The best VR headsets on the market today


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Immersing yourself with the best VR headsets can provide you with a gaming experience you’ve never had before, and the market has a huge variety of options to suit your needs. So whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or something a little more high-caliber, there are vast options from established brands to get your hands on and grip a new sense of gaming. 

The enchanting world of virtual reality gaming is incredibly fast-paced, so it can take a lot of work to keep up with the best VR headsets. With such a significant focus on gaming PCs and mobile compatibility, console gamers may feel a little left out, but the launch of the PSVR 2 is set to relight the fire for console VR while presenting an unmatched experience to the original. 

All the headsets in our roundup will give you the definitive experience for the best VR games, as we’ve made our choices based on what delivers on the lofty promises of the medium. No matter your favorite genres, VR gaming is happy to accommodate everyone and plans to change how you view gaming for the better.  

Best VR headsets of 2022


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1. Valve Index

The best VR headset


Availability: Available through Valve’s Steam store

Price: $999 / £919 / AU$1,425

Wired?: Yes

Additional Equipment Needed?: Yes, PC

Reasons to buy


Widest field of view


‘Knuckle’ controllers great for tracking


Well-supported game library

Reasons to avoid

Requires a high-end GPU

Still expensive compared to competition

The Valve Index is our top pick for the best VR headset because it represents a next-gen system compared to its predecessors. We found it has a crisp display that runs well even with older GPUs, a wider field of view, a higher refresh rate, and Valve’s ‘knuckle’ controllers, which can track the movement of every finger.

It’s a significant upgrade to the HTC Vive, and runs much smoother than the Vive Pro, a powerful VR headset that really struggled to deliver on the promise of high-end, room-scale VR. However, it isn’t without its snags. During our testing, we found setting it up can be tricky, updates can cause connection issues and there are often errors.

The Valve Index is the next-generation VR headset we’ve been waiting for

Valve Index review

You’ll also need a space where you can be near a powerful PC or gaming laptop, because – this isn’t a standalone headset like others in this list. If you can look past those issues, this is a fantastic VR headset. Its higher-resolution screen and better refresh rate allowed us to use it for longer periods of time without discomfort, and the Index Controllers are a real step up from the ones that ship with the Vive.

Although the Valve Index was difficult to track down throughout most of 2022, we’ve seen that availability has greatly increased towards the end of the year, much like with some of the company’s other hardware, such as the Steam Deck. Priced at $999 / £919 / AU$1,425, there’s no getting around the fact that it’s an expensive option, but for everything offered, we also consider it the best available, too. 


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    2. Meta Quest 2

    The most accessible VR headset


    Availability : Out now

    Price: £299 / $299 / AU$479

    Wired? : No

    Additional Equipment Needed?: No, standalone

    Reasons to buy


    Incredibly immersive experiences


    Comfortable weight


    Easy to use compared to other headsets

    Reasons to avoid

    Requires Facebook account linking

    Can still cause motion sickness

    The Meta Quest 2 (formerly the Oculus Quest 2) will be the ideal VR headset for most people. It doesn’t need wiring to an expensive PC, offers movement and freedom, and it’s easy to set up and use.  It’s a significant improvement over the original Quest, which is a more responsive experience thanks to improved RAM and chip specs, plus a higher resolution display that’s 50% sharper than its predecessor. 

    Developers have the option to make their games run at 90Hz (important for increased comfort and realism while playing), and we found the headset itself is lighter than before, too. Hand tracking – which came to the original Quest via a firmware update, but is baked into the Quest 2 from the off – is also impressive. 

    Depending on your perspective on raw power versus portability and comfort, it might just be the best VR headset ever

    Meta Quest 2 review

    We found there’s nothing quite like the thrill of wire-free VR. Games like Robo Recall and Beat Saber should still amaze, and turning YouTube VR or BigScreen VR into your own personal cinema screen is a welcome distraction from the madness of the outside world.

    The original Oculus Quest is still a great choice if you’re looking for an untethered VR headset. The Meta Quest 2 might bring a significant upgrade, but the original still boasts an OLED display panel with 1440 x 1600 per eye resolution and is powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor.


