4 methods to make your own luck

Some people have all the luck. They hop from one successful job to the next, they know all the right people, their bets always pay off, and even when they fail, it’s only ever in an upward direction. Luck ...

8 reasons why you didn’t get promoted

And 5 ways to get that promotion in the future

The Spectrum of Synchronousness

Transcript Stanier: The one thing I want you to take away from this talk is a great model that you can use to improve your communication at work, especially if you're in a hybrid or remote working environment. What ...

The subtle art of language: why artificial general intelligence might be impossible

Consciousness is arguably the most mysterious problem humans have ever encountered. In many famous philosophical essays, consciousness is regarded as unsolvable. Yet, as we speak, engineers and cognitive scientists are putting their noses to the grindstone to develop consciousness ...

How pulling out of Russia’s internet could further isolate its citizens

Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, the nation’s internet has become increasingly detached from the rest of the world. This shift is being driven by both western tech firms ending their services in ...

Creating Tight Cohesive Tech Teams for Women to Thrive

Women in tech need a dynamic, valuing team, stimulating work, push and support, local role models, nonjudgmental flexibility, and personal power. Tight cohesive teams can provide high-quality interactions, making people feel valued. Nicola Marsden spoke about tech workplaces where ...

Skype Preview Adds Free Phone Calls to Ukraine and Auto-Translation for Ukrainian Language

Microsoft is making Ukraine-focused changes to the Skype app, including free calls in the country and Ukrainian translation.

Memes are turning into propaganda — here’s how they try to brainwash you

The form and function of memes has evolved drastically as the internet and its users matured. Currently, they can be defined, extremely loosely, as a set of standardized visual templates that, combined with one or two short sentences, quickly ...

Bar chart races: short on analysis, but fun to watch

I’m not a betting man. But I do enjoy a good bar chart race — a popular way to visually display and compare changing data over time. Bars lengthen and shorten as time ticks away; contenders accordingly hop over ...

7 ways to avoid becoming a misinformation superspreader

The problem of misinformation isn’t going away. Internet platforms like Facebook and Twitter have taken some steps to curb its spread and say they are working on doing more. But no method yet introduced has been completely successful at ...

Want to build trust? Say, “I don’t know.”

Consider the following situation: Two experts give you advice about whether you should eat or avoid the fat in common cooking oils. One of them tells you confidently that there are “good” or “bad” fats, so you can eat ...

Partnering up can help you grow as an individual – here’s the psychology of a romantic relationship that expands the self

It’s common to want to become a better version of yourself. Much like the desires to eat, drink and avoid harm, human beings also experience a fundamental need to learn, grow and improve – what psychologists call self-expansion. Consider ...

An Off-Grid Makeshift Cell Network

When traveling into the wilderness with a group of people, it’s good to have a method of communications set up both for safety and practicality. In the past people often relied on radios like FRS, CB, or ham bands ...

The signs of unhealthy power dynamics in a relationship — and how to even them out

What is a “power imbalance” in a relationship? To understand the roots of unhealthy power dynamics, it is important to define power in this particular context: the ability to direct or influence the behavior of another person in particular ...

Edtech firm PlanetSpark to hire over 10,000 English ​teachers in 2022

ETtech PlanetSpark cofounders (from left) Kunal Malik and Maneesh Dhooper. Bengaluru: Edtech firm PlanetSpark, a K-12 segment player in the communication skills learning category, is looking to recruit 10,000+ English teachers in 2022. The company already has 2,100+ teachers on ...

Why do we “click” with some people in conversations? It may be timing.

Imagine a conversation you recently had in which everything flowed smoothly and you “clicked” with the other person. What were the factors that made it enjoyable? A study recently published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests ...

Increasing Collaboration at Ericsson: Hardware and Software Developers Learn Each Other's Language

You can integrate hardware and software development with a cross-border team setup, where it’s important that hardware and software developers speak each other’s languages. The suggestion is to focus on “us” instead of “we” and “them”, and on the technical ...

Why Teams Connect Changes Everything

Microsoft Teams has long allowed users to collaborate with people from outside the company. To do so, a user would simply invite an external user to the team, and then once the external user accepted the invitation they would ...

Talking Like a Suit - Communicating the Importance of Engineering Work in Business Terms

Key Takeaways Engineering-driven work (such as tech debt, addressing technical risks, or enhancing the system to open up new opportunities) often gets deprioritized because leadership and product management don't see the value in this work. In order to make ...

Microsoft Teams' Upcoming Lockbox Feature Is Big News

The new security benefits will be much appreciated for us who live in Microsoft's communication platform more and more these days.

Turn On Sarcasm With The Flip Of A Switch

Sarcasm is notoriously difficult to distinguish in online communities. So much, in fact, that a famous internet rule called Poe’s Law is named after the phenomenon. To adapt, users have adopted several methods for indicating implied sarcasm such as ...

