Shelby GT500 Thief Runs Out Of Gas, Dies

This was certainly a strange twist of events… We’ve seen a lot of weird car theft stories, but this one out of San Mateo, California is one of the more bizarre. It started with a man being chased by police ...

C7 Corvette Blacks Out For Police Chase

But did he really get away? Some gearheads get a kick out of smoking cops with their modified ride, like it’s a victory of sorts. Maybe they’re carrying on the tradition of moonshine runners who evolved into NASCAR racers ...

Why It Matters That Toyota’s New Truck Motor Won a Wards Automotive Award

Truck motors are not efficient. They are, though, powerful and stout, and truck buyers like tried-and-true versions of engines they know because they put them through a lot. So, many were skeptical when Toyota ditched its trusted V8 engines and ...

Two Killed At New Jersey Street Takeover Event

If only this were a complete shock… Last weekend Wildwood, New Jersey was host to a street takeover event where two people were killed. Also called “sideshows” these street takeover involve a group of people coordinating over social media to ...

Blackout Dodge Charger Runs From Arkansas State Police

Some think this is the notorious blackout Charger… As we’ve covered before, Arkansas State Police are quite good at chasing down suspects who are in far more powerful cars. Troopers seem to be rather methodical, well-trained, and simply outdrive suspects ...

How Much Does the 2023 Ford F-150 Cost?

The 2023 Ford F-150 is the most recent iteration of the most popular vehicle in the United States. For years – no, decades – the Ford truck has dominated sales and secured its place at the top of the list ...

Big off-Road: New Silverado HD ZR2, Rebel 2500, and F-250Tremor

The big three truck makers are finally coming around to realize that big trucks like to go off-roading, too. While many of us have added lifts, bash bars, and other off-road goodies to heavy-duty trucks to get them ready for ...

Final Limited-Edition Dodge Delayed Thanks To Supply Chain Problems

This is just too comedic… The final “Last Call” Dodge Challenger, the one which is supposed to be the crown jewel of the lineup, has been pushed back thanks to supply chain problems. If any car news story typifies 2022, ...

Stage 1 Buick Gran Sport Takes Center Stage at The Raleigh Classic Auction

This Buick has muscle and style. The 1971 Buick GS, an acronym for Gran Sport, is a nice piece of pure American Muscle featuring sleek body lines paired with potent performance. The Gran Sport was thrown on multiple high-performing cars ...

Bid On This Awesome Restomod GTO at Maple Brothers' Dallas Sale

Vintage style, modern power. Arguably one of the best looking and most highly sought after muscle cars of the 1960s, the Pontiac GTO was the king of the road at one time and for many it still is. As the ...

One of The Best Plymouth GTX Convertibles Selling at Mecum's Chicago Auction

Don’t miss your chance to own this vintage Mopar! Once known as one of the great gods of Mopar, Plymouth has made a name for itself over the years for producing some of the most excellent muscle cars in history. ...

This Z06 Sweepstakes Ends Saturday: Enter Now And Get Bonus Chances To Win

We really want a Motorious reader to win this Corvette! Do you dream of owning one of the most anticipated sports car models of all time? We’re of course talking about the next C8 generation Z06 Corvette. These cars haven’t ...

Is the 2023 Ford Maverick Actually Sold Out?

Nearly as soon as it arrived, it looks like the 2023 Ford Maverick is already gone. Earlier last week, the Blue Oval told dealerships to stop taking orders for the Maverick Hybrid, with the EcoBoost model following suit. Orders for ...

What All Does the 2022 Ford F-150 Lariat Get You?

With a starting cost of around $50,000, the 2022 Ford F-150 Lariat is not a cheap truck. But, at the same time, this is not the pickup you knew from the past. Over the years, full-size trucks have evolved from ...

The Hybrid Pickup Truck Has a Surprisingly Long History

Do you think hybrid pickup trucks are brand new to the market? Think again. General Motors first offered a full-size hybrid truck for the 2005 model year. Almost every pickup truck manufacturer has built some form of a hybrid since ...

Is the Ford Maverick’s Truck Bed the Size of a Piece of Plywood?

People can’t seem to get enough of Ford‘s new smallest pickup, the compact Maverick. The automaker has already had to close reservations several times to catch up with demand. But while car and SUV cross-shoppers are enamored with the four-door, ...

1986 Mercury Cougar Pulled From Mississippi River

Soon this will be listed on Facebook Marketplace… There’s something undeniably interesting about seeing an old car pulled out of a body of water it’s been hiding in for decades. That explains why so many are excited about seeing ...

Study: Dodge Muscle Cars Are Hottest Theft Targets

But two other brands are gaining fast… We were completely not shocked when reading a recent press release from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) about the Dodge Charger and Challenger being the hottest theft targets, proportionate to how ...

Mom Of Teen In Car Theft Ring Wants Cops To Do More

She is speaking out about her experience… After their teen was linked to a ring of Kia and Hyundai car thefts in Columbus, OH, the parents of juvenile want to help keep kids from causing the recent crime spike. ...

Save Money With 1 of these 4 Most Affordable New Pickup Trucks

All vehicles are getting more expensive, and as much as we might want to fight it, we must move the line of affordability to a higher price point than ever before. Heading into the 2023 model year, if you want ...

