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Regulation news

  • Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried said that he is willing to testify in front of the US House Committee on Financial Services in Washington next Wednesday. He tweeted that “I still do not have access to much of my data — professional or personal.  So there is a limit to what I will be able to say, and I won’t be as helpful as I’d like. But as the committee still thinks it would be useful, I am willing to testify on the 13th.”
  • Germany’s financial regulator BaFin said that crypto exchange Rtcoin is not authorized to operate in the country. Per the statement, the exchange “does not have authorisation under the KWG [Bank Act] to conduct banking business or provide financial services. The company is not supervised by BaFin.”
  • The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) unveiled new guidelines for companies making financial disclosures in a sample letter, urging them to provide a detailed record of their exposure to the crypto industry. It also lists guidelines on the ability to obtain financing, exposure to third-party crypto market participants, and risks related to liquidity and to “legal proceedings, investigations, or regulatory impacts” within the crypto markets.

Exchange news

  • FTX Japan received approval from the Ministry of Finance to postpone the deadline for its business suspension by three months, until March 9, 2023, the FTX’s Japanese subsidiary announced. The reason is its inability to return assets from custody to creditors.

Sport news

  • Singapore-based crypto trading firm Amber Group is terminating a $25 million sponsorship deal with football club Chelsea FC, according to Bloomberg. It will also wind down its retail operations and lay off 40% of its workforce amid the market downturn.

Mining news

  • The Canadian province of Quebec wants to stop selling cheap power to crypto miners amid the global energy crunch, and direct the energy elsewhere, The Wall Street Journal reported. The government-owned utility Hydro-Quebec asked a provincial regulator last month to reallocate the 270 megawatts of energy, equivalent to the energy consumed by roughly 97,000 households, that it had set aside for crypto mining.

DeFi news

  • ZPrize announced the winners of the first ZPrize competition, launched in March by ZKP protocol Aleo, to promote ZK hardware development and deployment of zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs). zkSync and Yrrid Software are tied for first place, while other winners include: Gregor Mitscha-Baude, Manta Network & Jump Crypto, ConsenSys, Snarkify, Euler’s Smile, and ZPrize (Baseline). There were 32 participants, and the grand total prize was $4,415,000, said a press release.

Investment news

  • Digital ecosystem and self-custody platform announced the completion of the pre-sale of its rewards and utility token VERSE, where 16% of the total supply was purchased for $50 million. It also announced the launch of VERSE trading on its decentralized exchange (DEX), the Verse DEX, starting on December 8, with the initial listing price of $0.0015 per VERSE.


Mercedes announces changes in management

Mercedes-Benz has announced various new appointments in top management, affecting Level 1 below the Group Board of Management. Among others, Christoph Starzynski, currently Head of Development Electric Drive, will assume responsibility for the overall vehicle development of all Mercedes-Benz passenger car series as of 1 July 2023. The series ...

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‘HV-MELA-BAT’ project to improve high-voltage charging experience

Increasingly higher currents during fast charging pose new challenges for both the power electronics and the contact system. As part of the joint project ‘HV-MELA-BAT’ funded by the German government, Fraunhofer researchers now want to find a remedy. The background to the project is not only the further development ...

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Stellantis & Vulcan look into geothermal energy in Germany

Automotive group Stellantis and lithium producer Vulcan Energy are exploring the use of geothermal energy to decarbonise the Stellantis car plant in Rüsselsheim, Germany, where the DS 4 and Opel Astra are built. Stellantis says geothermal energy could meet a significant portion of the industrial site’s annual energy needs ...

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Rock Tech Lithium receives early approval to start mining in Guben

Rock Tech Lithium has received approval for an early start from the responsible State Office for the Environment for the construction of its lithium converter in Guben, Brandenburg, and is planning the first major work on-site in the next few weeks. As with Tesla’s Giga Berlin, the LfU has ...

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Audi is building battery-suported charging points in Neckarsulm

Audi is creating 72 additional charging points for electric vehicles at its Neckarsulm site through the use of so-called cubes, which use used lithium-ion batteries from dismantled Audi test vehicles to store electricity. Two of the cubes feed a total of 48 charging points and expand the charging capacity ...

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Dacia expands Spring series by more powerful model

Renault’s Dacia brand is giving its only electric model, the Spring, a more powerful drive combined with a new equipment line. The Spring Extreme Electric 65, which Dacia is presenting at the Brussels Motor Show now underway, gets a new electric motor with 48 kW of power. Exclusively reserved ...

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Daimler Truck completes large electric bus order in Germany

Mercedes-Benz has delivered all 45 electric buses on order with the public transit company VLP in the northeast of Germany. Verkehrsgesellschaft Ludwigslust-Parchim (VLP) has now taken delivery of the last 15 vehicles of a significant order placed in 2019. The project to procure electric buses for the state of ...

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TPA to run Toronto’s burgeoning charging network

Toronto Mayor John Tory launched the Toronto Parking Authority’s (TPA) EV Charging Initiative, which is now also going underground. TPA, the largest municipality-owned parking operator in North America, just installed eight chargers in a parking garage as part of a more comprehensive plan. The Toronto Parking Authority is coming ...

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Tevex Logistics orders 50 Mercedes eActros LongHaul

Mercedes-Benz & Lohum collaborate on 2nd life batteries

Afeela plans further models and launch in Europe

Over one million purely electric cars now on German roads

Zimbabwe bans raw lithium exports

Winnipeg Transit turns to New Flyer for zero-emission buses

Yutong releases electric tippers for mining in China

Vicinity gets credits worth $30 mn to ramp up e-truck production

ZF shows its next self-driving shuttle in Las Vegas

ZF develops range-saving ‘Heat Belt’ for EVs

Mercedes to source SiC semiconductors from Wolfspeed

Japan loosens safety regulations to speed up HPC installation


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