Review Asterigos Curse of the Stars

If I utter the words Soulsborne, do you groan, or does it force a wry smile? Well, whatever your reaction, you’ll be glad to know that Asterigos: Curse of the Stars is more of a Souls-lite title. Accordingly, it ...

Even Elden Ring's director doesn't know why the game is so successful

Elden Ring has obviously been a massive success, but director and Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki doesn’t really know why. It’s very hard to argue that Elden Ring has been anything other than a huge success. Whether it’s the ...

Destiny 2 and Assassin's Creed crossover is a match made in Valhalla

Destiny 2 and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla are getting a small crossover next week, with some cosmetics themed around each other coming to both games. Bungie announced the crossover earlier this week, where it showed off the costumes players will ...

Sifu is being adapted into a live-action film by John Wick creator Derek Kolstad

Sloclap’s Kung Fu game Sifu is getting the movie treatment, courtesy of Story Kitchen and John Wick writer Derek Kolstad. As reported by Deadline, Story Kitchen’s Dmitri M. Johnson will produce the film along with Kolstad, Mike Goldberg, Dan ...

The Callisto Protocol patch addresses stuttering issues on PC

Striking Distance Studios has released a patch for The Callisto Protocol which addresses stuttering issues with the space-horror game on PC. According to the developer, the patch fixes the stuttering issues which were due to shader compilation. The Callisto ...

Marvel's Midnight Suns review: Firaxis assembles its most joyful game to date

The constant mixing and mingling of game genres is a beautiful thing. It doesn’t always work, but when it does, magic happens, and entire new things are born. DOOM plus Ultima equals Daggerfall, for example. Marvel’s Midnight Suns, the new ...

Shocking no one, Todd Howard knows something about The Elder Scrolls 6 release date

What do we know about The Elder Scrolls 6 So far? Well, according to Microsoft, it’s ‘a mid-size game’. It will definitely release after Starfield. Bethesda director Todd Howard said – fairly recently – that the massive RPG is ...

Three of the best RPGs of all time land on PS Plus soon

Look, if I were you, I’d be dubious of that headline, too. But I am going to go even further here, now, in the opening paragraph, now that you’ve clicked and I’ve got your attention. Mass Effect isn’t just the ...

Hitman rules, and Ubisoft needs to take note for Assassin's Creed Mirage (and beyond)

I can’t wait to get murderous in ninth-century Baghdad when Assassin’s Creed Mirage arrives next year, but I fear it might be leaning a bit too hard on the first installment of the long-running franchise. As fans await the next ...

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Charizard Tera Raid event: release time and guide

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you’ve no doubt discovered the fun there is to be had with Tera Raids. These battles let you team up with friends to take on strong, terastallised Pokemon, and if beaten, allow you an easy ...

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to evolve Rockruff into Dusk Form Lycanroc

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is packed with Pokemon. There’s Generation 9 to get used to, fan-favourites with new evolutions, ancient Paradox Pokemon, and of course, different forms of some species of Pokemon. One of these Pokemon with multiple forms is ...

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Where to get Mirror Herb, and how to learn Egg Moves with it

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, or any Pokemon game for that matter, Pokemon can hold items in battle that will give it or its allies buffs and other abilities. Scarlet and Violet has introduced a new item, however, that proves ...

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s first patch fixes bugs and adds ranked battles

In the first update since it launched on November 18, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is finally dishing out bug fixes and opening up ranked play. If you’ve been on the internet at all this week, there’s a mighty chance ...

Like a Dragon: Ishin combat trailer is full of swordplay, pistols, and plenty of kicking

SEGA and RGG Studio have released a combat trailer for February’s action-adventure game Like a Dragon: Ishin. Watch swordsman Sakamoto Ryoma defeat enemies with his samurai sword, trusty pistol, and new combat moves Gunman Style, Wild Dancer Style, Brawler ...

God of War Ragnarok Scent of Survival Favour: How to find the Crater with Helka

Following the climax of the second Vanaheim story arc in God of War Ragnarok – and what a climax it is – you receive the “Scent of Survival” quest from Freyr’s Camp. While it seems innocuous at first, Scent of ...

