Marsback Zephyr Pro Gaming Mouse review: Great mouse, pointless gimmick

Source: Marsback As a PC gamer, I’ve slowly allowed myself to become indoctrinated into the RGB cult that seems to manifest in every PC gaming accessory on the market. From keyboards to speakers, you’re bound to find a variety of ...

Elgato Facecam review: A pricey $200 webcam option for speed freaks

Source: Windows Central The webcam market is hot stuff right now, as more of us than ever work and play from home. Elgato is a company renowned in the streaming space, with a variety of products such as the Elgato ...

eMeet C980 webcam review: A great choice for frequent video conferencing

Source: Windows Central Getting the best webcam has become increasingly important in recent times with the shift towards more remote working. Video conferencing is the norm for so many of us, and broadcasting through a webcam with the quality of ...

XPG Xenia 14 review: The fresh PC brand proves it's here to compete with this incredibly light Ultrabook

Source: Windows Central Just last year I would have looked confused if I was asked my opinion on XPG — guided by the parent company ADATA — and its new line of laptops. However, I’ve now had the chance to ...

Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium review: Not exactly a budget Wacom

Source: Windows Central Digital artists everywhere can be forgiven if they were surprised by Xencelab’s sudden arrival on the market. The self-proclaimed Wacom competitors showed up nearly overnight, with only a few rumblings pre-launch about a new tablet developed by ...

xFyro Pro ANC earbuds review: Good sound and comfort hampered by price and build

Source: Windows Central Wireless earbuds have exploded since Apple launched the AirPods with seemingly every company possible trying to get their product in your ears. It’s a crowded space and standing out against the might of Apple is tough. Even ...

be quiet! Dark Power 12 review: The power supply everyone will want

Source: Windows Central A good power supply is a crucial part of building a new PC, just as much as getting the best graphics card. If you don’t get that right, you might as well give up before you begin. ...

Razer USB-C 130W GaN Charger review: The most power comes with a high price

Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central Reviewing USB travel chargers is not on my list of fun things to do, but when a company brings something new to the table, I’m all ears. That’s how I felt about Razer’s new ...

Razer Anzu smart glasses review: Niche, but not just a gimmick

Source: Windows Central Razer is best known for gaming, but it has dabbled plenty in recent times away from its core product base. There’s the Razer Book 13, for example, a laptop for normal people, a suite of office-targeted accessories, ...

Samsung Galaxy Book Go review: Outstanding value is in arm's reach with this budget PC

Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central The promise of ARM-based processors in Windows laptops spans from super-thin, ultra-light, and fanless premium PCs to the lower-cost budget laptops. While there have been plenty of the former over the last few years, ...

Anycubic Vyper 3D printer review: A strikingly good deal

Source: Windows Central Anycubic is a mainstay of the hobbyist 3D printing world and has been making great quality printers for years. Not only does it make excellent resin printers like the Photon Mono X but it also has a ...

Razer Kishi review (2021): Boosting mobile and Xbox Cloud Gaming

Gaming on your phone sucks. No game has the same input system, virtual buttons on your phone never work the way they should, and the physical size of the phone makes it easy for your hands to cramp after ...

FlexiSpot BS9 office chair review: Simple but comfortable

Source: Windows Central FlexiSpot is making a name for itself as one of the go-to places for some of the best office equipment on the market. I’ve reviewed a number of their electronic standing desks over the last year, and ...

SCUF Instinct Pro Xbox controller review: Is this pricey gamepad worth it?

Source: Windows Central SCUF is something of a legend in the controller space. Armed with a suite of patents that effectively shape all of our gamepads, the firm is among the only companies capable of producing wireless third-party controllers for ...

HONOR MagicBook 14 (2021) review: There's a lot to love in this budget PC, but a few things hold it back from greatness

Source: Windows Central HONOR’s updated MagicBook 14, also available in a 15-inch version, is a thin and light Ultrabook with 11th Gen Intel “Tiger Lake” Core CPUs, pleasant display, sturdy build, and budget price. It’s aimed at those who don’t ...

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 15 review: $400 is enticing, but you can get better features elsewhere

Source: Windows Central Lenovo’s IdeaPad lineup ranges from truly budget options that cost just a bit more than $200 all the way up to gaming and premium Ultrabooks costing well over $1,000. The IdeaPad 3 15 (model number 15IML05) I ...

HP Pavilion Aero 13 review: The lightest and best mid-range AMD laptop available

Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central When HP announced its new Pavilion Aero 13 laptop back in June, there was a lot to get excited over. With a $750 starting price (now $670 on sale), AMD Ryzen processors, a slick ...

Dell XPS 17 9710 review: 11th Gen Intel and RTX 3060 push this juggernaut laptop to new extremes

Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central Update for September 2021: This review has been revised with the new XPS 17 9710 model (up from the XPS 17 9700 from 2020). New benchmarks, pricing, configurations, and parts of this review have ...

SkateBIRD Xbox review: A feathery skateboarding game held back by flawed movement

Source: Glass Bottom Games SkateBIRD is all about Birb, a player-customized winged animal with a singular (and unusual) passion: skateboarding. SkateBIRD asks the question “What if Tony the Hawk instead?” and scratches an itch for skateboarding game fans that have ...

Dark Matter by Monoprice 27-inch Gaming Monitor review: IGZO never looked so good for $350

Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central 27-inch gaming displays are some of the most common and sought-after accessories in the PC market. And while Monoprice is not new — the company is well known for its affordable but reasonable quality ...

