Mom Of Teen In Car Theft Ring Wants Cops To Do More

She is speaking out about her experience… After their teen was linked to a ring of Kia and Hyundai car thefts in Columbus, OH, the parents of juvenile want to help keep kids from causing the recent crime spike. ...

FIFA 23: Possible Fixes for Anti Cheat Error

Here are some possible fixes to the EA Anti Cheat error in FIFA 23 before the official patch arrives.

NBA 2K23: All Ronnie 2K Locations

Here are all Ronnie 2K locations in NBA 2K23, including overall ratings and rewards.

1968 Charger Survivor Gets Clean

The before and after of this car from a simple wash is astonishing. Recently, there has been a trend of passionate enthusiasts and builders trying their hardest to show their craft to the world by uncovering some truly stunning classic ...

FIFA 23 Best Midfielders - Who are the best CAMs, CMs and CDMs to sign in Career Mode?

They don’t call it “the midfield battle” for nothing; football games can be won and lost in the middle of the pitch, so here are all of the best midfielders in FIFA 23 to help you come out on top. ...

FIFA 23 Best Strikers and Wingers: Who are the best forwards to sign in FIFA 23 Career Mode?

There are so many awesome strikers and wingers in FIFA 23 that it’s tough to fit them all into your starting eleven. But that just means when you’ve got a whole squad to work with in Career Mode, you should ...

Disaster Barnyard Find Plymouth Gets Cleaned Up After 70 Years

Check out this first wash… When regarding the 1940s most current enthusiasts might be tempted to think of brands on the GM spectrum such as Cadillac. Who could really blame them? In fact  brands like that one have been ...

1933 Ford Roadster Headlines Maple Brothers Dallas Sale

This incredible car is the essence of high performance and dedicated building. 1933 was an interesting time for Ford, mostly because of the creation of one of their most iconic vehicles to ever hit the American performance market. That automobile ...

Top-Flight Award Winning Big-Block Corvette Stars at Mecum's Chicago Auction

Bid to win this three-time NCRS Top Flight winner with scoring sheets included with the lot. The early generations of the Chevrolet Corvette were made with a personality you can’t find with virtually any other car. It honestly could be ...

Supercharged 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS Is Legendary

This supercharged American muscle car is looking for a new Chevy collection to join, or track to own! Vehicles like these are the stuff of legend for any knowledgeable enthusiast with a passion for vintage American automobiles. These muscle cars ...

This Z06 Sweepstakes Ends October 1st: Enter Today And Get Bonus Entries

We really want a Motorious reader to win this Corvette! Do you dream of owning one of the most anticipated sports car models of all time? We’re of course talking about the next C8 generation Z06 Corvette. These cars haven’t ...

Corvette Plant Tours To Resume This Year

It’s hard to believe it’s been so long… The name Corvette is one of absolute legend in the automotive community for many reasons, primarily concerning its incredible performance in history on the racing track. Originally built in the 1950s ...

Offset Dodge Charger Crash Drama Continues

The saga continues… Offset, who if you don’t know is a rapper who’s married to Cardi B, got in a big crash while in his 2018 Dodge Charger back on November 11, 2020, and the drama is still going ...

LT1 Trans Am Rediscovered By An Old Friend

LegitStreetCars revisits a childhood favorite that sparked his interest for cars. As young enthusiasts, we all had our favorite automobiles that got us into this life in the first place. For some it might’ve been a 1998 Pontiac Firebird ...

Rusty Relics - Pick Two!

See the original post here. Apparently, we are not the only ones interested in Finding Old Cars. Over the past few weeks there have been some interesting submissions to, from an iconic Dodge Power Wagon to a 1967 Mercury ...

Man Tries To Buy $83K Camaro With Stolen Identity

It’s the stuff of legendary idiocracy… Identity theft is one of the sketchiest crimes that one person can do to another as it involves one of the most overcomplicated strategies of illegal goods and funds all while being extremely ...

GM Wants To Accommodate Little And Big Hands Alike

Why is this a thing? If you’re normal, you like your steering wheels like your women: thick. All joking aside, not everyone enjoys a thicker steering wheel and some people like them thinner. GM seems to think this all has ...

1965 Buick Wildcat Earned Its Vivacious Name With A 425 Engine

This incredible vintage luxury vehicle is unexpectedly fast. For decades there has been one company in the American automotive industry that combines performance and luxury perfectly while also wearing the GM name proudly on every badge. That brand was Buick, ...

2011 Range Rover Is The Meeting Point Of Luxury And Performance

This incredible SUV is a stout Utility vehicle with power unlike any other. The longest time, the Range Rover has been one of the most luxurious vehicles that you could find on the European automotive market. Combining a big SUV ...

1933 Ford Victoria Tudor Is A Classic With Luxury And Speed

Every once of this car tells you exactly what it was built for, luxurious speed. The early 1930s were a crazy time for the Ford Motor Company as they were just starting to experiment with performance engine technology and new ...