Hippos Recognize Each Other’s Voices – And Respond Differently to Calls of Strangers

Hippopotamuses are rather vocal animals. Their “wheeze honk” calls can be heard over long distances, leading researchers to suspect the calls play an important role in maintaining social groups. Now, a study published in the journal Current Biology on January ...

The Latest in Automotive Communication Technology

Here is an overview of automotive communications; ranging from the most basic onboard control systems, down to the future of fully integrated automobile communications with passengers, drivers and the outside world. Basic Wired Technologies and Multimedia Modern cars contain ...

The Tonga volcanic disaster shows we need to rethink telecom infrastructure

In the wake of a violent volcanic eruption in Tonga, much of the communication with residents on the islands remains at a standstill. In our modern, highly-connected world, more than 95% of global data transfer occurs along fibre-optic cables ...

WhatsApp is testing in-app user support on iOS and Android

WhatsApp had introduced the feature to limited testing before in March 2021 before discontinuing it WhatsApp has begun testing a new feature that will allow its users to receive support within the app. Beta testers for iOS and Android ...

Fussy, hungry, or even in pain? Scientists create an AI tool to tell babies’ cries apart

Summary: A new deep learning algorithm, based on automatic speech recognition, is able to accurately identify features in an infant’s cry and differentiate between normal versus abnormal cry signals. Source: Chinese Association of Automation Every parent knows the frustration of ...

Team IDs Spoken Words and Phrases in Real Time from Brain’s Speech Signals

Summary: Using ECoG and machine learning, researchers decoded spoken words and phrases in real-time from brain signals that control speech. The technology could eventually be used to help those who have lost vocal control to regain their voice. Source: UCSF ...

Researchers Develop Artificial Intelligence That Can Detect Sarcasm in Social Media

Summary: A newly developed artificial intelligence algorithm can accurately detect sarcasm in comments written on social media platforms. Source: University of Central Florida Computer science researchers at the University of Central Florida have developed a sarcasm detector. Social media has ...

Mental Handwriting Produces Brain Activity Turned Into Text

Summary: A new brain-computer interface could help thousands of people with neurodegenerative disorders and spinal cord injuries the ability to regain communication skills. The BCI, in combination with a machine learning algorithm, can generate words on a screen, based on ...

Robots that admit mistakes foster better conversation in humans

Summary: Robots that express vulnerability influences conversational dynamics between humans. Source: Yale Three people and a robot form a team playing a game. The robot makes a mistake, costing the team a round. Like any good teammate, it acknowledges the ...

How to write like Ernest Hemingway

Today, more than 60 years after his death, Ernest Hemingway is known not just for his moving stories but his technical writing skills. According to E.J. Gleason, professor of Irish and American literature at Saint Anselm College in New ...

Creating Psychological Safety in Your Teams

Key Takeaways To create a high-performing team, make sure you have a high level of psychological safety in your team, where people feel free to express their questions, concerns, ideas and mistakes. To increase psychological safety in your team, ...

Recursive language and modern imagination were acquired simultaneously 70,000 years ago

Summary: A mathematical model suggests a genetic mutation which extended the critical period by slowing prefrontal cortex development in two or more children 70,000 years ago was one factor for the emergence of recursive language and modern imagination. Source: Pensoft ...

Research rules out mental flexibility, attention as advantages for some bilingual children

Summary: While learning a second language has positive benefits for children, there is little evidence that bilingual children have more advanced executive function or improved attention over those who are monolingual. Source: Florida International University For more than 20 years, ...

‘Implicit measures’ better assess vocabulary for those with autism than standard tests

Summary: Eye tracking and EEG may help to assess vocabulary knowledge in those on the autism spectrum. Source: University of Vermont Tests that assess vocabulary among individuals with the severest forms of autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, are notoriously inaccurate. ...

Extroverts enjoy four key advantages according to science; here they are

Summary: Being extroverted may be a clear advantage in the workplace. A new study reveals extroverts tend to be more motivated, conscientious, emotionally positive and better communicators than their more introverted peers. Source: University of Toronto A new U of ...

Can Facebook improve your mental health?

Summary: Contrary to popular belief, using social media sites like Facebook can actually help improve mental health in adults. Researchers found adults who use Facebook regularly are 63% less likely to experience psychological distress, such as depression and anxiety, over ...

Screams contain a ‘calling card’ for the vocalizer’s identity

Summary: Listeners can correctly identify whether pairs of screams originate from the same person or two different people. Findings suggest human screams convey a level of individual identity and shed new light on their evolutionary origin. Source: Emory Health Sciences ...

Babbling babies’ behavior changes parents’ speech

Summary: Parents unconsciously modify their speech to include fewer unique words, shorter sentences, and one-word replies when their baby babbles, but not when they are simply speaking to the baby. Source: Cornell University New research shows baby babbling changes the ...

Teenagers less likely to respond to mothers with controlling tone of voice

Summary: Mothers who address their teens with a neutral tone of voice elicit more positive and less negative emotions in their children, increasing closeness. Those who speak with a controlling tone evoke negative emotions and have a less close bond ...


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