Bitfarms Adds 18 MW of Capacity to 'The Bunker' — Miner's Daily Production Taps 16.8 BTC per Day

On July 28, the bitcoin mining company Bitfarms announced the completion of the second phase of its facility expansion, by adding roughly 18 megawatts (MW) of capacity to the operation. The mining facility dubbed “The Bunker,” now has approximately ...

Foundry Digital Launches Logistics Arm to Advance Standards in the Cryptocurrency Mining Industry

On Thursday, Foundry Digital LLC, the mining company and subsidiary of Digital Currency Group (DCG), announced the launch of Foundry Logistics in order to advance standards in the cryptocurrency mining industry. The newly launched arm of the company plans ...

Bitcoin's Mining Difficulty Slides 5% Dropping to Levels Not Seen Since March

On July 21, 2022, at 2:14 p.m. (ET) at block height 745,920, Bitcoin’s mining difficulty dropped by 5.01% outpacing the last two epoch changes. The latest downward shift makes it 5% easier to find blocks than it was during ...

Marathon Secures 254 Megawatts to Bolster Company's 2023 Bitcoin Mining Goals

The bitcoin mining operation Marathon has announced the company has secured 254 megawatts of new hosting deals with the option to increase to 324 megawatts (MW). Marathon’s latest expansion deals should support the bitcoin mining firm’s intended goal of ...

Texas Bitcoin Miners Power Back Up after Voluntary Suspension During Grid Strain

Aiming to prioritize vital services during a heat wave, Bitcoin miners stood down for more than a week at the state's request.

Paraguay One Step Closer To Being a Paradise for Bitcoin Miners

A bill supporting crypto mining in the South American nation now awaits presidential approval.

Sweden Needs Power for More Useful Things Than Bitcoin Mining, Energy Minister Says

Concerned about projected increase in electricity demand, the government in Sweden may turn its back on crypto mining, the country’s energy minister has indicated. Swedish bitcoin minting industry, a leader in Europe, is likely to soon lose the preferential ...

How Much Does It Cost to Mine 1 Bitcoin?

JPMorgan strategists may have just called Bitcoin’s bottom price. Others suggest there’s still more pain ahead.

Texas Bitcoin Miners Power Down as Heat Wave Threatens Grid With Rolling Blackouts

The collective move returns over 1% of power in Texas back to retail and commercial users, according to the president of the Texas Blockchain Association.

Bitcoin's Hashrate Slips Below 200 Exahash, BTC Mining Profits Drop Lower

Bitcoin’s hashrate has declined in recent times after reaching an all-time high on June 8, 2022, at block height 739,928. 30-day statistics show the hashrate has slipped from 243 exahash per second (EH/s) to today’s 178.44 EH/s, losing 26.56% ...

Biden Administration Expected to Publish Report on Bitcoin Mining and the Industry's Impact on Climate

According to a new report, U.S. president Joe Biden and his administration are focused on proof-of-work (PoW) mining. The principal assistant director for energy for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) discussed the research report ...

Bitcoin Mining Infrastructure Provider Lancium to Bolster Battery-Powered Demand Response at 25 MW Texas-Based Facility

According to Lancium Inc., a crypto mining infrastructure firm, the company has signed a deal with the Texas battery-storage provider Broad Reach Power LLC. Broad Reach Power plans to supply battery power to Lancium’s Fort Stockton-based 25-megawatt facility and ...

Decline In Bitcoin Miner Revenues Suggests More Sell-Offs May Follow

Bitcoin miner revenues have been in decline since the bear trend began and this has led a good number of miners to sell their BTC holdings in order to keep their operations afloat. However, the expectation that the bear ...

Argo Blockchain the Latest Crypto Mining Firm to Dump Bitcoin

After selling $15.6 million in Bitcoin, Argo is the second crypto miner this week to announce it sold more coin than it mined last month.

Analyst Says Duke Energy Corporation Is Studying Bitcoin Mining Applied to Demand Response

According to the lead rates and regulatory strategy analyst at Duke Energy Corporation, the second-largest U.S. energy corporation is currently studying bitcoin mining. Lead analyst Justin Orkney said that a bitcoin demand response (DR) study was being worked on ...

