Temperature Records and Chemical “Tracers” Show Deep Ocean Warming As Climate Changes

The subtropical North Atlantic ocean. Credit: Marie-Jose Messias Much of the “excess heat” stored in the subtropical North Atlantic is in the deep ocean (below 700 meters / 2300 feet), new research suggests. Oceans have absorbed about 90% of ...

Almost 90% of us now believe climate change is a problem - across all political persuasions

If a week is a long time in politics, three years is an eternity. Since the 2019 election, Australia has endured devastating megafires and unprecedented floods. Meanwhile, news of extreme weather such as India and Pakistan’s horrific heatwaves has poured ...

'This is our forest': Climate change means uncertain future for maple trees, syrup season

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain For centuries, the Abenaki people of the northeastern U.S. and Canada looked at maple sap as a gift from their creator, arriving at a time just before spring when their ancestors’ food reserves were low. ...

Innovative sustainability event for investors in Climate Tech unveils exciting speaker line-up

Reset Connect , an innovative sustainability and net-zero event for innovators and investors has unveiled its exciting speaker line-up, which includes representatives from leading financial and funding providers Starling Bank, Triodos Bank and Sustainable Ventures.  

Study: EV Adoption Rate Too Slow To Prevent The Worst Of Climate Change

Apparently, the main reason why we’re not transitioning to EVs more quickly is still because of the infrastructure.

Climate change plan: High-emitting vehicles to be banned, electric vehicle scheme under $4.5 billion plan

Photo / Supplied Over a third of cars on the road will be electric or hybrid – and high-emitting vehicles will be banned – under a significant plan unveiled by the Government. The $4.5 billion in funding announced today ...

Climate change plan: What it means for Kiwi motorists

Photo / Supplied The Government unveiled its Emissions Reduction Plan this morning, with the aim of reducing emissions and hitting New Zealand’s emissions budgets. The plan will have implications across multiple industries in Aotearoa, but here’s what it means ...

No, Mr Morrison. Minority government need not create ‘chaos’ – it might finally drag Australia to a responsible climate policy

Labor might be leading in the national polls, but a hung parliament after the May 21 election remains a distinct possibility. So-called “teal” independents, whose blue conservatism is tinged with green concern for climate change, may well join Greens MP ...

Why trees aren't a climate change cure-all

When people talk about ways to slow climate change, they often mention trees, and for good reason. Forests take up a large amount of the planet-warming carbon dioxide that people put into the atmosphere when they burn fossil fuels. ...

Climate change: US and China must focus on the food system if the world is to achieve net-zero carbon emissions, say climate experts

The world needs to start focusing on the food system if it wants to cut harmful emissions to net-zero, according to American and Chinese climate experts. A transition to an emissions-free future is crucial, and the two countries should ...

Scientists finally know what triggered the biggest climate catastrophe in history

Scientists believe they have finally discovered the trigger for the world’s biggest climate catastrophe. The catastrophe in question took place around 252 million years ago. At the time, the world was going through a “tumultuous period of rapid global ...

Climate change made deadly S. Africa rains twice as likely

Rainfall that caused catastrophic floods and landslides last month in and around Durban, South Africa, was made twice as likely by global warming, scientists said Friday. An exceptional downpour — more than 35 centimetres (14 inches) over two days ...

Study reveals new way to reconstruct past climate on Mars

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain A study led by a Monash University geologist has provided fresh evidence for when high rates of erosion occurred throughout the history of Mars. The findings, published today in Geology date when climate was far ...

Trees aren't a climate change cure-all: Two new studies on the life and death of trees in a warming world show why

Large parts of the Western U.S. have faced severe drought conditions for years. About half the contiguous U.S. was in drought in May 2022. Credit: Drought Monitor/UNL/NOAA/USDA When people talk about ways to slow climate change, they often mention ...

Study: Climate change a major factor in South Africa floods

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain The fatal floods that wreaked havoc in South Africa in mid-April this year have been attributed to human-caused climate change, a rapid analysis published Friday by a team of leading international scientists said. The study ...

Vettel Says Formula 1 Makes Him Climate Crisis Hypocrite

Vettel appears on BBC political program, denounces world's dependency on fossil fuels.

Going, going…grab one of the last 2 demo tables at TC Sessions: Climate before they’re gone

Climate-change warriors heed this call! If you want to demo your climate tech at TC Sessions: Climate 2022 on June 14 at UC Berkeley, time is running out. We have only two — count ‘em two — Startup Demo ...

