Tesla is making large fleet deliveries at the end of the quarter

Tesla is making large fleet deliveries at the end of the quarter as it pushes for a new all-time delivery record. Over the last few years, large fleet operators, like rental car companies and car subscription services, have started ...

Tesla’s Giga Texas solar roof is visible from space

Tesla’s Giga Texas solar roof installation is visible from space. Satellites photos taken of the factory show quite a bit of progress. Building Tesla, a website that compiles satellite, drone, and video footage of various Tesla factories, recently shared before ...

Tesla Will Not Yet Push For Max Output At Giga Shanghai, Say Sources

Tesla has finished the upgrades on the plant and is ramping up production, but may cap it at about 93% through the end of 2022.

Tesla Cobalt Supplier Has Some Pretty Shady Business Practices

This isn’t a good look… It’s well-known that Elon Musk is a bit of a risk taker, but you probably don’t realize Tesla has ties to a billionaire who’s accused of corruption and human rights violations in Africa. The automaker ...

Tesla Asking All Workers To Help With End-Of-Quarter Delivery Push

The EV maker has confirmed it is expecting a "very high volume" of vehicle deliveries during the end of the quarter.

Analyst: Tesla's Elon Musk To "Own" California After 2035 Gas Car Ban

The analyst was exaggerating, but Tesla already leads in a big way. He said Ford has a chance here, too, with the F-150 Lightning.

Tesla Hikes Supercharger Rates In Europe Citing Rising Electricity Cost

The company has increased prices by around 12 cents per kilowatt hour.

Tesla (TSLA) jumps amid optimistic reports of Q3 deliveries, China Q4 targets

Tesla shares (NASDAQ:TSLA) are showing some momentum on Tuesday amid reports of the company’s strong end-of-quarter push and optimistic forecasts for China in Q4 2022.  Tesla has maintained that it intends to end 2022 with a delivery growth of ...

Tesla Says Its Used Car Business Rivals Big Name Used Car Retailers

A Tesla executive said this success is all despite a lack of Super Bowl commercials and ridiculous props to attract customers.

Tesla EV Deliveries Expected To Be on 'Very High Volume' For the Remainder of Q3 2022

Tesla wants to achieve a “very high volume” for the deliveries of its electric vehicle as the third quarter of the year closes down in a few days. To arrive at its goal at the end of Q3 2022, the ...

Tesla to keep output at upgraded Shanghai plant below maximum

SHANGHAI — Tesla plans to hold production at its Shanghai plant at about 93% of capacity through the end of year, despite a recent upgrade, two people with knowledge of the matter said, in a rare move for the ...

Tesla aiming to raise Giga Shanghai production by over 30% in Q4: report

A recent report has suggested that Tesla China intends to raise its vehicle output from Giga Shanghai by about 33% in the fourth quarter. This was despite the electric vehicle production facility reportedly being kept at 93% capacity through ...

More Tesla Semis Out On Public Roads Prior To Upcoming Deliveries

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently shared that the electric Semi will begin shipping before the end of 2022.

Battle-scarred Tesla Semi spotted after apparent runaway truck ramp test

If Elon Musk’s statements ring true, the 500-mile variant of the Tesla Semi should start shipping later this year. As the EV maker approaches this target date, it appears that Tesla has been busying itself with stress-testing the Class ...

Tesla’s overall fleet in South Australia sees 10% growth in August 2022

New data reveals that Tesla’s overall fleet experienced a 10.7% growth in South Australia during August 2022, as the all-electric car maker continues to churn out deliveries down under.  According to Carloop data, more South Australians are transitioning from ...

Tesla expects ‘very high volume’ deliveries at end of quarter, asks workers to help

Tesla is expecting a “very high volume” of vehicle deliveries during the end of the quarter, and it is asking all employees to help – even those outside of the sale and delivery organization. Over the last year, CEO ...

Tesla China Said To Reach 80,000-90,000 Deliveries In September

Reports from China also claim that Tesla will soon cut Model 3 and Model Y prices for the local market.

Tesla AI Day 2022 Expectations: FSD Beta and Optimus Bot updates

Tesla AI Day 2022 is just around the corner. As anticipation for the event builds, let’s look at the possible updates Tesla might provide during the event. For the past month or so, Tesla has been rolling out FSD ...

Tesla Fremont Factory is in full throttle in Q3’s final stretch

The end of the third quarter is coming, and Tesla’s electric vehicle factories are at full throttle. This includes the Fremont Factory, which is filled with vehicles that are ready to be delivered to customers. Flyovers of the Fremont ...

Fire breaks out at Tesla Gigafactory Berlin, no casualty

ETtechA major fire broke out at the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin after a significant pile of cardboard and wood caught fire in the factory’s recycling facility.Tesla’s own fire brigade at Gigafactory Berlin called the local fire department of the municipality of ...