Intel Ships Blockscale ASIC Chips To Selected Bitcoin Mining Companies

It’s official, Intel is part of the bitcoin mining business. The gargantuan technology company announced its “ultra-low-voltage energy-efficient” ASIC chip barely six months ago, and it’s already here. Under normal circumstances, infrastructural support from a multinational company like Intel ...

Supreme Court’s Restrictions on EPA Oversight Could Impact Bitcoin Mining

The Court’s ruling will have ramifications on the EPA’s ability to regulate energy plants as an industry and could prompt states to do more.

Bitcoin Miner Compass Denies Allegations of Unpaid Power Bills to Dynamics

Dynamics Mining took to social media on Sunday with claims that Compass Mining owed hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Compass Mining CEO and CFO Resign, Company Cites 'Setbacks and Disappointments'

The Bitcoin mining firm elevates two executives to interim co-CEOs in bid to achieve the "next level of growth."

Report: $4B in Bitcoin Mining Loans Are in Distress — JPMorgan Analyst Says Price Pressure Stems From Miner Sales

Cryptocurrency-related lending has become a black smudge for the industry these days and according to a recent report, bitcoin’s low price has put billions in mining loans under stress. The report, which quotes the co-founder of mining company Luxor ...

Bitcoin's Energy Consumption Drops By A Quarter Following Crypto Crash

If previous downturns are any indication, the energy consumption of the Bitcoin network could fall further still.

Following BTC's Price Drop, Bitcoin Miners Benefit From a 2.35% Difficulty Reduction

During the past week, Bitcoin’s hashrate has dropped a few percentages after reaching 288 exahash per second (EH/s) on June 8, 2022. Bitcoin miners, however, got a break on Wednesday, June 22, as the mining difficulty dropped by 2.35% ...

Public Bitcoin Miners Are Selling Off BTC Reserves as Crypto Winter Sets In

If public Bitcoin miners sell large portions of their supply, "it could contribute to pushing the Bitcoin price further down," says crypto data firm Arcane Research.

Bitriver to Mine Crypto Using Excess Gas From Gazprom Neft’s Oil Extraction

Russian crypto mining operator Bitriver will use electricity generated from associated gas provided by Gazprom Neft to mint digital coins. As part of a new agreement, the mining company will in return develop the digital infrastructure at the oil ...

Bitcoin Miners Will See 29% Rate Hike on Hydroelectric Power in Washington

Charging Bitcoin miners the highest rate wasn't enough. Chelan County has now implemented a new crypto rate that's 29% higher.

Bitcoin Miners May Get Another Break This Week as Network's Mining Difficulty Is Expected to Drop

Bitcoin miners may catch another break this week as the network’s mining difficulty is estimated to see a reduction tomorrow. Every two weeks Bitcoin’s difficulty adjustment algorithm (DAA) changes, and during the last DAA change, the difficulty dipped by ...

Director of Listed Chinese Company Embezzles $8 Million, Uses Funds to Purchase Bitcoin Mining Rigs

A Chinese prosecutor is reported to have given a thumbs up to the arrest of a listed big data company director accused of embezzling $8 million and using the funds to buy bitcoin mining rigs. Although Li Qunnan has ...

CryptoWatch: Bitcoin Mining, Terra 2.0, and Solana Outage Brings Changes to the Infrastructure

CryptoWatch brings you a round-up of the top cryptocurrency news in the week, and it aims to explain more of the market that is still in a volatile state and brings many changes in the current market. There are many ...

Kathy Hochul Will Decide Fate of Bitcoin Mining in New York

The New York State Senate has approved a bill that would create a 2-year moratorium on Bitcoin mining. Gov. Hochul has 10 days to sign or veto it.

New York Bill That Aims to Establish a Bitcoin Mining Moratorium Awaits Governor Hochul's Signature

The state of New York passed a bill that puts a moratorium on specific types of cryptocurrency mining operations that leverage carbon-based energy sources. The policy will place a two-year ban on proof-of-work (PoW) mining if the assembly bill ...

New York Lawmakers Pass Bill Banning Carbon-Based Bitcoin Mining Operations

New York state may well become the first to ban blockchain technology infrastructure in the US if a new bill, cited as Assembly Bill A7389C, finds full approval. Passed via an early morning vote on Friday, June 3rd, the bill ...

