It’s still not cheap, but there is a Surface Pro 9 Cyber Monday deal

It’s just been a month since the release of the Microsoft Surface Pro 9, so we didn’t think it would appear in this year’s Microsoft Cyber Monday deals. We were wrong though, as Best Buy slashed the price of ...

Walmart’s Cyber Monday deals: PS5 DualSense controller, Samsung Smart TV, Surface Laptop Go and more

Walmart's Cyber Monday deals are live until Wednesday, November 30th

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 just got a huge discount for Cyber Monday

While Microsoft isn’t a big contender in the gaming laptop space, they are with work laptops, which are nowhere more evident than its Surface Pro lineup. Of course, they tend to be expensive, but luckily some great early Cyber ...

Orion captures haunting pictures of the Lunar surface

NASA’s Artemis I mission lifted off from Earth just a few short weeks ago, and since then, the Orion capsule has captured a breathtaking view of Earth and even completed its lunar flyby. While preparing to enter what NASA ...

If We’re Going to Get Under the Ice on Europa, How Will We Send a Signal Back to the Surface?

If we send some type of nuclear-powered tunnelbot to Europa to seek life under its icy shield, how will we know what it finds? How can a probe immersed in water under all that ice communicate with Earth? We ...

US Navy's First Autonomous Surface Vessel Fleet to Arrive by 2023; Here's How USV Works

The U.S. Navy’s autonomous surface vessel fleet is now being prepared. (Photo : Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Charles Oki/U.S. Navy via Getty Images)In this handout from the U.S. Navy, a U.S. Marine Corps C-130 Hercules aircraft leads ...

Researcher finds a sweet new way to print microchip patterns on curvy surfaces

The REFLEX process transferred 1-micron disk arrays onto the sharp point of a pin. Credit: G. Zabow/NIST NIST scientist Gary Zabow had never intended to use candy in his lab. It was only as a last resort that he ...

Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5i review: Surface Pro on a budget?

Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5i MSRP $790.00 Score Details DT Recommended Product “The Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5i loses the polish of other 2-in-1s but has the raw value to fight back.” Pros Solid build quality Thin and light Great display ...

iQOO 11 Pro official renders surface online: Launch becomes imminent

Recently there were rumors that iQOO would launch the iQOO 11 5G in Malaysia on 2nd December and now the brand has itself confirmed that it will launch the iQOO 11 Series not just in Malaysia but also in ...

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 just got a huge price cut for Black Friday

Mark Coppock/Digital Trends Black Friday is just around the corner, but if you’re too excited to wait for the Black Friday laptop deals on the shopping holiday itself, the good news is that retailers like Best Buy have already ...

Xiaomi 13 Series specs surface online: Read on to know more

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has been working on its next flagship number series for a while now. Various reports have been revealing more about the upcoming Xiaomi 13 Series that might be launched as the Xiaomi 14 series in ...

A space-time coding metasurface antenna for efficient and secure communications

Photograph of the space-time-coding metasurface antenna. Credit: Wu et al. Antennas that can couple guided waves emitted from different sources in free space and manipulate these waves are crucial to the development of numerous technologies, including wireless communication, optical ...

Technique prints flexible circuits on curved surfaces, from contact lenses to latex gloves

Representative printed patterns. (A) Straight lines with different linewidths, (B) horseshoe pattern, (C) serpentine curve with right angle corners, (D) serpentine curve with round corners, (E) square grid structure, (F) Peano curve, (G) spiral structure, (H) rose pattern on ...

LG Display’s ‘invisible’ speaker brings sound to any surface in your car

LG Display, the innovative arm of LG Electronics responsible for the company’s cutting-edge rollable OLED TV and wraparound display tech, is at it again. Today, it announced a new superthin sound technology that can turn any surface inside your car ...

Listen And Learn From Beneath The Surface In SUBROV: UNDERWATER DISCOVERIES

In an upcoming game, users will get to learn more about the mysteries and creatures that live beneath the surface waves. The development team sqr3lab is working on bringing an accessible way for more people to experience some new ...

Oppo Reno 9 series camera samples surfaced online – Check what’s new

Oppo Reno 9 series is all set to make its debut in the Chinese market on November 24th. The series consists of three new variants – Oppo Reno 9, Oppo Reno 9 Pro, and Reno 9 Pro+. Every other ...

