Erratic temperatures causing more deaths than heatwaves: study

A new study has attributed 1.75 million deaths per year to fluctuating temperatures. It is the first to quantify the number of deaths associated with unstable temperatures. It found temperature variability had similar impacts to air pollution on global ...

Lismore faced monster floods all but alone. We must get better at climate adaptation, and fast

Australia is no stranger to disasters like droughts, floods, bushfires and heatwaves. The problem is, they’re going to get worse. And then worse again. As the global temperature ratchets up, these disasters will grow in size, frequency and intensity. We ...

Prompt and accurate information is vital in a pandemic – the climate and biodiversity crises demand the same urgency

Denying the severity of a crisis neither removes nor lessens the problem. Sticking to the status quo because it doesn’t suit our work practices, or social and economic norms, not only delays the inevitable, it compounds the problem. The crisis, ...

Air of compromise: NZ’s Emissions Reduction Plan reveals a climate budget that’s long on planning, short on strategy

Until now, the government’s approach to climate action has largely been about getting the policy architecture right. This work is vital, but it’s more about rearranging possible futures, less about emissions reductions in the near term. The newly released Emissions ...

Bucking the trend: Is there a future for ultra long-haul flights in a net zero carbon world?

This year, Qantas announced two plans in direct conflict. In March, Australia’s largest airline group went public with the admirable goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050 and a 25% reduction by 2030 by using new clean fuels, boosting ...

NASA’s EMIT Mission Will Map Tiny Dust Particles To Study Big Climate Impacts

EMIT is being developed at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and is scheduled to launch in 2022. The instrument will observe Earth from outside the International Space Station. Once it begins operation, EMIT data will be delivered to the NASA ...

The climate change reality for businesses

A climate of economic, policy, and market uncertainty has prompted many companies to take a cautious approach towards climate change. Under these circumstances, it’s not surprising that Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are generally reluctant to put climate risk at ...

Climate change is heating up Florida. That could bring more wildfires, new report warns

Credit: CC0 Public Domain When Hurricane Michael tore through North Florida in 2018 as a Category 5 storm, it left more than 3 million acres of felled trees in its wake. Those largely untouched trees were the perfect fuel ...

Bill Gates is coming to TC Sessions: Climate

Last year, Bill Gates released “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.” It’s a surprisingly breezy read about an extremely heavy topic. The book is a manifesto of sorts, exploring existing technologies and the future breakthroughs that can reduce greenhouse ...

The colors of hydrogen explained

There are eight colors within the hydrogen rainbow, determined by the source it was produced from and the process used to separate it from that source. Credit: Swinburne University of Technology Hydrogen has emerged as the energy technology that ...

Why Indigenous communities need a seat at the table on climate

Credit: CC0 Public Domain There’s growing recognition that Indigenous communities are among the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change and that traditional ecological knowledge is vital to adapting to environmental changes. As part of a series of ...

Hydropower's future is clouded by droughts, floods and climate change. It's also essential to the US electric grid

Annual averages since 1963, the year the reservoir began filling. 2022 is the average through early May. Credit: Chart: The Conversation Source: Lake Powell Water Database The water in Lake Powell, one of the nation’s largest reservoirs, has fallen ...

Toys and furniture from popcorn

The company GreenTec, part of the Loick Group, plans to produce toys, furniture, sports and fitness equipment as well as children’s carseats and headrests using popcorn granulate Photo: Universität Göttingen Forest scientists at Göttingen University develop environmentally friendly products ...

Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium Replaces Existing Flagship Model With New Features

The Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium introduces new features, but the price is a bit too steep.

Digital mavericks revealed as future champions of global energy & climate challenges

The champions of this year’s ABB Electrification Startup Challenge have been announced at an awards ceremony in Berlin, Germany, following an exciting finale which saw 20 finalists pitching their digital innovations to tackle a range of global energy challenges.

Deep ocean warming as climate changes

The subtropical North Atlantic. Credit: Marie-Jose Messias Much of the “excess heat” stored in the subtropical North Atlantic is in the deep ocean (below 700m), new research suggests. Oceans have absorbed about 90% of warming caused by humans. The ...

Temperature Records and Chemical “Tracers” Show Deep Ocean Warming As Climate Changes

The subtropical North Atlantic ocean. Credit: Marie-Jose Messias Much of the “excess heat” stored in the subtropical North Atlantic is in the deep ocean (below 700 meters / 2300 feet), new research suggests. Oceans have absorbed about 90% of ...

When roads become rivers: forming a Plan B can stop people driving into floodwaters

Queensland residents are facing yet another arduous clean-up after floods inundated roads and towns last week. In the current La Niña period, from November 2021 to present, at least 41 people have died (including three missing presumed dead) from floods ...

How NZ could become a world leader in decarbonisation using forestry and geothermal technology

Energy is the double-edged sword at the root of the climate crisis. Cheap energy has improved lives and underpinned massive economic growth. But because most of it comes from burning hydrocarbon fuels, we’re now left with a legacy of high ...

Almost 90% of us now believe climate change is a problem - across all political persuasions

If a week is a long time in politics, three years is an eternity. Since the 2019 election, Australia has endured devastating megafires and unprecedented floods. Meanwhile, news of extreme weather such as India and Pakistan’s horrific heatwaves has poured ...

