Apple is Now Selling Refurbished M1 MacBook Pro for $1,099

Apple’s M1 MacBook Pro models have been received pretty well in the laptop industry. Mainly, the performance and the battery life of the machine have been praised since the rest of the design is minimal and the same as ...

2021 16-inch MacBook Pro Might Use Apple’s M1 Chip, Along With Same Appearance as Intel Version

Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro has ample size and the necessary thickness to cool a beefier Apple Silicon. The only problem is, a tipster believes that it will sport the same 5nm M1 chip as the current-generation models released. With this ...

2021 MacBook Pro to Reportedly Arrive in H2, 2021, With HDMI Port and SD Card Reader

The 2021 MacBook Pro is slated to arrive in the second half of this year, according to a new report, bearing a fresh design that will reportedly include flatter edges, similar to the iPhone 12 family. However, the inclusion ...

macOS 11.2.2 Released with Crucial USB-C Fix for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Users

macOS 11.2.2 Big Sur is now available for download and it is an important update for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro users. Apple Releases macOS 11.2.2 Big Sur with Important Fixes for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Users Apple’s ...

How to Boot M1 MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini Into Recovery Mode

We will show you how you can access Recovery Mode on your M1 powered MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or Mac mini. It is absolutely simple. Boot Your Apple Silicon (M1) Powered MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini into Recovery ...

Future MacBook Pro Models Might Feature ‘Deployable Feet’ for Enhanced Cooling

Apple’s introduction of the M1 chips brought a major performance and battery boost to the lineup. While there are little to no heating issues present on the machines, there is no guarantee that the trend will continue with future ...

M1 MacBook Air or MacBook Pro Overheating? Try these Fixes

Experiencing overheating issues on your M1 powered MacBook Pro or MacBook Air? Try these quick fixes. Is Your M1 MacBook Air or MacBook Pro Overheating? Give these Fixes a Shot Having a laptop heat up, regardless of what sort ...

Apple Unleashed on 18th Oct to debut new MacBook Pros, M1X

Apple Unleashed Apple has just sent out invites to a new launch event. The Unleashed event is scheduled for Monday 18th October, at 1pm EST (6pm in the UK on the day). Apple’s SVP of marketing, Greg Joswiak, shared ...

Apple MacBook Pro 14 and MacBook Pro 16 (2021): Everything you need to know about Apple’s latest Pro Laptops

After launching the new iPhone 13 series in September, Apple has now announced the all-new MacBook Pro 14 and MacBook Pro 16 alongside the third generation of AirPods. Apple refreshed the MacBook Pro 13 and MacBook Air last year with its ...

User Fed Up With Noisy Fan on Intel MacBook Pro Adds Water Cooling, Sees Major Performance Boost

Apple introduced the new M1-series Macs last year which boasted enhanced better life and performance on the machines. Intel, on the other hand, has been working to get its chips as good as Apple’s but we are not sure ...

Intel’s Latest Ad for “World’s Best Processor” Features… a MacBook Pro

Intel just released a new ad for its Core i7-1185G7 processor and it features a MacBook Pro. Clearly, the company is not in panic nor it is oblivious to what is going on around it. Fresh out of the ...

MacBook Pro 2021 users are reportedly having issues with the SD card reader

After 5 years of hiatus, the SD card slot finally made a return on the MacBook Pro 2021 alongside the MagSafe connector and HDMI 2.0 port. The SD card slot is a boon for professional photographers and videographers as ...

New MacBook Pro Models With a Redesign and ‘Liquid Retina XDR’ Displays Expected Later This Year

With the 12.9-inch iPad Pro officially here touting a min-LED that Apple is calling the Liquid Retina XDR, it is time to focus on the upcoming MacBook Pro models now. According to the latest report, Apple is working to bring ...

2021 MacBook Pro Schematic Allegedly Leaks, Showing MagSafe Connector, SD Card Slot and More

The ransomeware gang REvil was not kidding when it said it stole MacBook blueprints from Apple supplier Quanta and threatened to upload the images over time if its $50 million ransom was not paid. Sure enough, a closer look at ...

What’s the difference between the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air?

Late last year, Apple introduced its M1 chip, and it debuted inside the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini. These quickly became some of the best Macs you can buy. Seeing as the 13-inch MacBook Pro and Air ...

This new app can decorate the MacBook Pro’s screen notch

The Apple MacBook Pro 14 and MacBook Pro 16 (2021) were released earlier this year, and they’re some of the most impressive laptops you can buy right now. However, there is one design aspect that has received some criticism ...