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      3. HTC Vive Pro 2

      The best high-resolution VR headset


      Availability: Out now

      Price: $1,399 / £1,299

      Wired?: Yes

      Additional Equipment Needed?: Yes, high-spec PC

      Reasons to buy


      Very high resolution


      Wide field of view


      Access to great games

      Reasons to avoid


      Can get hot

      Lots of cables

      It doesn’t come cheaply, but if you’re after the very best in PC VR visual fidelity, the HTC Vive Pro 2 should sit near the top of your list.

      The latest evolution of the HTC Vive range, the Vive Pro 2 boasts a ridiculous ‘5K’ resolution (2448×2448 pixels per eye) a 120-degree field of view and a 120Hz refresh rate. Provided you’ve got a powerful gaming PC to back it up, this is as clear and lifelike a display as you’re able to find in the consumer VR space right now. After hours of testing, we still found ourselves stunned by how good games looked on this device.

      The HTC Vive Pro 2’s super-high resolution screen is a sight to behold

      HTC Vive Pro 2

      But the HTC Vive Pro 2 has its faults, too. We found during testing that the screen can get hot after prolonged use, and the controllers haven’t changed much since the very first Vive headset released. Furthermore, the external tracking stations and tethered cabling can be a hassle to set up compared to standalone devices like the Oculus Quest 2.

      Still, if you want your VR gaming sessions looking their absolute best, and have the cash to afford the headset and accompanying high-end PC, this is an enthusiast’s dream.


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        4. PlayStation VR

        The best VR headset for consoles


        Availability: Out now

        Price: $299 / £259 / AU$655

        Wired?: Yes

        Additional Equipment Needed?: Yes, PlayStation PS4 or PS5

        Reasons to buy


        Affordable compared to the competition


        Near PC-quality performance


        Good selection of games

        Reasons to avoid

        Lacking required accessories in box

        Poor job sealing out light

        Spotty motion controller tracking

        Unlike many VR headsets that need a PC to work, Sony’s PlayStation VR requires a PS4 or PS5 console. That means if you already have one, and not a powerful gaming PC, this may be the best VR headset for you. It’s found a natural home in our living room.

        Considering the sizeable difference in power between the PS4 and PC, we found the PlayStation VR to be a surprisingly competent VR headset. Its refresh rate is responsive, and we’ve had no issues with the reliability of its head-tracking. The collection of PlayStation VR games is also impressive.

        The PlayStation VR is truly different to anything else on the market

        PlayStation VR review

        Sony has addressed one of our biggest objections with the PlayStation VR – that its accessories are sold separately – by offering a variety of packs and PlayStation VR bundles with devices like the PlayStation Camera included. However, PlayStation Move controllers, while included in some bundles, aren’t in every one. So while you have to be aware of the additional cost involved, depending on what bundle you opt for, recent price cuts have made the PlayStation VR even more affordable.

        The PSVR 2 model launches in early 2023 according to Sony, though it will not support the PS4, which means the original headset is still the best VR headset until then if you don’t own a PS5. You can take a look at our list for the best PSVR games if you’re keen to jump in now and need some recommendations. Otherwise, you may want to consider waiting a few months.


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          5. HP Reverb G2

          The best affordable VR headset for PC


          Availability: Out now through retailers like Amazon

          Price: $599 / £682 / AU$995

          Wired?: Yes

          Additional Equipment Needed?: Yes, PC

          Reasons to buy


           No screen door effect 


           Easy to set up 


           Incredibly high-resolution lens

          Reasons to avoid

          Motion Tracking lacks some precision 

          Requires a decent gaming PC 

          The HP Reverb G2 is an excellent headset for anyone looking for something slightly cheaper than the Valve Index or HTC Vive Pro and something easy to set up. Although it’s not as accurate as the somewhat pricier options, it’s a fantastic alternative that still maintains the visual enchantment of VR gaming. If anything, the HP Reverb G2 exceeds visual expectations and presents an entirely new experience without breaking the bank too much. 

