Mac Studio vs. Mac Pro vs. Mac Mini: How Apple's Desktops Compare

Apple's got a new compact powerful desktop that's only slightly larger than the Mac Mini but faster than the fastest Mac Pro.

Apple's 27-Inch iMac Has Been Discontinued

The big desktop is no longer for sale.

M1 Ultra: Apple Just Unveiled its Most Powerful Chip Yet

Apple's M series of Mac chips gets its most powerful option ever by joining two M1 Max chips together.

Mac Studio and Studio Display: Apple's New Desktop for Creatives

Smaller than the Mac Pro, more powerful than the Mac Mini, this latest addition to Apple's Mac lineup is intended for creative professionals.

Everything Apple Just Announced: Mac Studio, iPhone SE, iPad Air and Studio Display

At today's "Peek Performance" event, we were treated to some surprisingly high-powered Apple products.

The Most Expensive Mac Studio Bundle Will Cost You $10,300

Here's the swankiest possible desktop setup you can assemble from Apple's new computer offerings.

Mac Studio, iPhone SE, iPad Air and Studio Display: Everything Apple just announced

At today's "Peek Performance" event, we were treated to some surprisingly high-powered products.

Mac Studio Preorder: Here's Where You Can Order Apple's New Desktop With M1 Ultra

Apple just announced a new desktop computer, the Mac Studio, during its March Peek Performance event. If you want to buy one, here's where you can do it.

Apple Is Working On a New Mac Pro, but Update Is Coming 'Another Day'

Apple's priciest computer remains its last one running an Intel processor.

Mac Studio Joins Apple's Mac Family, Costs A Mere $1,999

Smaller than the Mac Pro, more powerful than the Mac Mini, this latest addition to Apple's Mac lineup is intended for creative professionals.

Apple Reveals Massive 20-Core M1 Ultra Processor for High-End Macs

Apple's M series of Mac chips gets its most powerful option so far by joining two M1 Max chips together.

27-Inch iMac: We Likely Have a Longer Wait for Apple's High-End Desktop

But the Mac Studio mini desktop could launch at today's Apple event.

Mood-Based Deezer Flow Feature is Now Available on Desktop

The global audio streaming service Deezer has launched the ‘Flow Moods’ wheel to desktops. This innovation filters your music based on your mood, allowing users to listen to the right tracks at the right time, whether on their mobile or ...

How to Change Where Your Screenshots Are Saved on Mac

Stop screenshots from cluttering up your desktop.

Grab a 256GB M1 Mac Mini for Just $570, the Lowest Price We've Seen

Simply adding it to your cart will save you an extra $80 on the purchase, so don't miss out.

Intel NUC 12 Extreme Brings Performance Hybrid Architecture to the NUC Form Factor

Today, Intel announced the Intel NUC 12 Extreme (code-named Dragon Canyon) and the Intel® NUC 12 Extreme Compute Element (code-named Eden Bay), a highly modular desktop PC kit engineered to provide phenomenal performance for high-end gaming and content creation tasks. With the ...

Windows 10 on a Mac: Here's How to Set It Up for Free

Two different operating systems on one computer.

MSI Aegis RS 12 review: Cheaper than building your own

MSI Aegis RS 12 review: Cheaper than building your own MSRP $2,200.00 Score Details DT Recommended Product “The MSI Aegis RS 12 is a great gaming PC that, with a little attention to build quality, could be the best.” ...

Mac Pro 2022 Rumors: What to Expect From Apple's M1 Desktop

From release date to possible upgrade, here's everything we've heard about Apple's M1-based Mac Pro so far.

Chrome OS Flex Turns an Aging Laptop Into a Chromebook for Free

This might be the best way to keep a laptop out of a landfill.

Best Graphics Card for Gamers and Creatives in 2022

Picking a new AMD or Nvidia graphics card can be difficult, though finding one at a sensible price can be harder. We'll help you get started with everything you need to know.

Windows 11 Productivity Features You Should Know About

Get more out of your computer with features like multiple virtual desktops and snap layouts on Microsoft's latest OS.

7 Ways to Take Screenshots on Windows 10 and Windows 11

You only need a few keystrokes to take screen captures on Windows 10 and Windows 11. Here's how to do it.

Use Multiple Desktops on One Screen With the Virtual Desktop Feature in Windows 10

Take advantage of the virtual desktop feature in Windows 10 to organize your virtual space while working on a bunch of different things at once.

Minisforum Unveils AMD Ryzen Mini PC with External GPU Option

Minisforum B550 system supports Ryzen 5000 CPUs, external GPUs in an unusual form factor.

Upgrade to Apple's M1 Mac Mini today for its lowest price to date

Simply adding it to your cart will save you an extra $49 on the purchase, so don't miss out.

Best Mac Mini deals: Save $150 on the 512GB version

This is the best price we've seen in a while for the higher storage capacity model.

Alienware's Concept Nyx Is a Gaming Server for Your Home

Four games can stream simultaneously.

Mac Pro rumors: The new Apple M1 desktop remains a big mystery

An Apple M1-based Mac Pro will most likely arrive this year. Here's everything we know so far.

This Windows 11 tip can automatically free up disk space when you're low on storage

Instead of manually deleting files, let Windows 11 do the dirty work for you.

Hot corners on MacOS: What they are, why you need them and how to use them

Hot corners on MacOS are there to make your life easier.

Save up to $249 on Apple's sleek M1-powered iMac

Right now you can pick up the latest model 24-inch iMac for over $200 less than it would cost you from Apple directly.

