the 16 best fortnite players in 2022

The gaming world assumed a new type of ecstasy with the advent of Fortnite in 2017. Epic Games’ Fortnite has redefined what online gaming represents. It went from being a four-player survival game to being the delightsome sensation that continuously arrests the attention of millions of internet users.

In no time, Fortnite has gone from just a thrilling game to a cultural phenomenon. With millions of enthusiasts and hardcore players worldwide, dedicating hours of practice and competing to best each other, this highly cherished eSport is like no other!

One of the most amazing things about Fortnite is its several game modes that draw millions of players around the globe together. These highly dedicated players have shown utter consistency and love for the competitive Fortnite games. More interesting is the spice that Fornite added with the Fortnite World Cup, asides from its unconventional ultra-popular Battle Royale games. All Fortnite players either play to win and earn or to dominate and be famous. Most have what it takes, but quite a few are lauded as the best Fortnite players in the world. You just can’t beat these guys.

We want you to note that all the players listed in this article are merely ranked by their skills from the past FNCS tournaments. Also, 2022 looks like one of the most significant years for this spectacularly competitive game. Unfortunately, winners from last year’s FNCS tournaments may not emerge winners in the upcoming season 4 which began on September 18th, 2022. There could be the emergence of new gamers with insane, captivating skills. You can check back here for updated info.

Now, let’s discuss the most skilled or famous Fortnite players worldwide!

Current list of the best Fortnite players in the world


the 16 best fortnite players in 2022
Image source: eSports

Diego Arkhram Palma currently remains one of the best Fortnite players dominating the eSport. Arkhram has been with the 100 Thieves since 2019, and they have since been lauded for their outstanding performances. Arkhram led his team to second place in the FNCS Season 8 grand finals and several other top wins in the FNCS.

Further, his team once again proved their superiority by coming out on top at the recent Grand Royale tournament.

Although some say Arkhram struggles when playing solo or without his regular trio, we think the 18-year-old is a brilliant champ. Coming out tops in the previous Duos cash cups with “EpikWhale,” Arkhram is a force to be reckoned with.

In the coming FNCS season, we hope to see an explosive performance from the 100 Thieves.


the 16 best fortnite players in 2022
Image source: eSports

There are several outstanding Fortnite gamers, and then there’s Brodie Rehx Frank. As a member of the 100 Thieves, Rehx’s tournament wins make his name more pronounced in the Fortnite community.

Rehx has bagged several wins from the Fortnite Championship series, the Trios Cash Cups, and a bunch of others, playing without the team. This makes him unarguably one of the best Fortnite players in the world. With the superb 100 Thieves team, Rehx pushed past several other teams to emerge tops at the FNCS Grand Royale multiple times.

Every NA East and NA West Cash Cups gamer knows this champ, and you should too!


the 16 best fortnite players in 2022
Image source: eSports

Although signed with the NRG, Shane Epikwhale Cotton is a member of the outstanding 100 Thieves trio. EpikWhale’s dominant records, with or without the team, are one of a kind. Some gamers think winning one cup or a gaming session makes you one of the best. If that’s the case, maybe go up against EpikWhale.

He began competing as a professional Fortnite player in the first Fortnite World Cup in 2019. No, Shane didn’t ultimately win the Fortnite World Cup but finished third place in the Solo player section of that event.

Since then, EpikWhale has ascended from being just one of the several good Fortnite players to being the best player in the dominating trio of the eSport. EpikWhale’s fame and impressive skills made him one of the highest-earning Fortnite players in 2022.

Winning the Gamers8 tournament in Saudi Arabia landed him a thumping $175,000 cash prize. With his many wins playing Fortnite, Shane Epikwhale Cotton has racked up over $1.5 million from the Fortnite competitive events.

This Fortnite player is heavily anticipated to team up with Rehx to win the next Duos event this season.


the 16 best fortnite players in 2022
Image source: eSports

To be the best Fortnite player, ensure you have the backing of a good team as a backup aside from your prowess and hunger for wins. That is one thing Canadian-born professional Fortnite player Matthew Mero Faitel has. Many Fortnite streamers and enthusiasts believe Mero was only active during his emergence in 2020 and through 2021. We beg to differ!

In 2020, Mero won the Fortnite Champion Trio Cash Cup, Chapter 2 Season 2, Chapter 2 Season 3, etc. He won the Contender Cash Cup Week 1 and many others, crowning it all with a first-place position in the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Champion Series that year. His records from the year he began playing Fortnite are stunningly impressive.

In 2021, Mero racked up over $212,000 and went on a rampage, winning three major tournaments in just six months! In 2022, Mero teamed up with Bugha, coming in first place in the Duos Cash Cups, Chapter 3, Season 1.

This is no doubt one of the best Fortnite players ever. Thankfully, Mero’s team is just as competent as he is, pushing each other to new victories.


the 16 best fortnite players in 2022
Image source: eSports

The 2019 Fortnite World Cup had the largest number of participants and prize money in eSports history. Despite its millions of players around the globe, Kyle Bugha Giersdorf emerged as the winner of the prestigious World Cup.