How to unlock Pokemon Scarlet and Violet 6-Star Raids

If you think you have mastered everything the Paldea region has to throw at you, then you haven’t taken on one of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s 6-Star Raids. These ultra-hard tera raids are the ultimate test of your Pokemon battling ...

Hitman 3 Winter Roadmap outlines what to expect through January

IO Interactive has provided a roadmap for Hitman 3 through January 26. Yesterday, the Holiday Hoarders event kicked off, sprucing up Paris for the festive period and providing you with two unlocks. The first unlock is Lil’ Flashy, a ...

GTA Online Weekly Update (December 1) - bonus rewards, discounts, and vehicles

December 1 is here, we’ve got a brand new selection of limited-time bonuses and goodies arriving in the GTA Online Weekly Update! The game has received a selection of temporary changes and updates as is the norm for the vast ...

Why does The Callisto Protocol run better on PS5? Maybe because of all those bonus PlayStation devs

It’s been something of an open secret that Sony and PlayStation have been contributing to the development of The Callisto Protocol. The platform holder’s Visual Arts Services Group was confirmed to be part of the game’s development in November ...

Fortnite Fracture event start time and how to watch

If you’re wondering when the Fortnite fracture event starts, the answer is it’s almost here. Fortnite Chapter 3 is coming to an end, and in typical Epic fashion, we’re seeing it off with a massive bang, maybe some rifts ...

VG247's The Best Games Ever Podcast – Ep.28: The best game to play while you wait for Starfield

Welcome to VG247’s Best Games Ever Podcast: Episode 28 – the best game to play while you wait for Starfield. This week’s topic has come about because of two things: Firstly, we’re desperate to do anything Starfield related because we ...

The Callisto Protocol beginner's guide: 8 spoiler-free tips I wish I knew before playing

The Callisto Protocol is hard. Well, it’s kinda hard and kinda frustrating. Whilst you can just knock the difficulty down to easy if you’re struggling (we won’t think any less of you), we know how hard it is to swallow ...

The scariest thing about The Callisto Protocol is how it runs on PC

The Callisto Protocol is officially out today, and that includes the PC version. As PC players know too well, playing games at launch on their favourite platform can feel like a roll of the dice. The technical state of PC ...

Monster Hunter Rise is coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and Game Pass in 2023

Monster Hunter Rise launched on the Nintendo Switch and PC back in 2021. Now, the action RPG is set to be rocking up on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and even Xbox Game Pass on ...

The Callisto Protocol review: A dead frustrating space

What scares you? Body horror? Claustrophobia? The idea of things being pushed through your eyes? Jump scares? Mediocre level design? The Callisto Protocol has it all, for better and for worse. Insistent on pushing you over the edge and making ...

Amnesia: The Bunker shakes up the horror survival series with emergent gameplay and sandbox elements

Frictional Games, the studio behind the Amnesia series and Soma, has announced Amnesia: The Bunker, the latest installation in the franchise. The developers call the game a “pivotal point” in the horror series due to player freedom impacting gameplay. For ...

Sonic Frontiers is getting at least three content updates in 2023

SEGA has provided a look at the preliminary 2023 free content roadmap for Sonic Frontiers. According to the company, the first update will contain Juke Box, a Photo Mode, and a New Challenges Mode. Sonic Frontiers may finally bring ...

Genshin Impact Wanderer Ascension items: Where to get Scaramouche materials

Wanderer Ascension materials in Genshin Impact are a random assortment of items that you probably have in your inventory already. These are the same as Scaramouche materials – the characters are the same, but for important, spoilery story reasons, they ...

Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Biomutant confirmed as PlayStation Plus games for December

Sony has announced the PlayStation Plus games for December 2022, confirming yesterday’s leak. To be made available for PlayStation Plus Essential subscribers, the following games will be available from December 6 to January 2: Biomutant, Divine Knockout Founder’s Edition, ...

Review ASTLIBRA Revision

To be completely transparent, I had no idea what Astlibra Revision was when I first set out to play it. At face value, it appeared to be nothing more than second-rate shovelware. However, looks are often deceiving. Now, having finished ...

