, but with a total cap of 50 Voyages total.

Where to view and propose Captain’s Voyages

Your Captain’s Voyages will not be in the Quests menu; rather, they will be on your ship in your Captain’s Quarters. This will be near the Captain’s Table and resemble a bookshelf. You can open your Captain’s Voyages Storage from there, and peruse the different Voyages you have. In the Storage menu, you can filter the Voyages by Trading Company.

To propose a Captain’s Voyages, head to the Captain’s Table and interact with it. There is a middle option that let’s you specifically select Captain’s Voyages, and you can select any Voyage from your Storage for a vote.

Types of Captain’s Voyages

The names and descriptions for these Voyages might seem vague, but most of these should sound familiar. You can buy individual Voyages, which will give you one task, or Commissions, which will give you multiple tasks. Upon reaching level 50 for a certain Trading Company, you can buy “Prized” versions of these Voyages. And for all the aforementioned Voyages, you can also buy them in bundles of five each.

The basic Voyage types representing each Company are as follows:

  • Gold Hoarders
    • Treasure Hunt
    • Riddle
  • Merchant Alliance
    • Shipping Contract
    • Cargo Run
  • Order of Souls
    • Skeleton Bounty
  • Mercenary (combining quests from the above three Companies)
    • Captain’s Stash (“Recover a buried trove of useful supplies in this unique Captain’s Voyage.”)
    • Ashen Mercenary Order (“Brave The Devil’s Roar on behalf of several Companies in this Grand, fiery Captain’s Voyage.”)
  • Athena’s Fortune
    • Commission of Legendary Fortune (various quests for the main three Companies)
    • Commission of Ashen Fortune (similar to the above, but in The Devil’s Roar)
    • Commission of the Ancient Veil (Legend of the Veil Voyage type)


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