Here’s Trombone Champ Being Played With a Custom Trombone Controller

You don't need to know how to play the trombone to use this controller.

Competitive shooter The Finals will make rivals ‘panic,’ devs say

“I think that many other studios that are working on dynamic shooters will panic now.” That’s what art director Rob Runesson confidentially told the press at a preview event for The Finals, the first game from Embark Studios (a team ...

Overwatch 2 Boss Interested in Exploring Fortnite-Style Brand Crossovers

Blizzard may go a bit metaverse for its FPS sequel.

Steam Deck Interview: Valve Says Slimmer Steam Deck Has Drawbacks, Offers Dock Status Update

We catch up with Valve's Erik Peterson and Lawrence Yang to ask our burning Steam Deck questions.

New VelocityOne Rudder Petals And Stand Upgrade Flight Simulation Gaming Controls

As a leading name in gaming accessory creators, Turtle Beach is back with a new pair of upgrades for your flight deck controls. Built to be paired well with their Velocity One Controls System, they have announced the VelocityOne ...

Creating Overwatch 2’s New Portugal Map, from Tall Towers to Tiny Tarts

The challenges of creating a new Overwatch map and the love that goes into it.

When Climate Crisis Wins, Can You Survive The FLOODLAND?

Jumping into the dystopian future where the climate crisis has won and the sea levels have risen, flooding the Earth are developers Vile Monarch and publishers Ravenscourt. To do so, they are about to release their city-building survival game ...

Cyberpunk 2077 Quest Director Gets Emotional About Resurgence: 'It's F**king Good to be Back'

The game has seen massive player nunbers after an update, and a spin-off anime.

Dolby Atmos Sound Quality Awaits With Nacon’s RIG 300 Pro Gaming Headsets

A good headset is crucial when it comes to competitive gaming as communication is key if one wants to score a victory with their team. Though, if you do all your gaming between multiple devices, a solid and versatile headset ...

Closed Beta Dates Announced For WARHAMMER 40,000: DARKTIDE!

Independent developer Fatshark has announced the closed beta test dates for the upcoming 4-player co-op shooter Warhammer 40,000: Darktide for October 14-16 on PC. If you are interested in being involved, sign up HERE for your chance at an ...

How Are You Feeling About the Future of Halo?

If you could wave a magic wand, what would you change?

Terra Invicta Early Access Review

An ambitious but overwhelming alien invasion strategy game.

Netflix Opens Its Own Game Studio in Finland

That makes four studios now for the streaming service.

How Fortnite is the Antidote to Metaverse Skepticism

Goku, John Cena, no NFTs, and the importance of keeping it fun.

Release Date For INDOORLANDS Brings A New Park Management Tycoon Next Month

After having their game in early access for more than 15 months, Pixelsplit Games has pushed out 5 major updates and followed their roadmap to release the finished version of Indoorlands! The result is a park management game in ...

THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD REMAKE Has Broken Onto Next-Gen Consoles!

It seems nothing will hold back the horde of zombies from this classic game remake as MegaPixel Studio and Forever Entertainment bring their title to the next-gen platform! After initially releasing the game earlier this year to a positive ...

PINBALL FX Adds Massive Star Wars Lineup

Ever miss the feeling of a good old classic pinball machine? Well, look no further because Pinball FX not only has the fix you need but has just added a whole bunch of classic Star Wars Pinball machines to ...

Ocean City Building Game AQUATICO Promises Innovative

Steam’s October Next Fest is right around the corner and a brand-new survival city builder has made itself known from the depths of the ocean. Developed by OverSeer Games, Aquatico is the newest innovation within the survival city builder ...

FROZEN FLAME Steals The Show At NYX 2022 Game Awards

With the NYX 2022 Game Awards now wrapped up, we got some really interesting and honestly exciting results! Developed by Dreamside Interactive and published by Ravenage Games, Frozen Flame stole the show by claiming 8 awards this NYX, earning ...

UK Daily Deals: £15 Off Xbox Controllers, PS5 Bundles In Stock, and More

There's some serious deals to check out right now.

‘See How They Run’ is Both A Meta Commentary and Celebration of Old-School Mysteries

Everyone loves a good mystery, with the whodunnit genre being one of the few that can transcend mediums and provide a satisfying unraveling of events. Whether they are novels or video games, a good mystery keeps audiences guessing throughout the ...

Onimusha Anime: Netflix Shares First Look Images

Led by legendary director Takashi Miike.

Satirical Souls-Like Game THE LAST HERO OF NOSTALGAIA Announces Release Date

An action-heavy game inspired by the likes of Stanley Parable and the Souls series leads us to the satire-filled comedy adventure called The Last Hero of Nostalgaia. Developed by Over The Moon and published by Coatsink, this celebration of ...