New Apple Silicon MacBook Pro Models Might Not Get Delayed as mini-LED Supplier Solves Production Woes

Apple is seemingly experiencing mini-LED production issues, which is why its larger M1 iPad Pro is expected to be available in limited quantities. This can suggest that the upcoming Apple Silicon MacBook Pro models might get delayed as the new ...

This MacBook Pro Got Modded With a Mechanical Keyboard to Improve the Typing Experience

Apple did everyone a solid favor by replacing the butterfly keyboard with a scissor switch mechanism on its MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Users can now enjoy improved tactility and an overall enjoyable typing experience. Still, some might argue ...

Early M1 iPad Pro Benchmarks Show It Is 50 Percent Faster Than 2020 Model; Beats 16-inch MacBook Pro Too

The M1 iPad Pro was announced last month and so far, it is the fastest tablet anywhere in the world right now. An early benchmark gives us a closer look at how the new iPad Pro performs and this ...

Apple Might Announce the Redesigned 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro Models This Summer

Apple announced the all-new M1-powered MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and the Mac mini last year. The company promised that the new custom chip will provide enhanced performance and battery life. While both of these aspects deliver, we are still ...

M1 iPad Pro Thunderbolt 3 Speed Test Shows Tablet Is Lightning-Fast for Data Transfers, but Slower Than a MacBook Pro

For the first time, Apple has added Thunderbolt 3 support to its M1 iPad Pro, meaning that in addition to hooking it up to an external monitor for increasing your workspace, users can experience faster data transfers, but by ...

2021 MacBook Pro to Feature M1X Chip, With Apple Expected to Remove the Front Logo From the Chin

The 2021 MacBook Pro line, which is reported to drop this summer, is not just expected to see a redesign, but powerful internal specifications, according to a new rumor. One of those internal changes is in addition to the ...

Apple’s 2021 MacBook Pro Models With a Redesign Could Be Unveiled at Next Month’s WWDC Keynote

We could see Apple’s newest 2021 MacBook Pro lineup get unveiled next month during the WWDC presentation, according to a tipster. However, this prediction is different from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s, who earlier claimed that mass production of the redesigned ...

2021 MacBook Pro – Which Ports Are Going to Make a Return?

Apart from a redesign, Apple is expected to bring back several ports to the 2021 MacBook Pro, which the company removed when the 2016 MacBook Pro family was introduced. Bringing back old ports will likely appease Apple’s oldest customer ...

Redesigned 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro Models to Be Announced at WWDC 2021, Says Analyst

Previously, leakster Jon Prosser mentioned that a new MacBook Pro model would be announced at next week’s WWDC 2021 keynote, but did not specifically mention which version would arrive. Well it looks like there could be more than one, according ...

Mini-LED Shipments For the Redesigned MacBook Pro Models Expected in Q3 of 2021

We have previously heard that Apple is working on redesigned MacBook Pro models for later this year. While some rumors coin that Apple will debut the machines at its WWDC 2021 event, others seem to point at a launch ...

Upcoming 16-Inch MacBook Pro Filed in Regulatory Database Ahead of WWDC Event Next Week

Apple is scheduled to host its annual WWDC event next week. While we are expecting major software releases and updates to apps, the company is also rumored to announce new hardware at the event. In April, Apple announced the ...

Redesigned MacBook Pro With mini-LED Will Not Enter Mass Production Until Late 2021

It was previously rumored that Apple might launch its redesigned MacBook Pro models with a mini-LED display at its WWDC event next week. However, it seems the new MacBook Pro models would have to wait for later this year. ...

Apple to Add Another mini-LED Supplier to Help Ramp up Production of Redesigned MacBook Pro Models

Due to increasing demand and component shortages, a report from DigiTimes yesterday mentioned how this deficit would force Apple to start producing the MacBook Pro with mini-LED panels in late 2021. Now, a new report claims that to combat ...

Apple Hints at ‘M1X MacBook Pro’ in WWDC Keynote Video Tags on YouTube

It was previously rumored that Apple will announce its highly rumored redesigned 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models at its annual WWDC event. Well, the company ended up just announcing software for the Mac, iPhone, and other devices. However, ...