Tesla EV fleet jumps by 10% in South Australia

Tesla Model 3. Source: Pixabay Tesla is starting to ramp up deliveries all around Australia and it’s no different in South Australia. New data shows a sizable jump in the southern state as the Tesla EV fleet grew by ...

Man Versus Musk film has ties to Tesla Energy competitors

Some new information about the Man Versus Musk film has come to light showing ties to one of Tesla’s competitors, EQT-owned Cypress Creek Renewables. Our friends at Tesmanian reported this new find. On Saturday, we reported on a tip ...

Hyundai Ioniq 5 vs. Tesla Model Y: Should You Buy Either?

Hyundai’s new Ioniq 5 has the affordable electric vehicle (EV) market on its toes. The EV crossover undercuts the venerable Telsa Model Y’s starting cost and is thoroughly recommended by Consumer Reports and Car and Driver. However, the Tesla Model ...

Tesla recalls a third of cars ever produced

Photo / Supplied Tesla will recall more than 1 million cars in America to address problematic power windows. The electric car manufacturer says 1,096,762 cars, which is roughly a third of all Teslas built to date, pose a risk ...

Tesla Model 3 is the most recognized EV by AI

The Tesla Model 3 is the most recognizable EV by artificial intelligence according to  Vanarama’s recent survey. The car and van leasing company put an AI image generator’s vehicle knowledge to the test. Vanarama used an AI image generator to ...

Tesla’s used car business is ‘as big as publicly traded used car retailers’

Tesla claims its used car business is “as big as some publicly traded used car retailers,” and it is expanding fast. There are many things that separate Tesla’s business from other automakers, and its direct-sale model is one of ...

Previous Tesla executive joins Alpha Motors advisory group

A previous Tesla executive, Peter Bardenfelth-Hansen, is joining Alpha Motors Corporation’s advisory group, along with an assorted group of other business leaders. Tesla has become notorious for having previous leaders move to new startups, particularly within the world of ...

Tesla countersues California agency behind race bias lawsuit

Tesla late September countersued the California agency that has accused the electric carmaker of tolerating widespread race discrimination at its flagship assembly plant. Tesla in a complaint filed in state court in Alameda County said the California Civil Rights ...

When Chinese car-makers find inspiration in the Tesla Model 3

SHANGHAI: At first glance, the Changan electric sedan looks a lot like a Tesla Model 3. But on closer inspection, it’s actually quite different, if only for its price, which starts at US$25,125 (RM116,000). That may be a small ...

Tesla's Future Lithium Refinery: County Meeting Booked In Texas

It seems the reports were true, and Tesla is seriously considering refining its own lithium. Ramping up US deliveries is paramount.

Move over Tesla! Why Mercedes-Benz and Ford are winning the new electric car race

The E-Transit Custom is confirmed for Australia and it will compete with the Mercedes-Benz eVito. Ford is counting on its commercial vans – the incoming E-Transit and E-Transit Custom – to lead its electric charge, but the Blue Oval ...

Tesla Berlin Gigafactory Fire Prompts Production Halt Demands

The fire broke out at one of the recycling facilities that Tesla has on-site at its Berlin factory.

Tesla countersues California agency behind race discrimination lawsuit

Tesla last week countersued the California agency that has accused the electric carmaker of tolerating widespread race discrimination at its flagship assembly plant. Tesla in a complaint filed in state court in Alameda County said the California Civil Rights ...

Tesla Semi electric trucks spotted being shipped around ahead of deliveries

Several Tesla Semi electric trucks have been spotted being shipped around the country ahead of the long-awaited start of deliveries. Tesla Semi, an all-electric class 8 truck, was unveiled all the way back in 2017. At the time, it ...

Social Media Personalities Offered $100 To Bash Elon Musk, Tesla

A movie maker is hiring up to 100 social media influencers to read and self-record Musk and Tesla-bashing statements,

Tesla China expects over 80k deliveries this month: report

It appears that Tesla China is expecting to deliver an impressive number of vehicles this September. With the upgrades to Gigafactory Shanghai now completed, the electric vehicle maker is reportedly looking to achieve domestic deliveries of about 80,000 to ...

What Is Tesla AI Day? Here's Everything You Need To Know

Tesla's AI Day 2022 is scheduled for September 30 in Palo Alto, California.

Tesla Recalls More Than 1 Million Vehicles for Defective Window Mechanisms

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. (Photo: JP Valery/Unsplash)Tesla is recalling 1.1 million vehicles due to a faulty window mechanism that could harm drivers and their passengers. The National Highway Traffic ...

Tesla Reportedly Shifts Focus To Texas And Away From Berlin

Producing EVs and batteries more quickly means relying on Giga Texas rather than facing delays and opposition in Germany.

Tesla Giga Texas facade starts getting iconic white paint, rooftop solar shows great progress

Recent footage of the Gigafactory Texas complex has revealed that the facility’s buildout is progressing well. Apart from some notable progress with its rooftop solar installation, some sections of the massive Giga Texas building are also being painted in ...


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