Get A 650 HP Z06 For As Little As 25 Bucks

Put this 2015 Chevy Corvette in your garage for practically nothing! Do you eat, drink, and sleep Corvettes? Is it your dream to own a beautiful Chevy Corvette, but life keeps getting in way, and you just can’t seem to ...

Wet Concrete Foils Car Thief

Concrete: stops thieves in their tracks! We’ve seen plenty of weird, crazy car theft stories, however this one out of Lakewood, Washington really has us laughing. A woman tried driving this stolen Mini through a roundabout which was under construction. ...

Shipping Costs Affecting Car Production

Just when we were hoping prices would come down…. If you think shortages for the auto industry are starting to ease, you might want to reconsider that conclusion. Not only is the chip shortage ongoing, a report recently published ...

Kansas Car Club Restores Pontiac GTO In Honor of Deputy Killed In Line Of Duty

The officer was shot 4 years ago after responding to a stolen truck call. Robert Kunze, a Sedgwick County Deputy, was killed four years ago when responding to a call involving a stolen truck. He was shot while trying to ...

NBA 2K23: All It's a Cole World Answers and Verses

Here are all It's a Cole World answers and verses in NBA 2K23 in order of their appearance in the quest.

Tesla Cobalt Supplier Has Some Pretty Shady Business Practices

This isn’t a good look… It’s well-known that Elon Musk is a bit of a risk taker, but you probably don’t realize Tesla has ties to a billionaire who’s accused of corruption and human rights violations in Africa. The automaker ...

1978 Sterling Nova Gets A Much Needed Bath

Time to get that yuck off… The 1978 Sterling Nova was an incredibly unique and rare kit car that combined performance and styling from some of the best custom engineers in the world at that time. Today we don’t ...

FIFA 23 Wonderkids: Where to find the best young players to sign in Career Mode

There’s no greater satisfaction than leading your team of FIFA 23 Wonderkids to glory, fulfilling their sky-high potential over many successful Career Mode seasons. However, a lot of the world’s best young players are going through a bit of a ...

426 Hemi-Powered Challenger Convertible Is A Highlight of Mecum's Chicago Sale

This combination might just be the greatest muscle car of its time. If you know anything about Mopar then you’ll understand that the Challenger is and has always been one of the Dodge brand’s biggest sellers. In the late 1960s ...

2022 Raptor Is Selling Thursday on Bring a Trailer

This incredible truck is the perfect vehicle for anyone with a passion for speed and utility. For the longest time, there have been two performance-oriented trucks on the market available to the automotive enthusiast. You know them as the Raptor, ...

Bill Miller's Collection Being Sold At Carlisle Auction's Fall Event

There’s something for everyone! Bill Miller, Jr. co-founded Carlisle Events in 1974. While his name has been attached to America’s Automotive Hometown of Carlisle, Pennsylvania for nearly 50 years, his passion for all things automotive goes back to his early ...

This Is The Most Hilarious Chinese Knockoff Yet

Can you guess what this thing is supposed to be? The Chinese have a knack for ripping off foreign car designs. Sometimes they do such a good job they get sued, other times the results are hilariously bad. What we ...

Three Pricey Hellcats Stolen From Dealership

What happened to these Hellcats? It should come as no surprise that most car people think of automotive thieves as some of the lowest scum of the Earth criminals in current times. Outside of the emotional context, for most people ...

Dodge Commercializes Automotive Legend

Anything to make a buck… In the automotive industry, nothing is sacred anymore. After all, the Mustang is apparently a crossover these days and the Chevy Blazer is now a dressed-up grandma wagon. I view the newly revealed Dodge Challenger ...

Nitrous ‘Vette Shows Turbo 2JZ-Powered 240SX How To Hook

This guy ought to look into some wide tires. In the Automotive Community we often have a lot of conversation surrounding forced induction and which methods are best to use in performance situations. Usually these conversations come down to ...

Ford Has Tens Of Thousands Of Unfinished Vehicles, Still

This is an ongoing problem… Shocking those who haven’t been paying attention, Ford stated in a news release on September 19 it has between 40,000 and 45,000 unfinished vehicles sitting around. This has been a problem for some time, and ...

NBA 2K23: All Replica Builds

Here is a complete list of all replica builds in NBA 2K23, including: point guards, shooting guards, small forwards, power forwards, and centers.

This Stunning Viper Could Slither Into Your Garage, Bid Today

2015 Dodge Viper is a beast. If you’re an American automotive enthusiast then there are probably a few very particular vehicles that really get you going when you see them. For some it might be muscle cars, super cars, or ...

Mercedes 190 SL on Bring A Trailer is Ready for Fall Driving Season

Mercedes really knocked it out of the park with this classic middle ground of performance and luxury. Most people think of early automotive greatness, racing prowess, and unforgettable styling; you might expect them to be talking about a German company. ...

Showstopping 5k Syker C8 Spyder Selling On PCarmarket

Add this alloy Spyker Widebody to your collection. Like most great automotive companies, Spyker was born from a love of airborne vehicles. Much like the semi popular Saab manufacture, this brand uses superior engineering techniques learned from decades of aircraft ...


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