TP-Link Archer GX90 router review: A gaming Wi-Fi 6 router with big promises

Source: Windows Central The TP-Link Archer GX90 is the kind of router you’d expect to see in the still-new Wi-Fi 6 space. There’s still a growing number of routers that tout different features to distinguish themselves from the rest. The ...

Xbox Game Pass 2021 review: Is it worth buying into?

Source: Matt Brown | Windows Central Xbox Game Pass marches on. Over the course of the past year, Xbox Game Pass has added a range of EA titles to the service. It has also added mountains of third-party games, ranging ...

LucidSound LS15X Xbox/PC review: The best budget wireless gaming headset

Source: Windows Central LucidSound proves itself time and time again to be among the more consistent headset manufacturers on the market. Their LS35X has enjoyed favorable placements on our best Xbox Series X, S headsets roundup for many months, and ...

This insane Microsoft 365 Cyber Monday deal covers your whole family for (basically) $50

Microsoft 365 is the new Office 365, and the Family package that allows for up to six people to use the suite of apps is on sale right now at Amazon. If you have a few PCs at home and ...

Corsair HS80 Wireless PC headset review: A decent $150 option that won't disappoint

Source: Windows Central Wireless headsets are in abundance these days, as the technology around audio quality overair improves. Corsair has a few great options on the table, including the impressive Corsair HS75 XB for Xbox. Where Corsair generally excels is ...

Early Black Friday M1 MacBook Pro deals save you $249 right now

Source: iMore If you’ve been ogling Apple’s new 2021 MacBook Pro models but can’t justify spending $2,000 and up to get one, then Amazon has some early Black Friday deals well worth checking out. Though the newest models aren’t discounted ...

Best USB-C hubs for MacBook Pro 2021

Best USB-C Hubs for MacBook Pro iMore 2021 The latest MacBook Pro (M1 Pro/Max, 2021) models have some “new” ports, such as an HDMI port and media card slot in addition to the USB-C ports. Other recent MacBook Pro models ...

Best stands for your MacBook and MacBook Pro 2021

Best stands for your MacBook and MacBook Pro iMore 2021 A stand for your MacBook or MacBook Pro is more than a tool to show off your toy: stands can optimize space, reduce desk clutter, protect it from spills and ...

Snag yourself an all-in-one iMac for just $879 this Black Friday weekend

In April 2021, Apple took the wraps off its first M1 iMac model, which now takes the place of the 21.5-inch iMac from 2020. Though the 21.5-inch model has since been discontinued, it’s still a great all-in-one computer for those ...

Best USB-C hard drives for Mac 2021

Best USB-C Hard Drives for Mac iMore 2021 You might be wondering why you need a USB-C hard drive for your Mac. Here’s why: if you back up your Mac in multiple places, then your data is far safer, and ...

Best Sleeves for MacBook Pro (Late 2016 to 2021)

Best Sleeves for MacBook Pro (Late 2016 to 2021) iMore 2021 You’ve chosen one of the best MacBooks you can buy, so you’ll want to consider a MacBook Pro sleeve. The 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro with M1 Pro/Max and ...

Best portable monitors for Mac 2021

Best portable monitors for Mac iMore 2021 There are various types of monitors you can buy for your Mac. Portable monitors are an excellent option if you need a MacBook monitor, whether you’re looking for a second screen solution or ...

A $500 discount has hit Apple's 16-inch MacBook Pro before Black Friday even begins

Source: Rene Ritchie / iMore Though Apple enthusiasts are fawning over Apple’s 2021 MacBook Pro models, the now previous-gen 16-inch MacBook Pro is still an incredibly powerful computer and one of the best MacBooks you can buy — especially if ...

Amazon's Cyber Monday iMac deal smashes all-time low price record

Cyber Monday is here, and with it comes the best-ever discount on an Apple iMac. Though the 21.5-inch model is no longer the latest, having been replaced by the M1 iMac in 2021, it’s still a superb all-in-one computer for ...

You can snag yourself an all-in-one iMac for just $879 today only

Back in April, Apple took the wraps off its first M1 iMac model which now takes the place of the 21.5-inch iMac from 2020. Though the 21.5-inch model has since been discontinued, it’s still a great all-in-one computer for those ...

Best keyboard covers for MacBook Pro 2021

Best keyboard covers for MacBook Pro iMore 2021 The Butterfly keyboards on the MacBook lineup have had their issues. A single crumb under there could signal an end to your typing days or, at the very least, create a massive ...

Best docking stations for MacBook Pro 2021

Best Docking Stations for MacBook Pro iMore 2021 A MacBook Pro docking station is like a power strip for your laptop. They have various ports, and unlike the best USB-C hubs, they usually have their own power source so they ...

Best alternatives to Apple's Magic Keyboard 2021

Best alternatives to Apple’s Magic Keyboard iMore 2021 What is the best Magic Keyboard alternative? Every iMac and iMac Pro comes with a specially designed, Apple-branded Magic Keyboard, and you either love it or hate it. There are plenty of ...

Best Mac webcams 2021

While some places may be returning to some sense of normalcy, there are still a lot of people who are working remotely or studying from home, and thus the demand for the best Mac webcams remains high. That’s because a ...

Best Black Friday MacBook deals 2021

Source: Daniel Bader / iMore The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are two of the most popular laptop lineups globally, even though they are also among the most expensive. Luckily, it’s common to find MacBook deals, especially with Black Friday ...


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