1968 Charger Survivor Gets Clean

The before and after of this car from a simple wash is astonishing. Recently, there has been a trend of passionate enthusiasts and builders trying their hardest to show their craft to the world by uncovering some truly stunning classic ...

Disaster Barnyard Find Plymouth Gets Cleaned Up After 70 Years

Check out this first wash… When regarding the 1940s most current enthusiasts might be tempted to think of brands on the GM spectrum such as Cadillac. Who could really blame them? In fact  brands like that one have been ...

1933 Ford Roadster Headlines Maple Brothers Dallas Sale

This incredible car is the essence of high performance and dedicated building. 1933 was an interesting time for Ford, mostly because of the creation of one of their most iconic vehicles to ever hit the American performance market. That automobile ...

Top-Flight Award Winning Big-Block Corvette Stars at Mecum's Chicago Auction

Bid to win this three-time NCRS Top Flight winner with scoring sheets included with the lot. The early generations of the Chevrolet Corvette were made with a personality you can’t find with virtually any other car. It honestly could be ...

Supercharged 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS Is Legendary

This supercharged American muscle car is looking for a new Chevy collection to join, or track to own! Vehicles like these are the stuff of legend for any knowledgeable enthusiast with a passion for vintage American automobiles. These muscle cars ...

This Z06 Sweepstakes Ends October 1st: Enter Today And Get Bonus Entries

We really want a Motorious reader to win this Corvette! Do you dream of owning one of the most anticipated sports car models of all time? We’re of course talking about the next C8 generation Z06 Corvette. These cars haven’t ...

A Bigger Tremor: Everything We Know About the 2023 F-250 Tremor

You read that right. There will be a Super Duty version of Ford’s popular Tremor off-road package for the all-new 2023 Ford F-250. The Tremor package popped up first for the F-150, then the 2023 Ford Maverick small truck, and ...

Ram, Chevy and Ford All Have New 2023 Heavy Duty Trucks: What We Know

Heavy duty trucks are low-volume machines that, usually, don’t get much attention. But not this year. All three major manufacturers of big pickup trucks are making major improvements in their biggest, hardest-working, heavy-duty trucks. While not all the specs haven’t ...

5 Cool Features of the New 2023 Ford F-250 Super Duty Truck

This week Ford announced its next generation of Super Duty pickups, or new 2023 F-250 and larger trucks. The Super Duty trucks are designed for hauling and towing heavy loads, but the new trucks are designed to work with a ...

Corvette Plant Tours To Resume This Year

It’s hard to believe it’s been so long… The name Corvette is one of absolute legend in the automotive community for many reasons, primarily concerning its incredible performance in history on the racing track. Originally built in the 1950s ...

Offset Dodge Charger Crash Drama Continues

The saga continues… Offset, who if you don’t know is a rapper who’s married to Cardi B, got in a big crash while in his 2018 Dodge Charger back on November 11, 2020, and the drama is still going ...

LT1 Trans Am Rediscovered By An Old Friend

LegitStreetCars revisits a childhood favorite that sparked his interest for cars. As young enthusiasts, we all had our favorite automobiles that got us into this life in the first place. For some it might’ve been a 1998 Pontiac Firebird ...

The 2023 Chevy Colorado Is a New Mid-Size Truck

The 2023 Chevrolet Colorado is all-new, meaning it has been completely redesigned. As a mid-size truck, it looks like it’s going to bring a lot to the table. From offering up to 430 pound-foot of torque to the ability to ...

Can the 2023 Ram 1500 Limited Elite Actually Compete in the Luxury Truck Market?

The Detroit Big Three continue to battle for supremacy in various parts of the automotive market. All three have ditched passenger cars in favor of SUVs and continue to build more interesting feature-packed trucks. Turning away from the hardcore off-road ...

Rusty Relics - Pick Two!

See the original post here. Apparently, we are not the only ones interested in Finding Old Cars. Over the past few weeks there have been some interesting submissions to, from an iconic Dodge Power Wagon to a 1967 Mercury ...

Man Tries To Buy $83K Camaro With Stolen Identity

It’s the stuff of legendary idiocracy… Identity theft is one of the sketchiest crimes that one person can do to another as it involves one of the most overcomplicated strategies of illegal goods and funds all while being extremely ...

Is a Used Ford F-150 a Better Option Than the 2022 Model?

The 2022 Ford F-150 has a starting MSRP of $31,520, which certainly is not cheap. And that is just for the base F-150 XL model. Undoubtedly, most buyers are interested in the XLT and Lariat trims, which can climb over ...

GM Wants To Accommodate Little And Big Hands Alike

Why is this a thing? If you’re normal, you like your steering wheels like your women: thick. All joking aside, not everyone enjoys a thicker steering wheel and some people like them thinner. GM seems to think this all has ...

1965 Buick Wildcat Earned Its Vivacious Name With A 425 Engine

This incredible vintage luxury vehicle is unexpectedly fast. For decades there has been one company in the American automotive industry that combines performance and luxury perfectly while also wearing the GM name proudly on every badge. That brand was Buick, ...

2011 Range Rover Is The Meeting Point Of Luxury And Performance

This incredible SUV is a stout Utility vehicle with power unlike any other. The longest time, the Range Rover has been one of the most luxurious vehicles that you could find on the European automotive market. Combining a big SUV ...


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