You can easily install Windows 10 on your Mac. Here's how

And best of all, it's completely free.

6 essential command keyboard shortcuts every Mac user should know

These lesser known MacOS keyboard shortcuts will change how you use your computer.

Apple reportedly removes education discount verification

Just days after implementing tighter controls on its discounted education pricing, Apple has removed the third-party controls, according to a report.

SiFive Preps Next-Gen HiFive Unmatched RISC-V Boards

SiFive is ending production of current-generation Unmatched boards for RISC-V developers.

How to run Windows on your Mac computer

Running Windows software on your Mac might seem unusual or even unachievable, but it's actually easy to do with the software you already have.


Small size, big deal: Save $100 on the powerful and compact M1 Mac Mini

Apple tightens restrictions and adds purchase limits on education discount

This hidden MacOS feature lets you use your voice to quickly type on your Mac

Laptops are adapting to our new normal in 2022

Your Mac has a hidden voice-to-text setting that's way beyond Siri's capabilities

PC Sales Hit Nearly 350 Million Units in 2020, Apple's Growth Outpaces Others

Shortages of Desktop and Notebook Components Easing

ASUS Uncovers Its TUF Gaming VG279Q1R Monitor – 27 Inch Full HD, 1080p, A 144Hz Refresh Rate And More

PSUs And PC Case Makers, CHIEFTEC, Has Just Announced Two New Cases Namely: Hawk And Scorpion 3

NZXT Pauses Sale Of Two PC Cases Due To Possible Fire Risk Caused By Top Screw

Maingear Relaunches Its Brain-Child ‘The Rush Series’ Boosted To Support The Most Extreme Of Hardware

Update: The Khronos Group Launches Vulkan 1.2 Specification Today, With 23 Proven Extensions Into The Main API

NZXT Adopts ASRock’s Phantom Gaming Logo As A New Theme For Its H Series Cases

The iBUYPOWER Gaming RDY L20IRG201 Boasts Ryzen 9 3900X And GeForce RTX 2070 For Gaming Dominance

New MSI Gaming Hardware Arriving In 2020, Anticipated Portable Gaming Display To Boast Of Ips At 240 Hz

The Pokemon-Themed Razer PC Package Is Out, But Good Luck Finding It In The Market

New Alienware Gaming Desktop Offers Support For AMD Ryzen 3rd-Gen Processors; Features 16 Cores Suitable for Heavy Gamers

The Latest Alienware Handheld, Dubbed Concept UFO, Takes A Lot Of Inspiration From The Nintendo Switch

Project Sophia: Razer's wild gaming PC desk concept is what CES was made for

Best Mac Mini deals: Base model at all-time-low price

Razer defines the future of the ultimate home setup with Project Sophia and Enki Pro HyperSense

The laptops of 2022: What we're looking forward to in the coming year

Intel boasts 50 new 12th-gen CPUs at CES 2022 (and the Arc discrete GPU, too)

The Acer Aspire C27, C24 all-in-one desktops aim to simplify your WFH life

The laptops of 2022 look ahead to the future of work

Laptops of 2022: How this year's computers are adapting to the new normal

Laptops of CES 2022: These new computers hold the key to the future of work

Razer shows off Project Sophia, a futuristic gaming desk prototype

Apple deals: M1 versions of the iMac and Mac Mini are on sale right now

The laptops of 2022: New computers are the key to the future of work

Intel's next-gen Raptor Lake PC chip is due for 2022 release

HP's Latest Omen 45L Gaming PC Moves the Radiator Outside the Case

Alienware's Concept Polaris Is a Fancy, Liquid-Cooled Take on an eGPU

Intel overfloweth with 12th-gen CPUs, Arc discrete GPU at CES 2022

Alienware Concept Nyx: This CES prototype would solve a big gaming annoyance

Nvidia at CES 2022: RTX 3050 desktop, RTX laptop chips, 3090 Ti B-F-GPU

Alienware Concept Nyx offers a holistic view of gaming at home

Intel's Next-Gen Alder Lake NUC May Arrive With An LGA Socket

Mac users: Here's how to set up a new user account

Facebook Messenger launches a new desktop app so you can video chat on a bigger screen

Best gaming PCs for 2020

This is hands-down the easiest way to remotely fix a Mac during quarantine

New MacBook? Easily transfer important files, apps and settings from old MacBook

4 reasons you don't need to buy a tablet

Take the Green Pill to Win Nvidia's Matrix-Themed PCs, Hardware

Minisforum Unveils EliteMini CR50: An AMD 4700S SFF PC

This Radeon RX 6800 PC Only Costs $1,799

PC Sales Hurt by Chip Deficit: Dell Enjoys Gains, HP Suffers

Intel's Beast Canyon NUC Hits Retail Starting at $1,770

Phytium D2000 Eight-Core Arm CPU Appears in Mini PC

LIVA QC710 Windows on ARM Devkit Revealed

Lenovo Alder Lake Gaming Desktop Teased on Weibo

Chuwi's Ryzen 9 4900H Mini PC Starts at $500

20-Year-Old Apple Power Mac G4 Gets M.2 SSD Upgrade, Despite 133 MBps PCI Bus

PC Market Will Grow for 5 Years, but Shortages Will Also Persist: IDC

MediaTek and AMD Team Up on Wi-Fi 6E Chips for Next-Gen Ryzen PCs

Azza Channels Its Inner Borg With Regis 902 Cube PC Case

Apple Hit by Global Shortages as Orders Delay Until December

New RISC-V Raspberry Pi Alternative VisionFive V1 Coming Soon

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