          Additionally, since it’s compatible with Steam VR, the game library offers a huge range of games to explore and immerse yourself in, which is only encouraged by the high-resolution 2160 x 2160 resolution per eye lens. This high-quality resolution completely depletes the Screen Door effect from other VR headsets, making the gaps between pixels visible and shattering the illusion, damaging immersion and the entire experience. The HP Reverb G2 is one of the best in terms of visuals and price. 

          We’re really not joking when we say the HP Reverb G2’s 2160 x 2160 resolution per eye is a game-changer

          HP Reverb G2 review

          But that’s not to say that this headset doesn’t have its flaws, and the main issue resides in the precision of its motion tracking. In tense, high-strung, and time-dependent VR gaming situations, the accuracy of motion tracking can be integral to an experience. This is where slightly more expensive models like the Valve Index excel, but the HP Reverb G2 lacks and lets it down slightly. 

          To run the high-quality gaming experience expected of the HP Reverb G2, you also need a high-quality PC to support it. Unfortunately, this also means that you’ll face a lot of wires which can hinder the immersive nature of the machine, especially since there’s no wireless option. While its performance and setup are reflected in the slightly cheaper price tag, it’s something to consider before buying.  

            Which are the best VR headsets for mobile?

            Why you can trust TechRadar Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.


            (Image credit: samsung)

            Mobile VR is a term used to describe a VR experience powered by your phone. Generally speaking, you get an app on your phone, which shows you VR content and then you put your phone inside a mobile VR headset. 

            For many people, this is a quick, easy and very cheap way to try VR and can be a great first step in exploring what’s possible. If you’re not ready to commit to one of the best VR headsets – or not sure you’re even that interested in VR – consider mobile VR like the Samsung Gear VR or go really lo-fi with the Google Cardboard.

            However, given the fact these VR experiences are powered by your phone rather than a fantastic piece of high-end hardware means they can’t compare to the experience you’d get with any of the best VR headsets above. That means if you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to try VR, they’re a solid option. But don’t let the simple experience and – sometimes – grainy pictures put you off VR for good.

            Which are the best augmented reality headsets?

            Right now, there are a number of augmented reality headsets on the market. But very few are aimed at regular consumers. 

            Many of the best augmented reality headsets, like the Microsoft Hololens 2, are available to buy but the focus seems to be more on augmented reality for an enterprise or business setting, like the Microsoft HoloLens 2 Industrial Edition, which is an untethered mixed reality device designed and tested for use in regulated industrial environments and the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2.

            But we predict this will change soon and you’ll be able to get one of the best augmented reality headsets for casual use in your home – just like the best VR headsets in our list above. 

            One reason we’re so sure about the future of augmented reality headsets is that major tech brands are currently pumping a lot of time, energy and resources into new AR offerings. Take Apple as an example, it’s no secret Apple is working on an augmented reality and virtual reality product – referred to at the moment as Apple Glass and Apple VR.

            Best VR headset FAQ

            What is the best VR headset right now?

            The best VR headset will depend on your usage. If you’re a PC gamer with a decent rig then the Valve Index ticks all the right boxes and more for the platform. Want a more premium feel? Then the HTC Vive Pro 2 is up to the challenge. If you’re a console gamer first and foremost then the PSVR remains a solid option even at the end of 2022, at least until the sequel comes out next year. 

            What is the best VR headset for beginners?

            If you’re thinking of getting into VR but don’t want to spend obscene amounts of money then the Meta Quest 2 offers what we think to be the best value for money. This option is wireless and doesn’t require an expensive gaming PC or games console to enjoy. You aren’t going to get the same cutting edge graphics, but things will still look and feel great. 

            Is it worth getting a VR headset?

            A VR headset is absolutely worth it to experience all new kinds of games and software that are not possible through traditional controller means. It’s a more immersive type of gaming which puts you right in the driver’s seat. There are many triple A titles worth going through alongside indie games which make great use of the added capabilities of the platform, too. 

            How we test VR headsets

            Every VR headset that we include in our Best VR Headsets buying guide has been reviewed in the environment and on a machine that meets the recommended specifications of the manufacturer.  

            Each device is tested extensively across a range of software available in the headsets’ associated store. Many of our reviewers have experience using different ranges of virtual reality hardware, enabling them to make informed comparisons between products. No device in our buying list above has been included without first being tested and reviewed.

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