Can Congress still pass some of Biden's climate ideas this year?

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain President Joe Biden, from campaign trail through his first year in office, declared himself a climate-forward leader. He promised to slash the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50% below 2005 levels by 2030, ...

MIT Climate “Plug-In” highlights first year of progress on MIT’s climate plan

Members of three working groups outline latest efforts implementing the ambitious plan, launched last year.

Australians intend to vote on climate action at election

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain One of the most ambitious climate change surveys conducted in Australia has found three out of four Australians are concerned about it and support policies that limit its potential impacts. Results of the Climate Action ...

Effect of climate change on kidney beans, bean sprouts and green beans

Heatmap of the studied landraces based on the mean rank values for all morphological and phenological characters. Hierarchical clustering of the heatmap for all the studied characters (columns) in the 13 landraces (rows). Columns are clustered using Euclidean distance ...

Climate breakdown: Even if we miss the 1.5°C target we must still fight to prevent every single increment of warming

Credit: aappp/Shutterstock Is it game over for our attempts to avert dangerous climate change? For millions of people in India and Pakistan the answer is clearly yes as they continue to suffer from a record-breaking spring heatwave that is ...

Climate change isn't just making cyclones worse, it's making the floods they cause worse too

In Kolkata, India, Super Cyclone Amphan caused widespread damage. Credit: Indrajit Das/Wikimedia Super cyclones, known as hurricanes or typhoons in different parts of the world, are among the most destructive weather events on our planet. Although wind speeds within ...

'Get to work': Climate leaders push solutions and urgency at Miami conference

The inaugural Aspen Ideas: Climate conference, a four-day event that began Monday, attracted hundreds of scientists, policymakers, activists and business leaders.

Algae reveal clues about climate changes over millions of years

Göttingen scientists identify and investigate algae which register sea water temperatures of the warmest monthsOrganisms adjust their cell walls according to environmental conditions such as temperature. Some adaptations involve changes in lipids which may still be preserved long after the ...

Climate change increases risks of tree death

Stressed forest in the Western US. Credit: William Anderegg Planting a tree seems like a generally good thing to do for the environment. Trees, after all, take in carbon dioxide, offsetting some of the emissions that contribute to climate ...

Climate change hits low-income earners harder – and poor housing in hotter cities is a disastrous combination

Cost of living is a major focus in this election campaign, and yet political leaders have been unacceptably silent on the disproportionate impact of climate change on Australians with low incomes. This is particularly true for Western Sydney, home to ...

‘My competition is climate change’: Carbon Clean raises $150M led by Chevron

Carbon Clean, a startup focused on capturing harmful factory emissions before they enter the atmosphere, has secured a hefty $150 million series C round led by oil company Chevron. Aiming to carry out “industrial decarbonization on a gigatonne scale ...

For East Africa's pastoralists, climate change already fueling violence, hunger

Cows and goats lay out in the sun in a village in Isiolo County, Kenya. Credit: Sarah Posner In 2008 and 2009, a severe drought swept through much of Kenya and Tanzania. Nomadic herders, or pastoralists, such as the ...

Every heatwave enhanced by climate change: experts

Extreme hot spells such as the heatwave that gripped South Asia in March and April are already the most deadly of extreme events. All heatwaves today bear the unmistakable and measurable fingerprint of global warming, top experts on quantifying ...

UK climate tech firm Carbon Clean gets £121m boost from US oil giant

London-based cleantech firm Carbon Clean has received a $150m (£121m) funding boost, a record figure for a carbon capture company investment. The Series C round for the UK climate company was led by US oil giant Chevron, along with ...

Climate change: Causes and effects

Earth is changing and we're already feeling the effects.

DNA provides unique look at moa and climate change

An artist’s rendition of a Haast’s eagle attacking moa. Credit: John Megahan – Ancient DNA Tells Story of Giant Eagle Evolution. PLoS Biol 3(1): e20. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.0030020.g001 Ancient moa DNA has provided insights into how species react to climate change, ...

Latest climate models tend to overestimate future Afro-Asian monsoon rainfall and runoff

The shadings and percentages in the subplots are the fraction of land area that will experience a significant increase in rainfall (left) and runoff (right) in the unconstrained (blue) and constrained (red) projections. Credit: IAP Climate projections are crucial ...