Bugha’s World Cup domination would fuel the burning passion for winning Fortnite tournaments. He didn’t just skyrocket to fame and have his name in Forbes Magazine. Bugha walked away from that first tournament with $3M! Being the highest-earning Fortnite player in Fortnite history didn’t stop him from playing.

He went ahead to dominate other tournaments. Bugha had the most kills in the first-ever solos competition. That gave him a well-deserved lead that helped him win the solo World Cup.

He’s earned a permanent spot at the top of other major tournaments as an accomplished Fortnite competitor. With his recent $150,000 win at the FNCS C3, S1 tournament, and other Duo competitions, it’ll take an insane skill to unseat this champ!

He came out tops in the last Fortnite World Cup again too! He has over 4M subscribers on his YouTube channel and millions on his other social media accounts.


the 16 best fortnite players in 2022
Image source: eSports

Despite being the most challenging region to maintain dominance, the European region has seen one of its most consistent players stay relevant. David Aqua Wang is the top European Fortnite player, winning the Duos World Cup at the 2019 Fortnite World Cup tournament.

This was no small win for Aqua as it was the bedrock for his being the second-highest earner in Fortnite history. That win with Nyrox landed him about $1.5m, yet Aqua didn’t relax.

Aqua has since maintained dominance in the European region, gaining fame and stacking up wins and massive cash. He is among the top 10 in the FNCS Trios and Duos championships. How could he not be among the best Fortnite players in the world?


the 16 best fortnite players in 2022
Image source: eSports

Williams Zayt Aubin is one of the most decorated Fortnite players in the world. One thing we’d like to mention is Zayt’s trio. Zayt, Saf, and Stretch combined as a team may be the best Fortnite trio in eSport history. It is said that Zayt runs the Fortnite competitive scene in North America and helps other players in NA East get better by practicing with them.

With over $1,100,000 won in several Fortnite competitions, this accomplished Fortnite player will forever be remembered as he retired. Teaming up with Saf and some of Fortnite’s most talented players didn’t guarantee all of Zayt’s games. They finished 4th a couple of times and dropped at some point.

However, finishing in the top 10 for all 4 FNCS tournaments was something only a few players have accomplished. That said, Zayt remains one of the best professional Fortnite players ever.


the 16 best fortnite players in 2022
Image source: eSports

Although retired from the Fortnite eSports competition, Benjy Benjyfishy David Fish has records of being one of the longest reigning Fortnite champions. That’s to say that even though his Fortnite career is over, he will never be forgotten. His consistent top performance and friendly personality earned him a special spot in the heart of fans and other Fortnite players.

Like some other players, he played for NRG Esports and has participated in major tournaments like the Fortnite Championship series S1 and C2. One distinct thing about Benjyfishy is his evident records of improvements, despite being pretty good. This led to the creation of the Benjyfishy Fortnite tournament as a competitive division in the Fortnite games.

The recent Fortnite Champion Series saw Benjyfishy produce another impressive performance. That’s one primary reason why most fans will root for him if he competes in the next World Cup. The other reason is that streamers have seen Benjyfishy prove those that accuse him of cheating wrong. He looks like he’ll continue to do so, yet again. Also, Benjyfishy’s already impressive skills help support his family financially and he must keep winning if he wishes to do so.

He’s racked up almost half a million dollars just by competing in Fortnite eSports and as one of its best players in the world. He often teams up with Mr. Savage, another highly competitive Fortnite player.

Mr. Savage

the 16 best fortnite players in 2022
Image source: eSports

Martin Foss Andersen, also known as Mr. Savage, is another star on the Fortnite best players’ list and a close playmate of Benjyfishy. The Norwegian joined the competitive Fortnite at 15 between late 2018 and early 2019. The then 15-year-old formed a successful duo with Benjyfishy and has become popular since entering the Fortnite scene.

The star duo competed and consistently prevailed in the European World Cup qualifiers. He also landed a spot in the Solo and Duos World Cup qualifiers category. At the 2021 Trios Cash Cup C2, S8 FNCS event, Mr. Savage walked away with $70k, finishing in 2nd position. This is just a fraction of the whopping cash prizes he’s won in the Epic games events.

Because of his absolute dedication, consistency, and millions of followers, it is only right to call him a veteran player.


the 16 best fortnite players in 2022
Image source: eSports

Turner Tfue Tenner began his Fortnite career with multiple Solos and Duos wins in 2018. The following year, he ranked as one of the top earners in the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers because of his competitive spirit and popularity. His advancement in Fortnite tournaments in its early stages saw his fame multiply.

Unfortunately, Tfue began to drop as one of the highest ranked in competitive Fortnite events. He came in at 67th in that World Cup as a Solo player. He’s had a fair share of successful tournaments but couldn’t quite keep it together as he did in his early days.

But, Tfue is still one familiar face in Fortnite games because of his heavy competitive streaming. He’s seemingly stuck with streaming instead of competing in the tournaments and has a record of about 30k viewers daily. That’s also to say that right from his career days, up til now that he’s stayed with streaming,

Tfue has equally earned quite a significant amount in Fortnite games. Amassing nearly 11M followers on Twitch still means he can pull off a big surprise, should he return to play Fortnite.


the 16 best fortnite players in 2022

Rocco Saf Morales is one of North America’s most successful players, with a record for being part of one of the best duos in the Fortnite tournaments. He partners with Zayt and has sustained a record of finishing top 5 in every major duo tournament since the 2019 World Cup qualifiers.

