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It’s hard to put today’s Wordle answer for August 12th, 2022, into a neat little category, but once you get a good look at it, it’s actually very informative.

While the solution to Puzzle 419 is a very common word everybody will have heard of and often use themselves, it presents an interesting challenge in Wordle for a few reasons.

First, it features a repeated letter, which is always liable to cause trouble for even the most diligent of players. Plus, they’re in funny places in today’s puzzle, which makes things even tougher.

Next, even though the vowels are relatively easy, slotting them in the right place could prove tricky. Then there’s the consonants, which are relatively rare and easy to overlook in your guessing.

So you’re not left in the lurch for too long, we’ve thought of some helpful Wordle hints for August 12th, 2022, to give you some clues. While we’ve also updated our list of recent solutions for ideas if you’re stuck.

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Clues and hints for Today’s Wordle Answer

Sometimes it seems like Wordle would be better if it was tagged easy, medium or hard before you started – just so you knew what category you were going into.

But what’s classified as hard for some might not be for others, and with a little help even the most difficult problems can be overcome.

To nudge you in the right direction, here are some Wordle hints for August 12th, 2022.

Your clues for Puzzle 419 are:

  • The answer contains 2 different vowels evenly spaced out by consonants
  • The word has the same letter at the start and the end
  • The middle 3 letters spell out Grandpa Simpson’s first name

Previous Wordle Answers

While none of these words will come up again, it still pays to know what’s already been used. If you’re struggling to come up with guesses, these words give you a good idea of what kinds of letters and words tend to appear in Wordle. These are all of the recent solutions from across the last month.

  • #388 – Night – July 12
  • #389 – Bland – July 13
  • #390 – Liver – July 14
  • #391 – Wedge – July 15
  • #392 – Roomy – July 16
  • #393 – Wacky – July 17
  • #394 – Flock – July 18
  • #395 – Angry – July 19
  • #396 – Trite – July 20
  • #397 – Aphid – July 21
  • #398 – Tryst – July 22
  • #399 – Midge – July 23
  • #400 – Power – July 24
  • #401 – Elope – July 25
  • #402 – Cinch – July 26
  • #403 – Motto – July 27
  • #404 – Stomp – July 28
  • #405 – Upset – July 29
  • #406 – Bluff – July 30
  • #407 – Cramp – July 31
  • #408 – Quart – August 1
  • #409 – Coyly – August 2
  • #410 – Youth – August 3
  • #411 – Rhyme – August 4
  • #412 – Buggy – August 5
  • #413 – Alien – August 6
  • #414 – Smear – August 7
  • #415 – Unfit – August 8
  • #416 – Patty – August 9
  • #417 – Cling – August 10
  • #418 – Glean – August 11

Today’s Wordle Answer August 12th

The Wordle answer today is label.

Arriving in Middle English from Old French around 1300, the word label originally referred to a small band or strip of cloth used in heraldry or as a decorative ribbon on clothes.

The Old French was more like “labeau” and became “lambeau” in Modern French which means rag or tattered shred. Even though it seems similar, it has nothing to do with the word lapel, which is a much later word with a different etymology.

Nowadays we would use label to refer to a sticky label on a jar or the act of labelling something. This metaphorical sense, which arose from the visual similarity of a label to the original fabric scraps, wasn’t seen until the late 17th century, hundreds of years later.

Your job is done for the day but the fun’s not over. Why not test out these Wordle alternatives and see if there are any you like?


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