The 11 black-owned startups to watch out for in 2021

The edtech business making learning fun

Austrian AR leader enhances e-commerce experience for retailers and consumers

Bare Conductive: Electric Paint

Founded in 2009 by four graduates, Bare Conductive has already launched two successful Kickstarter campaigns. Startups Magazine talks with with Isabel Lizardi, CCO and co-founder.

MysteryVibe: Sex Tech Taboo

Situated in the idyllic and typically English countryside village of Thursley in Surrey, you will find MysteryVibe Design HQ.

Meet Jooble

Ukrainian company Jooble creates an IT product that defeated Western companies with investments worth millions in the competition.  At the same time, the company has already created more than 400 jobs and continues to expand its staff to help people…

Unbridled success for equestrian-athleisure startup

Startups Magazine speaks to Lloyds Bank National Business Awards' 'New Entrepreneur of the Year' and equestrian-athleisure e-commerce tech startup Founder, Jordan McCabe, about her success and how she scaled her startup.

The digitisation of groceries

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an inevitable eCommerce boom as consumers were forced to rely on online shopping throughout the various lockdowns rather than venture to shops - and this trend was particularly noticeable when it came to Grocery…

Meet the startup challenging the status quo to help mobile app developers

The founders of are aiming to disrupt the status quo of managed-service mobile programmatic and enable mobile app developers to take control over user acquisition and retargeting through an in-house Demand-Side Platform (DSP). The company utilises the infrastructure and various APIs…

Meet Exit Live – a tool for artists to monetise live show recordings

With the return of live music and fans now able to see their favourite artists once again, we caught up with Pascal de Mul, CEO of Exit Live - a tool for artists to monetise live show recordings. A global platform,…

Positive Plus One: The social app for the HIV community

Positive Plus One is a free app for the HIV community. It connects members locally and globally, providing a safe and secure environment for support, friendship and connection. Startups Magazine spoke to Christian Mercer, Founder and CEO of Positive Plus One to…

Using VR to aid rehab

Quite often the best ideas are born out of adversity, and that was certainly the case for Immersive Rehab, a startup specialising in the creation of interactive and engaging physical and neuro-rehabilitation programmes in Virtual Reality (VR).

Plastic free periods made easy

The modern consumer is demanding a future in which the products they use leave no trace on the planet. Brands who can’t meet this demand will see their customer base move towards those who can deliver products that are in line with this vision. 

Florence: The lady with the lamp

It seemed only fitting that three year old startup, Florence, an online platform and app that connects care homes directly to nurses looking for extra shifts, be named after the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale, otherwise known as the…

Simplifying remote work, anywhere in the world

Remote is an international HR tech startup that enables companies to hire people all over the world, wherever they are located. Remote is the first self-serve platform for global employment, and the startup also supports payroll, taxes, benefits, and compliance for…

Tech start up set to tackle global waste problem

The world is facing a mounting waste crisis and a South West technology startup has developed a new online system to help tackle the problem. The system will also help waste businesses run their businesses safely during the coronavirus pandemic.

Enterprise SaaS platform discusses its journey so far and the future

Indorse is a Coding Assessment Platform for recruiting, hackathons and upskilling. It leverages a community of leading software developers spread across the globe to assess coding skills and tech capabilities. We spoke to Gaurang Torvekar, Co-Founder and CEO of Indorse who did…

Auxivia: improving quality of life

Most people don't tend to let dehydration get to the point of medical attention. Older people however, are more vulnerable to dehydration.

Innovative new company launched on the shores of Lake Victoria

A  German-Dutch startup is testing a unique business model in Mbita, a small fishing town in Kenya. Torqeedo electric motors are hired out to the local fishermen for a monthly fee that includes training, maintenance, and a solar powered battery…

The Future of Walking

According to research from King's College London, over 9,000 Londoners are dying early every year as a result of toxic air.

Simplifying the design process of custom electronic circuits

After being incorporated only two months ago, new kid on the block Circuitbuilder is a new web-based platform which aims to simplify the process of purchasing custom electronic circuits.