Far Cry 6 Lost Between Worlds DLC drops next week, New Game+ update available today

Ubisoft has announced the Lost Between Worlds paid expansion for Far Cry 6 along with the latest title update that includes New Game+. In Lost Between Worlds, this new chapter of Dani Rojas’ story is set in a fractured version ...

God of War Ragnarok The Jungle: How to flood the crater in the Return of the River Favour

Hidden in the wilds of Vanaheim in God of War Ragnarok is a lush and dense Jungle that hides a ton of secrets and quests for you to uncover. The most important of these is the Return of the River ...

December Xbox Games With Gold offerings tackle westerns and Chinese mythology

Microsoft has announced the next round of Games With Gold for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The games for December are 2D side-scrolling titles Colt Canyon and Bladed Fury. Colt Canyon – Official Launch Trailer Colt Canyon will ...

In defence of QTEs: Why gaming's most derided mechanic is good, actually

I’m sure a fair-few people have read this title and rolled their eyes. Really, I can’t blame you; there’s a reason QTEs are hated. However, I’m here to convince you that when used correctly, every game developer’s little guilty pleasure ...

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Bottle Caps: Where to get, and how to use Bottle Caps

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is here, boasting dozens of Pokemon to catch and train. Whether you’re preparing your team to take on the Gym Leaders, Team Star, and Titans, or the Elite Four, or even for competitive play, you might ...

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Sinistea and Polteageist: How to evolve with Cracked Pot and Chipped Pot

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, there’s plenty of adorable Pokemon to go about finding. One of them is undoubtedly Sinistea, a ghost-type Pokemon that takes the form of a teacup and later evolves into Polteageist with the help of a ...

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Slowking: How to evolve Slowpoke into Slowking

Across Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and its open-world of Paldea, there’s dozens upon dozens of Pokemon to find and add to your Pokedex. There’s new Generation 9 Pokemon, Paradox Pokemon, all-new evolutions, and plenty of familiar favourites… including Slowking! Which ...

Where to find Roaring Moon in Pokemon Scarlet

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, there’s up to 400 Pokemon to find and capture during your Paldean journey. As you approach the end of your adventure, you’ll find that even more new Pokemon, namely Paradox Pokemon, are revealed. One of ...

Lovely new Xbox Game Pass release has nod to Keanu’s iconic Cyberpunk 2077 moment

Some games are just nice. Something you can stick on your Steam Deck or Switch and just chill out with for a while. One such game, which also happens to be a day one release on Xbox Game Pass for ...

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Battle Stadium has one fundamental issue

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has plenty of issues, mainly in the realm of performance. We’ve witnessed Pokemon fall through the floor in battle, NPCs that function at around 5FPS, and a host of other amusing glitches and bugs. It’s ...


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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet sells 10 million copies in a matter of days

Andor has made me want a low-key, guerrilla warfare Star Wars Rebellion strategy game

The Callisto Protocol reveals season pass will add new death animations

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The thing you hated from The Witcher Netflix show is coming to the game

The Witcher 3 is getting a next-gen upgrade, but does it need one?

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Mystery Gift Codes: How to redeem active gifts from the Poke Portal

Warzone 2 patch makes armor piercing ammo no longer pierce armor

Modern Warfare 2 patch notes confirm one small but much-needed fix

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With Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's release, Redditor realises Pokéballs have avoided inflation for 26 years

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is the series’ lowest rated mainline game on Metacritic, yet I can’t stop playing it

EVIL WEST Review: Cowboys Vs Vampires

Evil West review – One of the year’s best action games let down by outdated level design

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Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive could potentially be receiving reboots

Marvel's Spider-Man has seemingly recast the voice behind Harry Osborn

Sea of Thieves' Season 8 brings new life to PvP with on-demand, faction action

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom gets an age rating in Korea

Aska is a Viking-themed, open-world survival tribe builder going into closed alpha next week

Saints Row update features over 200 bug fixes with a particular focus on stability and co-op

Assassin's Creed Valhalla epilogue releases in December, won't include New Game+ mode

Review Sonic Frontiers

With Vampire Survivors, I finally get the appeal of Xbox Game Pass Cloud Gaming

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