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 review: not good enough for the price

Welcome, the ninth mediocre wonder of the world

Brazilian Cryptocurrency Bill Resurfaces After General Ballot

The Brazilian cryptocurrency bill, sidelined several times due to the general election ballot that happened on October 30, might be discussed and voted on during the following week. According to reports, the project identified as 4.401/2021 will be on ...

Smart#3 Breaks Surface - Coupe-Like EV SUV with 422hp

The smart#3 has surfaced, and we can expect it to come with a single motor as well as a twin-motor Brabus version. While we impatiently wait for the arrival of the smart#1 in Malaysia, it seems that smart has already ...

Microsoft Surface Go (LTE) reaches the end of the road

Microsoft Surface lineup usually brings some of the most attractive products from the Windows creator. It’s also one of the best products when you’re looking for Windows support. Well, a part of the journey is the end, and the end ...

Microsoft's Black Friday deals cut more than $500 off Surface device bundles

Sam Rutherford/Engadget All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company. Some of our stories include affiliate links. If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate ...

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 Review: Familiar territory

It's another iterative spec bump for the Surface Laptop line

Weak tropical cyclones are intensifying due to global warming, study of surface drifter data finds

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain A pair of researchers at Fudan University’s Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences and CMA-FDU Joint Laboratory of Marine Meteorology, working with one colleague from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and another ...

See the Sun’s surface like never before in this stunning solar telescope photo

Looking at the sun through a telescope can cause serious damage to your health and vision, so how exactly are we meant to get pictures of the Sun’s surface if we can’t even look at it? Well, that’s where ...

New FTX CEO Distances Company From SBF After Controversial DMs Surface

FTX’s new post-bankruptcy leader may not be a fan of Sam Bankman-Fried’s social media transparency.

Public Mobile resurfaces old offer for Black Friday deal

The Telus flanker brand is also offering discounts on its monthly plans

Images of Unreleased 'Apple Magic Charger' Surface Online

Images of an unreleased Apple MagSafe charging accessory called the “Apple Magic Charger” have surfaced online over the past couple of weeks. Image via @TheBlueMisterRare Apple product collector and Twitter user “TheBlueMister” first shared images of the unreleased accessory earlier ...

Watch a 'solar snake' slither across sun's surface ahead of massive eruption

The snake is a stream of cooler plasma squeezed between magnetic field lines.

Save $450 On The Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Several other Surface Pro models and accessories are also on sale.

New aspects of surface wetting revealed

Emulsification during surface wetting affects the spreading of complex liquids on solid surfaces. Credit: MPI-DS When a surface is getting wet, the composition of the liquid plays a role in the wetting process. Researchers from the Max Planck Institute ...

Banned Valorant streamer yanked from football broadcasts after misogynistic video resurfaces

IShowSpeed's videos with Sky Sports have been deleted without a trace.

Solar snake spotted slithering across Sun's surface

Solar Orbiter has spotted a ‘tube’ of cooler atmospheric gases snaking its way through the Sun’s magnetic field. The observation provides an intriguing new addition to the zoo of features revealed by the ESA-led Solar Orbiter mission, especially since ...

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera samples surfaces online

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has been making the headlines for a long time now. Pretty recently, the camera sample of the device have been surfaced online, and it has been compared to Pixel 7 Pro and Galaxy S22 Ultra. ...

‘Solar Snake’ Seen Slithering on the Sun’s Surface; NASA, ESA’s Solar Orbiter Captures Phenomenon [VIDEO]

The European Space Agency (ESA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) captured a “Solar Snake” slithering on the Sun’s surface at immense speed on the brightest star in the Solar System. It shows the silhouette of a wild ...

New Observations Confirm That a Magnetar has a Solid Surface and No Atmosphere

Can a star have a solid surface? It might sound counterintuitive. But human intuition is a response to our evolution on Earth, where up is up, down is down, and there are three states of matter. Intuition fails when ...

See a Solar Snake Slither Across the Sun’s Surface – At 380,000 Miles per Hour

Credit: ESA & NASA/Solar Orbiter/EUI Team; Acknowledgment: Frédéric Auchère, IAS Solar Orbiter has detected a ‘tube’ of cooler atmospheric gases rapidly snaking its way through the Sun’s powerful magnetic field. This observation provides a fascinating new addition to the zoo ...

