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What to Look for in an iPhone 14 Plus Case

Choosing the right iPhone 14 Plus phone case isn’t easy. Not only do you want something stylish, but you also want a case that provides plenty of protection for your expensive new gadget.

Figuring out how much you want to spend is a good starting point. Cases nowadays come with various price tags. For example, budget cases can be as cheap as $15, while high-end products can soar to over $60.

Once you’ve determined a price range, the next step is to decide how much protection you need. Some cases undergo strenuous testing to ensure they’ll save your phone when slipping out of your hand and hitting the pavement.

Others are engineered to be as slim as possible while still retaining some durability. The size of a case and its protective prowess are often directly correlated—a bulkier case will offer you better resistance from cracks, scratches, and accidental drops.

The last important factor to consider is design. The Apple iPhone 14 Plus is a sleek device, and it’d be a shame to hide it behind an unsightly case. If you’re truly connected to the style of the iPhone 14 Plus, it might be worth picking up a clear case.

Otherwise, you’ll get to choose from leather cases, wallet cases, rugged cases, and an assortment of other formats that fit every lifestyle imaginable.

Finding the best case for your iPhone 14 Plus is highly subjective, but focusing on the above criteria (pricing, durability, and design) will help you narrow your search and home in on a product perfectly suited for your needs.

If you don’t want to wade through hundreds of items, we’ve handpicked eight of the best iPhone 14 Plus cases available in 2022.

Best iPhone 14 Plus Case Overall: OtterBox Symmetry Series

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  • ✓ Impressive drop protection
  • ✓ Several color options, including clear
  • ✓ Raised edges to help protect your camera and screen


  • ✗ Expensive

OtterBox is the best in the business when it comes to protecting your iPhone in style. Nowhere is this more apparent than the Symmetry Series, which offers drop protection that surpasses military standards while offering a slim profile.

Available in a wide range of colors (including clear), it should be easy to find a Symmetry Series case that catches your eye. All designs are compatible with MagSafe and include raised edges to give your screen and camera block added protection. You’ll also benefit from OtterBox’s limited lifetime warranty for added peace of mind.

The biggest downside to the Symmetry Series is the price tag. It’s a bit expensive at $50. However, you’re getting a lot for your money. Considering the iPhone 14 Plus costs around $1,000, the price of the Symmetry Series shouldn’t be too painful.

Best Budget iPhone 14 Plus Case: Spigen Ultra Hybrid

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  • ✓ Slim profile
  • ✓ Anti-yellowing technology
  • ✓ Multiple color options


  • ✗ Divisive design

Clocking in at just $15, it’s hard to find a better deal than the Spigen Ultra Hybrid. Featuring a clear back with the option for colored sidewalls, this Spigen case looks much more expensive than its price tag would lead you to believe.

Although it weighs just over one ounce, the Ultra Hybrid is constructed from thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate for impressive durability. It also features anti-yellowing technology, so you won’t have to worry about it changing colors over the years.

Like the expensive OtterBox Symmetry Series, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid also offers raised bezels for added screen and camera protection. It’s a remarkably well-designed product, and anyone on a budget should give it a closer look.

Best MagSafe iPhone 14 Plus Case: Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe

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  • ✓ Slim design
  • ✓ Soft-touch materials
  • ✓ MagSafe compatibility


  • ✗ Not as protective as other options

MagSafe is a huge selling point of the iPhone 14 Plus, so it should be no surprise that the official Apple iPhone 14 Plus Silicone Case is fully MagSafe compatible. It’s also available in eight colors, making it easy to find something you like.

Because it’s an Apple product, you know you’re getting something engineered to fit every curve of the iPhone 14 Plus perfectly. Apple also claims that this case has undergone “thousands of hours of testing” to protect your smartphone from drops and scratches.

The silicone construction might not provide as much protection as other bulky products on our list, but it’s a great compromise between style and safety. And if you use a bunch of MagSafe gadgets, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Best Wallet iPhone 14 Plus Case: Smartish iPhone 14 Plus Wallet Case

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  • ✓ Eye-catching designs
  • ✓ Surprisingly affordable
  • ✓ Built-in kickstand


  • ✗ Not compatible with MagSafe
  • ✗ Limited carrying capacity

The Smartish iPhone 14 Plus Wallet is so versatile that it deserves the spot as the best wallet case. While this case doesn’t support MagSafe and can only hold up the three cards and some cash, it’s a small price to pay for everything else it brings to the table.

