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Finding today’s Wordle answer for October 4th, 2022, is supposed to be relaxing like a branch swaying in the breeze.

However, the word featured in Puzzle 472 is very niche, so you’re going to have to do some rooting around to figure it out. It’s quite an archaic word, and one that definitely doesn’t come up in everyday conversation very often.

To make matters worse there are many much more popular words that are spelled very similarly. This makes today’s puzzle particularly tough to solve with just six guesses. Without a helping hand, you would probably guess a few of those ones first.

So you can take home the victory and keep your streak intact, we’ve devised some Wordle hints to give you a few clues. We’ve also updated our list of recent solutions from over the last month to give you some inspiration if you’re stuck.

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Clues and hints for Today’s Wordle Answer

Connections are the cornerstone of guessing a Wordle correctly. Like a family tree, each letter is joined to all of the others and wouldn’t make sense in isolation. Rather than focusing on individual letters, a better strategy is trying to imagine them as part of a whole word.

Here are a few Wordle hints to help you see the bigger picture!

Your clues for Puzzle 472 are:

  • The answer contains two different vowels in the second and third position
  • The first letter sounds like a buzzing, flying insect that makes honey
  • The first two letters can be used as an initialism to describe someone who smells bad or sweaty
  • The fourth and fifth letters are next to each other in the alphabet
  • The word sounds like (but is spelled differently to) a formal greeting or expression of thanks that’s common in Japan, but also with European kings and queens

Previous Wordle Answers

There is so much choice in Wordle with so many unique combinations that it can easily become overwhelming. For some simple inspiration on what to guess next, why not take a look at this list of recent solutions from over the last 30 days? While every word is only ever used once, you can get some good ideas on what kind of letters are likely to appear.

  • #442 – Inter – September 4
  • #443 – Whoop – September 5
  • #444 – Taunt – September 6
  • #445 – Leery – September 7
  • #446 – Class – September 8
  • #447 – Theme – September 9
  • #448 – Lofty – September 10
  • #449 – Tibia – September 11
  • #450 – Booze – September 12
  • #451 – Alpha – September 13
  • #452 – Thyme – September 14
  • #453 – Doubt – September 15
  • #454 – Parer – September 16
  • #455 – Chute – September 17
  • #456 – Stick – September 18
  • #457 – Trice – September 19
  • #458 – Alike – September 20
  • #459 – Recap – September 21
  • #460 – Saint – September 22
  • #461 – Glory – September 23
  • #462 – Grate – September 24
  • #463 – Admit – September 25
  • #464 – Brisk – September 26
  • #465 – Soggy – September 27
  • #466 – Usurp – September 28
  • #467 – Scald – September 29
  • #468 – Scorn – September 30
  • #469 – Leave – October 1
  • #470 – Twine – October 2
  • #471 – Sting – October 3

Today’s Wordle Answer October 4th

The Wordle answer today is bough.

Meaning a large branch or twig attached to the trunk of a tree, bough comes from the Old English word “bog” which referred to someone’s arm or shoulder where it attached to their body.

There are similar words in other Germanic languages that also mean shoulder, like “bug” in German, “bov” in Danish and “bogur” in Icelandic.

In English however, the word was metaphorically extended to tree branches because of the visual similarity. Metaphorical Extension is a very common form of word meaning change, as the meaning of older words widens to incorporate new concepts that are easily understood by speakers of the language.

For your next challenge, take a look at these seven Wordle alternatives!


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