this company is changing the way we view web3 marketing: lunar strategy

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    The internet is evolving to Web3 and this represents many new necessities for the marketing environment.

    Web3 is shifting away from Web2 and this will require new strategies for successful marketing.

    Lunar Strategy is a Web3 dedicated marketing agency that specializes in cryptocurrency and NFT projects.

In a paper titled Marketing Strategies in the Age of Web 3.0 the academic Sonia Ferrari states that digital, “marketing is rapidly transforming the way organizations communicate and operate in many areas”. This is very evident in the modern business environment as a digital footprint is becoming increasingly more vital to a company’s marketing success. The paper contextualizes its analysis by describing the evolution of the internet from Web1 to Web3. The academic continues to state that the internet is no longer just an information tool but it has become a completely new dimension. The internet allows for companies to learn more about their customers than ever before and communicate more effectively with their customers. The author concludes by stating that the evolution of the web has had the result that a radical change in market strategy was necessary for many businesses.

The radical change which the academic has claimed is necessary is  particularly true for businesses trying to market themselves as a Web3 based business. This includes cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Creating a community in the Web3 space is essential for the effectiveness of a marketing strategy. The necessity for community is made more evident by the number of failed projects in the decentralized financial market. Many great ideas and companies can go unnoticed because they have ineffective marketing strategies. This is especially true for Web3 based businesses. That is why Web3 businesses need to radically readjust their marketing strategy. Lunar Strategy is a marketing agency which specializes in marketing for the Web3 business audience. They understand and are passionate about crypto and know how to market it successfully to others.

Lunar Strategy and the Web3 Marketing Landscape

Web3 is the next generation of the internet and it will replace Web2. There is no rock solid definition of Web3, but it revolves around decentralization, openness and transparency. This is perfect for crypto and NFT enthusiasts who value these ideals strongly. The goal of Web3 is to attempt to break up some of the monopolies which exist in the online world and free up communication and data. Many traditional marketing agencies do not understand how to market successfully in a Web3 environment. This environment is the bread and butter of Lunar Strategy and they specialize in marketing in the Web3 environment.

Lunar Strategy employs a number of different marketing strategies and tools to help their customers spread awareness of their business and generate more customers and investors. The team at Lunar Strategy will create high quality and professional adverts for their customers which is optimized for the search terms desired by the company. These adverts can be on anywhere from Instagram to Google. Lunar Strategy also monitors the performance of the adverts and provides their customers with a detailed monthly report to help them understand how they are achieving their goals. Another technique which Lunar Strategy employs is social media marketing and management as this is a good way of producing a customer base that is more loyal to a company. Lunar Strategy will create the social media posts and draft compelling copy to accompany the post as well as providing social media management services.

Lunar Strategy provides PR services which also includes identifying publications for the creation and publication of press releases, organic posts and sponsored articles. These articles are constructed in such a way that they will be of potential benefit to both the publication and the client. Lunar Strategy also provides their customers with the ability to market their business through influencer marketing. To engage in this process, Lunar Strategy carefully selects influencers according to their customers and their desired target market. These influencers have the potential to provide a high level of financial news and analysis. Lunar is of the opinion that, “In the world of crypto, the community is everything”. As a result the team has strategies and the ability to bring people into a community around a cryptocurrency or NFT project. Lunar also has the ability to increase engagement as well as interaction across a number of platforms which includes Discord.

Lunar Strategy’s specialization in digital marketing means that they have a keen knowledge of SEO which is the process of making a web page rank higher on search engines. SEO can be tremendously beneficial as it is a means of generating organic traffic to a business’s website. A website’s landing page for instance can be optimized for search engines with small tweaks that can make a big difference.

In addition to their SEO assistance, Lunar Strategy is also able to help new cryptocurrencies have their coin listed on an exchange. This way they will be able to sell their coin and help the community around their project grow. As their community grows so will the sales of their coin. As a result of the increase in sales the community will continue to grow in a cyclical manner which is ultimately beneficial for not only those who minted the coin but for those who invested as well.

Final Thoughts 

The Web3 market will be drastically different from the Web2 market and companies will need to adapt their marketing strategy to stay relevant during the coming years. That is where Lunar Strategy comes in as they are able to provide crypto and NFT projects with the specialized marketing which they require to become successful. The company  is composed of a dedicated team who are all crypto owners and enthusiasts in their own right. This gives them the expertise needed to successfully market new crypto projects and new NFT ideas. One of the means of marketing which they employ is community growth as they view this as a fundamental aspect of the crypto market. Community growth is one of the many services which Lunar Strategy provides to their clients to help them develop their crypto or NFT project into the next big thing.


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