This Smartish case includes a built-in kickstand for watching videos, air pockets that cushion your phone when hitting the ground, textured sides for a better grip, and raised edges for additional screen and camera protection. It all comes in a lightweight design that clocks in at less than three ounces.

If that’s not enough, you’ll get to choose from more than 10 unique patterns, or you can stick with the standard Black Tie Affair if you want something understated.

Best Rugged iPhone 14 Plus Case: OtterBox Defender Series

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  • ✓ Incredible drop protection
  • ✓ Port covers
  • ✓ Multiple color options


  • ✗ Bulky design

This entry is another premium product from OtterBox. This time it’s all about protection, as the Defender Series is strong enough to have your device survive all but the most severe of falls.

After snapping together a few separate pieces, your iPhone 14 Plus will be entrenched in a protective shell rated well above the usual military drop standards. And despite the bulk, it’s still compatible with wireless and MagSafe charging pads.

The polycarbonate shell provides excellent protection, but you’ll also get port covers that block out dust and water but can be easily opened when you need to charge your device. Rounding out the package is an optional belt clip that doubles as a kickstand and the availability of five different designs.

Best Clear iPhone 14 Plus Case: Apple Clear Case with MagSafe

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  • ✓ Thin design
  • ✓ Scratch-resistant material


  • ✗ Expensive

Thin, compatible with MagSafe, and scratch-resistant, the Apple iPhone 14 Plus Clear Case is an easy recommendation for folks shopping for a transparent case. It’s a bit more expensive than the clear Spigen case mentioned above, but you’re getting a high-quality Apple product for your money.

Beyond the sleek and slim design, Apple’s Clear Case has built-in magnets that make the MagSafe experience so smooth you’ll forget the case is even there. It also features anti-yellowing technology, so it remains just as translucent as the day you bought it.

Its durability won’t stand up to the likes of the OtterBox Symmetry or OtterBox Defender, but if you don’t need that rugged prowess, consider picking up the iPhone 14 Plus Clear Case with MagSafe.

Best Thin iPhone 14 Plus Case: dbrand Matte Black iPhone 14 Plus Skin

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  • ✓ Ultra-thin design
  • ✓ Protects your phone from scratches
  • ✓ Affordable


  • ✗ Minimal drop protection

Admittedly, this product is more of a “skin” than a “case.” However, the dbrand Matte Black iPhone 14 Plus Skin offers impressive scratch protection and an unrivaled ultra-thin design.

The thin profile of the dbrand skin is the big selling point. It clocks in at just 0.25mm thick—about the thickness of two pieces of hair twisted together. In other words, you’ll barely realize the skin is there. But while the skin is imperceptibly thin, it still offers scratch protection for your iPhone 14 Plus.

You’ll also be treated to a premium texture that makes it easy to get a good grip on your smartphone, ensuring it doesn’t slip out of your hand. Combine that with an easy install process and a guarantee for no residue should you remove it, and it’s easy to see why dbrand skins are so popular.

Best Leather iPhone 14 Plus Case: Apple Leather Case with MagSafe

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  • ✓ Official Apple product
  • ✓ Wide range of colors
  • ✓ Premium materials


  • ✗ Expensive

Constructed from “specially tanned and finished leather,” the Apple iPhone 14 Plus Leather Case with MagSafe is about as premium as it gets. It’ll also get better looking over time, as the leather will pick up a natural patina with use.

Apple didn’t just design a good-looking product—the company also made sure it was functional. Perfectly sculpted to the iPhone 14 Plus, you can rest assured every inch of your expensive gadget is protected. The package is completed with built-in magnets for MagSafe, the availability of multiple colors, and an installation process that simply requires you to snap in your iPhone.

Those premium materials and specs come at a price, and its $60 price tag might seem a bit hefty. But if you’re looking for a stylish case that’s also functional, Apple’s Leather Case needs to be near the top of your list.


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