How e-bikes are driving sustainable action for free

Sustainability is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it’s now imperative. Creating a sustainable future remains prominent on global agendas. As organisations strive for longevity, businesses are looking for innovative solutions to ensure business continuity. 

The wearable for expectant mothers

According to the stillbirth, premature birth and miscarriage charity, Tommy’s, one in every 250 pregnancies end in a stillbirth. That’s around 3,400 babies dying every year, or nine every day, on average. But research has shown that some still births…

ParentCare can put your mind at ease

In the second episode in our mini-series with Nova, a Liverpool-based tech cofoundery that partners with entrepreneurs to turn ideas into successful, scalable tech startups, in sectors including healthtech, fintech and edtech, Startups Magazine caught up with Bharat Vasandani, Founder of ParentCare.

Making hydration easy

Hydration and fluids are argubaly not spoken about enough, and can be really serious issues relating to humans. Aquarate has been designed and founded by Rebecca Taylor, to re define the way fluid balance is monitored within care to reduce hydration related…

Breaking the taboos around femtech

As we carry on focusing on female founders and women in tech, we decided to catch up with Kristy Chong, CEO & Founder of Modibodi, a femtech startup that provides people of all ages and body types all around the world…

A smarter way to manage food

It started with a simple lightbulb moment back in 2013, when Christian Lane, CEO of Smarter, decided to create the first ever WiFi-enabled iKettle

Meet the startup that is tenacious about ethical business growth

Growth Animals was founded during lockdown in 2020 by a team of tenacious marketeers that want to do more than just marketing, they want to give back. Here, Startups Magazine, speaks to Chris Thornhill, Co-founder & CEO of Growth Animals to find…

Catching up with Staccs: the on-demand service for filmed music concerts

With its recent launch across the Nordic and Baltic states, we caught up with Jonas Sellberg, Co-founder and COO of Staccs, a premium streaming on-demand service for concert video and music documentaries. The new home for concerts on demand, Staccs is…

Foodtech startup trying to change our calorie focussed approach to food

In recent years, the trend toward self-quantification has shaped a market rich with tech to track everything from sleep and fitness to food and screen-time. Monitoring and logging personal data to help improve health and well-being has put control into…

BEUMER Group: Startup Elara supports maintenance

Unplanned machine breakdowns cost time and money. Elara Digital now offers the right solutions for reduced down-times and increased machine availability. Relevant information such as work orders, checklists, machine documentation or guides for trouble shooting can be created in an…

Monneo: one platform, multiple banks

Here, Startups Magazine speaks to Lilia Metodieva, Managing Director of Monneo, European fintech startup. 

Why entrepreneurs need to think more about data privacy

Until very recently, data privacy has largely been a matter of ethics for tech startups. With most consumers fundamentally unaware of both the capability of apps and other software to farm data and the potential risk this engenders, there has…

Have life saving adventures: Action on Blood

Action on Blood is a social startup that aims to pool together a global community of blood donors and help people who are interested in giving blood to do so by providing resources, training and funding.

Upside to cooking up a culture

We’ll start with a little bit about us and make sure not to gloss over anything, sound good? We’re Upside, a talent centric startup based in Westminster; aiming to broaden our teams’ minds through bespoke development plans.

Meet the startup empowering a new generation of conscious consumers

Here, Startups Magazine speaks to Hristian Nedyalkov, Co-founder and CEO at Novus, the next generation impact-driven sustainable banking app.

Letting the fans sit in the director's seat

Multiview Media allows you to increase revenue, reach and reaction. Converting iconic historic content or streaming live events in an immersive way, we caught up with Ray Meadham CEO of  Multiview Media.

Looking at product development and challenges (part 2)

The testing and development phase, can either be one of the most enjoyable experiences when it comes to creating a hardware product, or one of the most difficult that makes you question and change everything you have worked on so…

Making tech fashionable

As I write this, from my living room floor (don’t judge me, since lockdown started I’ve noticed it helps me get creative when I’m writing) we’re still in a global pandemic and I’m just about getting used to all that…

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