The Apple AR/VR headset will put a MacBook Pro on your face

Here's why the predicted AR/VR headset price is so high: it's going to be as powerful as a high-end Mac

‘At Least’ One Apple Silicon MacBook Pro Model Is Scheduled for a Release in First Week of August, Claims Tipster

It was disappointing that Apple did not release any new redesigned MacBook Pro models at WWDC 2021, but one tipster might have some positive news, assuming the chip shortage subsides a bit. According to him, Apple is scheduled to ...

M1X MacBook Pro, Mac mini Expected to Launch in Q4, 2021, Claims Leakster

WWDC 2021 could have been a little more exciting with the introduction of new hardware, but according to a leakster, we have a few exciting months remaining for that. According to him, two MacBook Pro models and one Mac ...

New MacBook Pro Line Still Expected Later This Year, Along With Two New iPad Models

While there might not be an exciting couple of weeks as no product releases are expected, Apple might not disappoint its loyal customer base and have a bevy of devices to show off. One of them is the new ...

2022 MacBook Air to Feature Apple’s M2 Chipset, M1X Reserved for Upcoming MacBook Pro Line

Lately, there has been some confusion regarding Apple’s next custom silicon for its Mac lineup. Rumors were floating around concerning the successor of the M1 to be called the M1X or M2. Luckily, one tipster states that Apple is ...

Apple To Launch Redesigned 14-Inch and 16-Inch MacBook Pro Models in September

Apple is planning to launch its redesigned 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models later this year. While the exact date is not known at this point in time, a new report has been published which suggests that Apple might ...

Upcoming 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro Models to Feature Upgraded 1080p Webcam

Apple is expected to announce its new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models sometime soon. We are hearing details on what could be part of the forthcoming machines. According to the latest, the redesigned 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro ...

14-inch, 16-inch MacBook Pro Models Not Delayed; Will Undergo Mass Production in Q3, 2021

It might be an arduous task for Apple, but the company is still on track to mass produce its new and redesigned 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models during the third quarter. Assuming Mass Production Kicks off on Schedule, ...

M1X MacBook Pro Models to Feature UHS-II SD Card Reader; Transfer Speeds Could Reach Near-SSD Levels

After removing the SD card reader from the 2016 MacBook Pro range, Apple has been reported multiple times to bring the slot back in the upcoming redesigned versions slated to launch later this year. One of the biggest changes ...

M1X MacBook Pro Models to Be Limited to 32GB RAM, Contradicting Previous Report That Mentioned Support for up to 64GB

All Macs featuring Apple’s M1 chip were limited to 16GB of unified RAM. While that is enough for most users, more memory always provides more opportunity for multitasking, which is a problem that was expected to be tackled by ...


Apple Adds Another mini-LED Supplier as Its Expects High Demand for M1X MacBook Pro Models

Redesigned MacBook Pro Models to Launch in September to November Timeframe

Larger Apple Silicon iMac Not Expected to Release in 2021, Likely to Drive up M1X MacBook Pro Sales

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Samsung Display Has Started Preparing Orders for 2022 MacBook Pro

New M1X MacBook Pro Models Enter Volume Production, With 800,000 Monthly Shipments Expected

M1X MacBook Pro Models to Increase Adoption of mini-LED Technology Worldwide, Says Analyst

M1X MacBook Pro Models to Be Available by November, According to Recent Report

Latest Concept Replaces the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro With an Apple Pencil Dock

M1X MacBook Pro Will See Price Increase But Feature Same Performance Across 14-Inch and 16-Inch Sizes

Redesigned MacBook Pro Models With mini-LED Display on Schedule for Fall Launch

M1X MacBook Pro Models Could Arrive in ‘The Next Several Weeks’

M1X MacBook Pro Models’ Higher Display Resolutions Revealed in macOS Monterey Beta

M1X MacBook Pro Models Said to Launch Later This Month

Apple’s M1X Chip for Upcoming MacBook Pro Models to Arrive in Two Variants; Both Will Feature 10 CPU Cores

DVT Unit Image of Upcoming Redesigned MacBook Pro Reveals M1X Chip, 16GB Unified RAM Specs

M1X MacBook Pro Models Will Start at 16GB RAM and 512GB Storage With 1080p Webcam

Almost a Third of MacBook Users Will be Looking to Upgrade to the Upcoming M1X MacBook Pro

Apple’s Upcoming M1X MacBook Pro Models Will Come With a 120Hz mini-LED Display

64GB RAM Option is Only Available on MacBook Pro with M1 Max Chip

Leaked Photo Allegedly Shows Rumored Notch on the Upcoming M1X MacBook Pro’s Display