New York Could Possibly Ban Carbon Powered Bitcoin Mining—Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Bitcoin mining in New York could get challenging in the next few years. Just recently, lawmakers in New York passed a bill that would prohibit the operations of bitcoin mining companies that consume non-renewable energy to power their proof-of-work. ...

Brace For Impact: Bitcoin Miners Have Begun Dumping Their Holdings

For the longest time, bitcoin miners have held on to the spoils of their activities. That is when the profitability of mining the cryptocurrency was still high. Due to a high cash flow, these miners could afford to hold ...

Bitcoin Block Data Shows Top 5 Pools Retained Over 71% of the Global Hashrate Last Month

During the last 30 days, the price of bitcoin has lost more than 22% against the U.S. dollar but during that time, Bitcoin’s hashrate has remained above 200 exahash per second (EH/s). While 16 known mining pools mined the ...

Over 75% of Bitcoin miners' earnings going into soaring electricity costs

ETtechNew Delhi: Bitcoin miners are spending more than 75% of their earnings in soaring electricity costs, resulting in a significant carbon footprint which is damaging to our environment, a new report revealed on Tuesday.Bitcoin (BTC) mining is a very electricity-intensive ...

Crypto Miners Account for Over 2% of Electricity Consumption in Russia, Estimate Suggests

The share of crypto miners in Russia’s power consumption structure already exceeds 2%, according to a new government estimate. On this backdrop, the country’s industry ministry believes it’s time to bring the sector out of the shadows and regulate ...

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Drops 4.33%, Biggest Reduction in 10 Months

It’s now 4.33% easier to mine bitcoin over the next two weeks as the difficulty adjustment algorithm (DAA) dropped from 31.25 trillion to today’s 29.85 trillion. It’s the largest DAA drop since July 17, 2021, when the difficulty dropped ...

ESG Study Shows Bitcoin Mining’s Potential to Eliminate 0.15% of Global Warming by 2045, Claims No Other Technology Can Do Better

In recent times, the impact of bitcoin mining on the environment has been a topical discussion as climate change activists believe proof-of-work (PoW) mining is too energy-intensive. However, a recent report written by the ESG analyst Daniel Batten explains ...

Bitcoin On-Chain Activity Throttled After LUNA Collapse

Bitcoin on-chain activity has fallen into the red after the infamous LUNA collapse. The collapse had no doubt reduced faith in the cryptocurrency market and has seen investors significantly reduce their activity in the space. This has led to ...

Bitcoin Miners Expected to Catch a Break in 2 Days, Mining Difficulty Estimated to Drop Close to 4%

While Bitcoin’s hashrate has remained above the 200 exahash per second (EH/s) mark, over the last two weeks the network’s mining difficulty has been at an all-time high (ATH) at 31.25 trillion. However, after 289 blocks are mined or ...


U.S. Mining Stocks Drop Almost 50% Despite Hashrate Increasing

New Data Shows China Still Controls 21% Of The Global Bitcoin Mining Hashrate

Study: Amid Mining Bans, China Still Commands World's Second-Largest Share of Bitcoin Hashrate

Covert Chinese Bitcoin Miners Still Account For 21% of Network Hashrate: Report

Number of Busted Illegal Crypto Mining Farms in Iran Nears 7,000

Proposed Crypto Mining Ban in Norway Fails to Gain Support in Parliament

Bitcoin Selloff Provides Boost To Miner Fee Revenues

Ethereum Miners Surpass Bitcoin Miner Revenue By $224M

Russia’s Anti-Monopoly Agency Proposes Higher Electricity Rates for Home Crypto Miners

Texas Crowdfunding Platform Offers Investors Fractional Ownership in Bitcoin Mines

Bitcoin Miner Argo Borrows Another $70M for Rigs From NYDIG

Bitcoin's Hashrate Taps an All-Time High, Next-Gen Machine Deployment Could Push it Much Higher

After Eight Years, Wikipedia Stops Accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum Donations

World Economic Forum Shares a Video About Changing Bitcoin's Code to Proof-of-Stake

Riot Blockchain Is Constructing a 1 GW Bitcoin Mining Facility in Navarro County, Texas

Bitcoin Mining Moratorium Passes Vote in New York State Assembly

Mining Report Shows Bitcoin's Electricity Consumption Decreased by 25% in Q1 2022

Bitcoin Mining Company CleanSpark Raises $35 Million in Capital— Will This Pave the Way for Sustainable Crypto Mining?