Microsoft’s Black Friday pricing is live for some Surface products

Save up to $500 on the Surface Laptop 4 13.5-inch and 15-inch

Video: Solar snake spotted slithering across sun's surface

Credit: ESA & NASA/Solar Orbiter/EUI Team; acknowledgement: Frédéric Auchère, IAS Solar Orbiter has spotted a “tube” of cooler atmospheric gases snaking its way through the sun’s magnetic field. The observation provides an intriguing new addition to the zoo of ...


Hybridization of surface lattice resonances induces dual-band bound states in continuum

Phobos surface striations tell a story of its rupturing interior

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Asus’ ROG Flow Z13 is a Surface for gaming

Vivo X90 series launch expected to take place on November 22, camera samples surface

Microsoft Will Provide Surface Pro 9 Parts for Repairs in 2023

Advances in spectroscopy: Physicists find new way to measure properties of a material's surface layer

Microsoft Will Provide Surface Pro 9 Parts in 2023, Report Says

Parody Doug Ford account sporting blue check surfaces on Twitter

Microsoft’s New Surface Pro Is Much More Repairable

Microsoft will make Surface parts available to consumers in 2023

Tenchijin develops a land surface temperature product with next level resolution and frequency

Creating surface plasmon polariton amplification using free-electron pumping to build a new kind of laser

Google Search Now Surfaces Info on Europe’s Energy Crisis

OnePlus Nord CE 3 spec sheet surfaced online and it is not that amazing

Google Pixel 8 Series Codenames Surface: Suggest 2 Phones in the Works with New SoC

Download Microsoft Surface 2022 Laptop Wallpapers (Full HD+)

Metasurface-based nanoprinting: Displaying optical images at the nanoscale resolution

Highly efficient vectorial field manipulation using a transmitted tri-layer metasurface

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 & Surface Laptop 5 Malaysia pre-order - starting price from RM5299

Magnetized dead star likely has solid surface

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 with 5G Review: More of the same

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 5G review

Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 (9315) review: a cheaper Surface Pro alternative

Liquid crystal metasurface could enable multi-dimensional light field sensing

Take Advantage of Big Discounts on Microsoft's Surface Laptops and More During This 3-Day Sale

Exploring the surface melting of colloidal glass

Magnetised dead star likely has solid surface

Oppo Reno 9 Pro+ specs surface online: Click here to know more

Sonic Frontiers Leaks Surface Online Ahead Of Next Week's Launch

Sunlight-absorbing organic compounds are produced on the wet surfaces of atmospheric particles

iOS 16.2 surfaces relevant Apple News stories in the Weather app

Microsoft Building an Affordable Windows 11 PC That Relies on Ads and Subscriptions

Stardew Valley meets Breath of the Wild in this newly resurfaced open-world life-sim

Magnetic molecules on surfaces: Advances and challenges in molecular nanoscience

Ancient bacteria could persist beneath Mars’ surface

Mysterious Fallout 4 mod resurfaces, making Bethesda RPG a horror game

Large Meteorite Impacts on Mars: Seismic Waves Observed on Surface of a Planet Other Than Earth for the First Time

Synthesis and surface modification of nickel-rich layered oxide cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries

A New Steve Mcqueen Barn Find Surfaces: The ’79 Pontiac Trans Am From “The Hunter”

Meteorite impacts on the surface of Mars provide new details of the planet's crust

ispace Gears Up For Its First Launch to The Moon’s Surface by End of November

Lenovo’s Surface Pro alternative has an early Black Friday deal today

Engineers draw inspiration from geometrical frustration to create programmable surfaces

Spectral evolution of a dark asteroid surface after ten years of space weathering

Meteorite impact provides a glimpse beneath Mars' surface

Enormous meteor strike blows 500 foot-wide crater into Martian surface

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 Review: A Solid but Unremarkable Upgrade

NASA study calls for Apollo site protection among lunar surface ops policies

Below Mars' surface, life could endure for a shocking amount of time

NASA's InSight Lander Detects Deep Rumbles on Mars Hinting to Volcanic Magma Beneath the Surface

Constructing charge transfer channels on a photoanode surface by electrochemical treatment

Apple could replace the iPhone 15 Pro's physical buttons with touch-sensitive surfaces

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Publishes Annual Letter Charting the Condition of the Company

Earth’s Hardiest Bacteria Could Survive Hundreds of Millions of Years Just Under the Surface of Mars

Get the Black Friday price on the Surface Pro 7+ at Best Buy today

Surface waves help map the interior of Mars

Novel thin and flexible sensor characterizes high-speed airflows on curved surfaces

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