Get Behind The Music Of METAL: HELLSINGER In This Mini-Documentary Video

Bringing together some of the most talented people in the metal music industry is no small task, but that’s what developers The Outsiders and publisher Funcom managed to do for their recently released game, Metal: Hellsinger. This title has ...

Revitalize More Homes In HOUSE FLIPPER 2 Next Year

Creating a renovated sequel title to their cozy indie game House Flipper, developers Frozen District are already showcasing some gameplay for House Flipper 2. The trailer showcases core mechanics of demolitions, repairs, and remodels with satisfying before-and-after shots in ...

Release Date For SKER RITUAL Revealed With Roadmap

One of the best things to see from developers when it comes to picking up a game that is in early access has to be a roadmap. Knowing what is to come and the plans developers have for their ...

Check Out 16-Minutes Of GORD's Grim And Unforgiving Gameplay

The upcoming dark fantasy game Gord has just released fresh, detailed gameplay. This 16-minute gameplay video is hosted by Covenant Game Director himself, Stan Just. Unfortunately, even with so much detail being revealed, their publisher Team17 hasn’t revealed a ...

One-Hit-Kill Sword Fighting Multiplayer DIE BY THE BLADE Coming This Fall

Kwalee is bringing the likes of Way of the Samurai, Bushido Blade, and Dark Souls into their upcoming title Die by the Blade. This 1v1 sword fighting game is focusing heavily on combo memorization and knowing when to properly ...

Action-Packed Retro Shooter CULTIC Promises Lots Of Booms Coming Soon

3D Realms and Jasozz Games are delivering an action-packed retro shooter this fall. Nothing smells better on a Friday night than the whiff of a modernized retro shooter. Cultic is looking to make your heart beat fast and give ...

Sony Announces Yet Another PlayStation Exclusive Coming To PC Very Soon

PlayStation has just unveiled the inevitable teaser release for their other super popular arachnid person, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is coming to PC. It’s hard to say if anyone was surprised by this announcement after the incredible release of ...

VOLCANOIDS First Impressions: Having A Blast

Steampunk and volcanoes, what else do you need in a game? The indie title Volcanoids, developed and published by Volcanoid, marries these two things in a strange world where angry robots want to kill you with lava. The game ...

How to Play the Halo Games in Chronological Order

A spoiler-free walk through the Halo games' narrative chronology.

Retro-Style Platformer SUPER ALLOY RANGER Out Now On Steam

Fans of jumping robot platformers of the past, take note. Gamera Game has announced the release of Alloy Mushroom’s 2D platformer Super Alloy Ranger onto PC! Super Alloy Ranger invites the player to the dangerous planet Tanwada, conquered by ...

BEYOND THE WIRE Review: A Beautiful Game With A Lack Of Manpower

Steam game Key provided by Offworld Industries This is probably the most tragic review I have had to write. Beyond The Wire from Redstone Interactive and Offworld Industries is one of the most fun, beautiful, and wild games I’ve ...

What Classic Franchise Would You Like To See Make a Comeback?

Don't call it a comeback, oh wait yes let's call it that.

Eastern Farming Sim IMMORTAL LIFE Gets New Updates Trailer

Farming sim Immortal Life has a new trailer detailing the recent additions and improvements that have come to the game. Currently in early access, Immortal Life takes inspiration from Daoism and Chinese fantasy fiction. You are tasked with helping ...


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Evil West Hands-On Preview: Refreshingly Old-School

Minecraft and BBC Earth partner up for free Frozen Planet II worlds

Malaysian Game ‘GigaBash’ Announces Godzilla Crossover

Overwatch 2's Lead Hero Designer Leaves Blizzard

Ted Lasso Teased for FIFA 23

Like a Dragon: Ishin - Here’s What Comes in Each Edition

EA CEO Thinks Call of Duty Going Xbox-Exclusive Could Benefit Battlefield

Portal is getting a free ray tracing update and it looks amazing

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Blizzard Announces Diablo 4 Closed Beta for 2022

Portal RTX Is a Ray-Traced Remix of the Puzzle Classic

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Difficult Horror Comedy ALDER CHOKE Just Announced

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ICYMI: Monster Catching Multiplayer Game TEMTEM Officially Launches!

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Entertainment District Pack Has Been Added To DEMON SLAYER: THE HINOKAMI CHRONICLES

LEGO BRICKTALES First Impression: Build Through The Journey

THE WANDERING VILLAGE First Impression: Guiding A Civilized Nature

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