Bitcoin Miner Cleanspark Secures $35 Million in Financing from Trinity Capital

Fort Worth Passes Vote for City Government to Mine Bitcoin

Fort Worth Could Start Mining Bitcoin in Bid to Seem ‘Crypto-Friendly’

Report: Compass to Sell $30 Million in Crypto Mining Equipment Located in Russia

US Lawmakers Call for More Oversight of Cryptocurrency's Environmental Impacts

Gas-to-Bitcoin Mining Firm Crusoe Energy Systems Raises $505 Million

Bitcoin Firm Crusoe Energy Raises $505 Million to Grow Flare-Gas Mining Business

Bitcoin Holds Steady As US Extends Sanctions Against Russia To Cryptocurrency Mining

Microbt Reveals Latest Bitcoin Mining Rigs — Machines Produce up to 126 TH/s With Custom 5nm Chip Design

Today's Top Ethereum and Bitcoin Mining Devices Continue to Rake in Profits

Bitcoin Miners Receive Third Break This Year, Over 100K Blocks To Go Until The Halving

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Drops for the Third Time in 2022, Just Over 100K Blocks to Go Until the Halving

Bitcoin Mining Competition Soars Despite Declining On-Chain Activity

13,233 Blocks Found by 16 Pools — A Look at the Top Bitcoin Mining Pools in Q1 2022

Russian Finance Ministry Amends Bill ‘On Digital Currency,’ Adds Crypto Mining Provisions

Compute North Reveals Bitcoin Miner Is Building a 300 MW Data Center in Texas

Tesla, Blockstream and Block Break Ground on All-Solar Bitcoin Mining Facility in Texas

Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary: ‘Bitcoin Mining Is Going to Save the World’

Research Shows 19% of Bitcoin's Hashrate Is Managed by Publicly Listed Companies

Abkhazia Extends Crypto Mining Ban Till End of Year

Dominance of Public Bitcoin Miners Jumps Nearly Sixfold in 15 Months

Bitcoin Mining Startup Primeblock to Go Public via SPAC Merger as SEC Targets SPAC Deals

Intel Launches New Bitcoin Mining Chips Focused on Sustainability

Russia Will Not Try to Ban Home Crypto Mining, Finance Ministry Official Indicates

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Shares Dogecoin Video — Says It 'Explains Everything'

With Over 90% of BTC's Supply Issued, Bitcoin's Mining Difficulty Reaches a Lifetime High

More Than 90% of All Bitcoin Is Now in Circulation. What's Next?

19 Million Bitcoin Have Been Mined Into Circulation, 2 Million Left to Be Found

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Eyes New ATH As Block Production Ramps Up

Cleanspark Reveals Texas Expansion — Bitcoin Miner Plans to Add 500 MW of Mining Power

Malaysia Detains Over 600 People for Stealing Electricity to Mine Cryptocurrency

As Bitcoin’s Hashrate Remains Elevated, BTC’s Mining Difficulty Expected to Reach a Lifetime High

Russian Ministry of Energy Calls for Urgent Legalization of Crypto Mining   

PDRM has detained 627 individuals, seized RM69.8 million worth of items for illegal bitcoin mining since 2020

DCG Mining Subsidiary Foundry Joins Texas Blockchain Council to Help Shape Crypto Public Policy

Ripple Co-Founder Backs Controversial Campaign to Change Bitcoin Code

'Bitcoin in Cowboy County' — New Documentary to Feature Gas-to-Bitcoin Mining Solutions in Central Wyoming

Report: Gas Giant Exxon Is Running a Gas-to-Bitcoin Mining Pilot Program in North Dakota

Texas Congressman Endorses Bitcoin Mining for US 'Energy Independence'

Bitcoin Miners Catch a Second Break With Another Downward Difficulty Adjustment

ASIC Mining Rig Manufacturer Canaan Reveals $100 Million Stock Buyback Program

Bitmain Rolls Out More Powerful And Energy-Efficient Bitcoin Mining Rig To Date

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