Sencrop predicts weather conditions at a microclimate level for farmers

French startup Sencrop just raised an $18 million Series B funding round led by JVP. The company helps farmers mitigate all sorts of risks, from extreme weather events to diseases that affect various crops. It is both a hardware ...

Climate change is pushing the pine beauty moth northward 50 years ahead of earlier predictions

Pine beauty moth (Panolis flammea). Credit: Olli-Pekka Tikkanen In Finland, climate change is causing the pine pest Panolis flammea, or pine beauty moth, to shift its range northward 50 years ahead of predictions. Changes in both the distribution and ...

How Plugin’s Blockchain Technology Helps Industries Adapt To Climate Change

With the growing threat of climate change, many industries need precise weather forecasting every hour. Plugin’s blockchain solution provides decentralized, verifiable weather data. Problems with existing weather information technology Weather intelligence platforms collect weather-related information from distributed radar and ...

Latest CMIP6 Climate Models Overestimate Future Afro-Asian Monsoon Rainfall and Runoff

The shadings and percentages in the subplots are the fractions of land area that will experience a significant increase in rainfall (left) and runoff (right) in the unconstrained (blue) and constrained (red) projections. Credit: IAP Climate projections are critical ...

Young voters will inherit a hotter, more dangerous world – but their climate interests are being ignored this election

While there was plenty of heat in Sunday’s night’s debate between Labor and Coalition leaders, one issue was barely mentioned: climate change. This raises a large red flag for Australia’s young voters. In an election term marred by extreme bushfires, ...

How do the major parties rate on climate policies? We asked 5 experts

Poll after poll suggests climate change is one of the most pressing issues for Australian voters. Of the 10,000 people who responded to The Conversation’s #SetTheAgenda poll, more than 60% picked climate change as the issue most impacting their ...


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World needs food system 'transformation' to tackle climate: expert

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The Wyze Room Sensor can help automatically balance your home’s climate

Cow burps measured from space, revealing contribution to climate change

NASA simulation suggests some volcanoes might warm climate, destroy ozone layer

New research on Pacific climate pattern may lead to improved cyclone forecasting

Invasive species and climate change impact coastal estuaries

Stanford gets $1B for climate change school from John Doerr

Activating a Clean Air Act provision could deliver major climate, health, and economic benefits

Community focus can engage older people in climate change communications

‘Climate entrepreneurs deserve fast capital’: Enduring Planet unwraps a new fintech platform

Scorched dystopia or liveable planet? Here’s where the climate policies of our political hopefuls will take us

NASA’s New Climate Simulation Warns About Warming of Earth, Ozone Layer Damage; How do Flood Basalt Eruptions Contribute to These Occurrences?

65,000 years of food scraps found at Kakadu tell a story of resilience amid changing climate, sea levels and vegetation

Beyond electric cars: how electrifying trucks, buses, tractors and scooters will help tackle climate change

With climate catastrophe looming, experts say world also needs carbon removal solutions

Carbon, climate change and ocean anoxia in an ancient icehouse world

As climate shifts, species will need to relocate, and people may have to help them

Tree loss in tropics casts doubt over climate goals

Climate change is pushing toxic chemicals into drinking wells

Risk of lower groundwater levels in northern Sweden with a warmer climate

Climate action is critical for health equity. Community health clinics are key—and need more support

Wikipedia is no longer accepting cryptocurrencies over climate concerns

Climate countdown: 4 days left for early bird passes to TC Sessions: Climate 2022

Climate change: German start-up Nuventura seeks partners in China to stamp out the world’s most potent greenhouse gas

Scientists just issued a chilling warning about climate change

Filling the Climate Change Data Gap: Amazon Rainforest Gases Affect the Earth’s Atmosphere

Scientists Warn That Climate Change Could Spark the Next Major Pandemic

Stories about economic degrowth help fight climate change, and yield a host of other benefits

Changing climate impacts biodiversity in protected areas globally

In-space manufacturing could help humanity fight climate change, startup says

Climate activists disrupt HSBC’s annual meeting over net-zero policies, sing parody of ABBA’s ‘Money, Money, Money’

Dynamhex Poised to Help Companies Navigate New SEC Climate Disclosure Ruling

West Africa bloc ECOWAS agrees climate strategy

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