'This is our forest': Climate change means uncertain future for maple trees, syrup season

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain For centuries, the Abenaki people of the northeastern U.S. and Canada looked at maple sap as a gift from their creator, arriving at a time just before spring when their ancestors’ food reserves were low. ...

Newly discovered enzyme breaks down PET plastic in record time

Experimental set-up for the decomposition of PET packaging. Photo: Christian Sonnendecker Research finding from Leipzig could help make biological recycling more commercially viable Plastic bottles, punnets, wrap – such lightweight packaging made of PET plastic becomes a problem if ...

The Lancet Journal rates València as one of the best cities in the world for supporting health and sustainability

A monographic published by the prestigious journal The Lancet analysed the urban design, transport, sustainability and other quality of life indicators of 25 cities of the world. In this publication València rated as one of the best cities in urban ...

Innovative sustainability event for investors in Climate Tech unveils exciting speaker line-up

Reset Connect , an innovative sustainability and net-zero event for innovators and investors has unveiled its exciting speaker line-up, which includes representatives from leading financial and funding providers Starling Bank, Triodos Bank and Sustainable Ventures.  

Study: EV Adoption Rate Too Slow To Prevent The Worst Of Climate Change

Apparently, the main reason why we’re not transitioning to EVs more quickly is still because of the infrastructure.

I want my vote to count for nature: how do the major parties stack up?

The animals and plants at risk of extinction finally made it onto the political agenda last week, as Labor and the Greens launched biodiversity policies ahead of the federal election. Labor’s policies included new funding for the Great Barrier Reef ...

Climate change plan: High-emitting vehicles to be banned, electric vehicle scheme under $4.5 billion plan

Photo / Supplied Over a third of cars on the road will be electric or hybrid – and high-emitting vehicles will be banned – under a significant plan unveiled by the Government. The $4.5 billion in funding announced today ...

Climate change plan: What it means for Kiwi motorists

Photo / Supplied The Government unveiled its Emissions Reduction Plan this morning, with the aim of reducing emissions and hitting New Zealand’s emissions budgets. The plan will have implications across multiple industries in Aotearoa, but here’s what it means ...

No, Mr Morrison. Minority government need not create ‘chaos’ – it might finally drag Australia to a responsible climate policy

Labor might be leading in the national polls, but a hung parliament after the May 21 election remains a distinct possibility. So-called “teal” independents, whose blue conservatism is tinged with green concern for climate change, may well join Greens MP ...

Set Your Thermostat to This Specific Temperature in the Summer to Save Money

There are ways to keep your home cool without breaking the bank.

Why trees aren't a climate change cure-all

When people talk about ways to slow climate change, they often mention trees, and for good reason. Forests take up a large amount of the planet-warming carbon dioxide that people put into the atmosphere when they burn fossil fuels. ...

Climate change: US and China must focus on the food system if the world is to achieve net-zero carbon emissions, say climate experts

The world needs to start focusing on the food system if it wants to cut harmful emissions to net-zero, according to American and Chinese climate experts. A transition to an emissions-free future is crucial, and the two countries should ...

How to use human energy to heat buildings

In the cult film The Matrix, unwitting humans’ body heat was siphoned off by machines to use as their energy source. Although that might not be the ideal situation to find ourselves in, the basis of the idea – using ...

Scientists finally know what triggered the biggest climate catastrophe in history

Scientists believe they have finally discovered the trigger for the world’s biggest climate catastrophe. The catastrophe in question took place around 252 million years ago. At the time, the world was going through a “tumultuous period of rapid global ...

Proposed Crypto Mining Ban in Norway Fails to Gain Support in Parliament

A push to prohibit the energy-intensive proof-of-work mining of cryptocurrencies in Norway has been rejected by the majority of lawmakers. The ban had been suggested by the far-left Red Party which also didn’t win backing to raise an electricity ...

Climate change made deadly S. Africa rains twice as likely

Rainfall that caused catastrophic floods and landslides last month in and around Durban, South Africa, was made twice as likely by global warming, scientists said Friday. An exceptional downpour — more than 35 centimetres (14 inches) over two days ...

What the next Australian government must do to save the Great Barrier Reef

Widespread coral bleaching has now occurred on the Great Barrier Reef for the fourth time in seven years. As the world has heated up more and more, there’s less and less chance for corals to recover. This year, the Morrison ...

How to choose a lawn mower: Everything you need to know about buying a new mower

Whether you've moved to a home with a larger yard, bought your first house, or are upgrading your current lawn mower, the buying process can be overwhelming. In this how-to guide, I'll walk you through the different types of mowers, proper storage and maintenance, and how to choose the best type of lawn mower for your yard.

Study reveals new way to reconstruct past climate on Mars

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain A study led by a Monash University geologist has provided fresh evidence for when high rates of erosion occurred throughout the history of Mars. The findings, published today in Geology date when climate was far ...


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Treaties protecting fossil fuel investors could jeopardize global efforts to save the climate, and cost billions

UK households warned against using BNPL to cover surging energy costs

Analysis of 5,500 apartment developments reveals your new home may not be as energy efficient as you think

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Stratolaunch’s Roc Completes 5-Hour Flight Over the Mojave Desert—Big Win for the Massive Aircraft

Our lifestyles are key contributors to river pollution - here is how social prescribing can help

Tropical dry forests are disappearing rapidly around the globe

Technology reduces heavy-duty diesel emissions to meet stringent CARB 2027 NOx requirements

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