Being an impressively skillful player in other eSport competitions asides from Fortnite is a significant flex. Saf finished among the top 10 for the Contenders Cash Cup with other amazing records in the NA East Grand finals. Several streamers say he is one of the best mechanical players in the world, with perfect building and editing skills.

Watching the final game that earned him a win in the Trio Cash Cup with two others shows how brilliant a player he is. His kill rate makes him more dangerous than most other North America East Fortnite players. Saf is also one of the most consistent players in the gaming world.

In Squads, Trios, and Duos, Saf’s presence help whatever team he’s on to finish within the top 5 in each FNCS tournament. He is undoubtedly one of the best team players in Fortnite.


the 16 best fortnite players in 2022
Image source: eSports

Qassim SpeedyND Ahmed is a Fortnite player with huge potential, having competed in major Fortnite tournaments. He is currently a free agent, but because of his records with big teams, he is likely to join another and yield good performance.

Although SpeedyND has not struck the heights of Fortnite best players alone, his team games show that he has good skills and may soon create a new record. He’s played with the Notorious team, Warrior ones, and eventually Team Process.


the 16 best fortnite players in 2022
Image source: eSports

Henrik Hen Mclean is one of the best Fortnight Pro players in the world. He’s a force in the European region, with multiple wins. Hen currently plays for Guild eSports. He won the Fortnite Championship Series Europe Grand Finals Chapter 2 and came third overall in the Fortnite World Cup.

He must have won over $640,000 in 2019, nearly the same amount in the last six months. Hen is part of a fantastic trio; together, they vie for the positions among the best players.


the 16 best fortnite players in 2022
Image source: eSports

Jannis JanniZ Matwin is one of the top-rated Fortnite players worldwide and one of the league’s highest earners. JanniZ won the European Grand Finals of the FNCS tournaments and two Fortnite Championship Series in one year. He also won the Chapter Two Season warmup of the Fortnite tournament.

With over $680k won in 2022, one could easily say that this champ is here to stay! His victories in 2022 alone have made him more reputable and recognized as one of Fortnite best players.


the 16 best fortnite players in 2022
Image source: eSports

Moussa Faour, aka Chapix, is the third member of Hen and JanniZ’s trio. He is a well-seasoned player that began playing competitive Fortnite in 2019. With an outstanding team record, Chapix is one player to look out for.

The young chap is only 17 years old but already gnawing at the peak of Fortnite competitions. Chapix has also earned quite a lot of money and is one of the best in the game.


the 16 best fortnite players in 2022
Image source: eSports

Tyler Blevins a.k.a. Ninja is one of the biggest names that Fortnite recognizes. He is not a hardcore player like the others listed above, but he began his career as a true leader. Ninja became famous for playing Fortnite: Battle Royale and soon developed a substantial online following.

Now, Ninja is recognized as the biggest Fortnite streamer in history. As a Fortnite streamer, he creates live engaging content while he films himself displaying his Fortnite skills.
Ninja has played Fortnite with some celebrities like Travis Scott and Drake while racking up millions of followers in the process.

He has over 12 million followers on his Twitch and more than 10 million subscribers on YouTube. He’s made a deal with Twitch and was seen on the cover of ESPN: The Magazine. He is an eSport celebrity and has accrued a lot of money streaming Fortnite.


What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a free online Battle Royale video game where several various players spawn onto one island with no equipment for survival. Each player must hunt for weapons, fight to stay alive by eliminating the others, and heal when necessary.

How many Fortnite players are there?

According to Fortnite’s developer, Epic Games, Fortnite has an active player base of 300 million players internationally.

How much can you win in competitive Fortnite?

The recorded prize pool for all tournaments in 2019 was $30m. This made Fortnite’s prize pool the second largest in eSports history. All players who win competitive Fortnite games will be rewarded handsomely. The 2019 Fortnite solo World Cup awarded Bugha a vast $3m as the event’s winner. You could also walk away with millions if you start hardcore practicing and develop your passion for the game.

Who has the most kills in Fortnite?

Tfue and Zemi currently hold the records for the most kills in a Fortnite Squads game. With millions of players around the globe dedicating hours of practice and winning strategies every day, let’s keep our fingers crossed on who will break this record.

Can Fortnite be played offline?

Fortnite’s Battle Royale team mode is entirely built to function entirely online. Your internet connection or WiFi must be pretty solid to play Fortnite.
However, you can play Fortnite’s survival mode, “Save the World”, offline. But you must download it first.

Can Fortnite run on Windows?

Yes, it can. However, the game is heavy and demands lots of storage space to run smoothly. If your PC is not a gaming PC or does not have the right GeForce GPU specs, you would not be able to play Fornite on it.

Who is the biggest Fortnite streamer?

Tyler Blevins Ninja is the biggest Fortnite streamer.

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