All New 2021 MacBook Pro Models Start with 512GB Storage, M1 Model Starts at 256GB

2021 MacBook Pro Models Have an HDMI 2.0 Port, Not HDMI 2.1; Here Is What That Means for You

2021 MacBook Pro Lineup’s Function Row Keys Introduces New Shortcuts for Siri, Do Not Disturb, Spotlight & More

App Log Details New ‘M1 Pro’ and ‘M1 Max’ Chip Names for Apple’s Redesigned MacBook Pro

Apple’s Maxed-Out Version of 16-Inch 2021 MacBook Pro Costs $6,099

Upcoming M1X MacBook Pro Models Could Come With a Notch But it’s Not for Face ID

Base 14.2-inch 2021 MacBook Pro Only Ships With 8-Core CPU for $1,999 – Customers Will Need to Pay Extra for 10-Core CPU Variant

How to Watch Apple’s ‘Unleashed’ M1X MacBook Pro Launch Event Live on Any Device

Apple Plans to Hide the Notch on the M1X MacBook Pro With a Wallpaper

With the Touch Bar Removed on M1X MacBook Pro Models, the ESC, F1-F12 Keys to Feature Same Width as Other Buttons

Apple Unveils New MacBook Pro Lineup With New Ports Assortment, Including MagSafe, a Notch, Rounded Edges, 120Hz Display, More

Apple’s ‘Unleashed’ M1X MacBook Pro Event Start Time in Your Region

2021 MacBook Pro Features A New Thermal System That You Will Rarely Need With Apple Silicon

New Video Shows In-Depth Hands-On Look at the 16-Inch 2021 MacBook Pro

16-Inch 2021 MacBook Pro With M1 Max Chip Houses High Power Mode for Major Performance Boost

REvil, the Ransomware Group That Leaked 2021 MacBook Pro Schematics Has Been Taken Offline

2021 MacBook Pro Models’ SD Card Reader Do Not Support the Latest and Faster UHS-III or SD Express Standard

Early Unboxing Video of the 14-Inch 2021 MacBook Pro Appears Online – Check it Out

2021 MacBook Pro Models Do Not Provide eGPU Support, Despite Featuring Thunderbolt 4 Ports

DaVinci Resolve 17.4 Boasts 5 Times Faster 8K Editing on Latest MacBook Pros

2021 MacBook Pro With M1 Max Scored Higher Than Apple’s 5K iMac With Core i9, 5700 XT in GPU Benchmark While on Battery Power

First M1 Max MacBook Pro Disassembly Shows a Single Heat-Pipe, Dual-Fan Solution, With Chipset Die Size Measured With Coin

2021 MacBook Pro Has Easy-to-Replace Batteries, Modular Ports, but Impossible Keyboard Disassembly, Shows New Teardown

Apple Says It Removed the Touch Bar From 2021 MacBook Pro Models Because Customers Loved Full-Sized, Tactile Function Keys

2021 MacBook Pro Estimated Pre-Order Shipping Dates Fall to Late November, December

MacBook Pro With M1 Max Is Barely Faster Than Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Studio in 8K Video Render Test

Benchmark Score Reveals 10-Core 14-Inch MacBook Pro is Roughly 20 Percent Faster Than 8-Core Model

Teardown Reveals 2021 MacBook Pro Features iPhone-Like Battery Pull Tabs For Easier Replacement

2021 MacBook Pro Receives 4 Out of 10 in Repairability in Full Teardown

Apple Has No Plans for a Touchscreen MacBook Pro; Executive Says New Lineup Is Optimized for Indirect Input

Hacker That Aided Ransomware Group REvil in Stealing 2021 MacBook Pro Schematics Has Been Arrested

Some 16-Inch MacBook Pro Owners Are Experiencing MagSafe Charging Issues

Engineer Explains How M1 Max MacBook Pro Can Save Developers Time and Money

Various 2021 MacBook Pro Owners Have Reported That Some SD Cards Are Not Working When Slotted In

Apple Planning to Launch Entry-Level MacBook Pro in 2022 Along With New Mac Pro, iMac, More

M1 Max MacBook Pro is Blazing Fast as Shown in Latest Adobe Lightroom Test

M1 Max MacBook Pro is Three Times Faster Than 2019 Mac Pro in ProRes Benchmark Test

macOS 12.2 Will Allow Smoother ProMotion Safari Scrolling on 2021 MacBook Pro