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“How many different franchise can we feasibly hear news about this week?” We might have asked on Monday here at Nintendo life. The answer: all of them.

The past seven days have seen us reporting on the new Mario movie trailer, breaking down the intricacies of Splatoon 3’s new update, reporting on Nintendo Switch Sports’ golf addition, putting a positive spin on Pokémon Scarlet and Violet with 14 things the games get right, and, as always, diving into some Zelda theories.

We have also gone all varied in the world of reviews. From the chilled-out world of Railbound to the chaotic co-op in Ship of Fools and the less-than-pleasing battlefield of Front Mission 1st: Remake, we’ve seen it all.

Below, a number of our wonderful team have shared what they are up to gaming-wise this weekend. The plans range from the intricate to the, uh, precise, but we are all ready for a weekend on the ol’ consoles. Have a read through our plans and then take to the comments to let us know what you are playing this weekend!

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You have to draw the line somewhere

Jim Norman, Staff Writer

I would be lying if I said that Chill Season 2022 has “pulled me back” to Splatoon 3, because the fact of the matter is, I never left. Ok, that sounded slightly less intimidating in my head. What I mean to say is, it’s still a great game and the update has done an especially good job of giving me even more proof that despite my extensive play hours, I am still very bad at this game.

It looks like I am drawing close to the end of Metroid Dread too. Despite my best efforts to stretch it out for as long as possible, those darn suit upgrades are really stacking up now and my experience just keeps getting better and better. I haven’t done any Googling to confirm my progress, mind you. Who knows? I might still have hours left to play…

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Alana Hagues, Staff Writer

I’m still playing Pokémon Violet – I’ve almost completed the Pokédex at this point thanks to some friends with Scarlet. So I’m just jumping into online Raids and trying to evolve all of my remaining Pokémon.

Sticking with Pokémon, I’m going to pick up New Pokémon Snap this weekend. I never bought it when it originally came out and just played a bit with friends, but I’ve been itching to go through the whole thing – the Pokémon and the ecology and the way they interact with each other are my favourite things about the series, after all. And lastly, I got Mythic Ocean for cheap on the eShop; I’ve long wanted to try this one out, so this weekend seems like a good opportunity!

Kate Gray, Staff Writer

In case anyone has been keeping up to date with my gaming adventures — I finished Dishonored. Bit disappointed with how quickly it wrapped everything up, but now I’m onto Dishonored 2!

I’m also enjoying Pokémon Scarlet still, feeling like I’m exploring a world and going to places I shouldn’t be. It’s fun! I can’t help liking it despite it being a big pile of jank!!

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Alex Olney, Video Producer


Gonçalo Lopes, Reviewer

Game of the Week is Front Mission 1st: Remake. There will never be consensus about what this remake of a remake does and what doesn’t do right. It is such a niche franchise that means different things to different folks even today. The allure of once again step giant with metal feet onto Huffman Island proved too much of a thrill to skip.

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Gavin Lane, Editor

It’s that time of year when I’m cramming to sample a whole bunch of games before submitting GOTY picks, but while I’ve dipped my toe into various things (including Lunistice, Neon White, Return to Monkey Island, and Prodeus) and will be doing my best to devote more time to them, Rogue Legacy 2 keeps pulling me back for ‘just one more’ again and again.

I found myself in a similar position with the first Rogue Legacy — it totally took over my game time until I’d beaten it. Therefore, despite all the other things I need to play, I’ll be doing my best to get Cellar Door’s latest out of my system. Great game.

As ever, thank you for reading! Make sure to leave us a comment below with your weekend gaming plans!


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