Even with rivals like WhatsApp, Telegram, or Signal, many prefer Messenger to stay connected with friends and family. While Facebook has jam-packed Messenger with thoughtful features, the app’s reliability remains in question. Sometimes, messages don’t go through, or the app fails the send photos and videos. If you face the latter frequently, read along to learn to fix Messenger not sending videos issue.

Fix Messenger Not Sending Videos

We will cover both the Messenger iOS and Android apps. We will mention platform names wherever required.

1. Check Video Size

Messenger allows you to send photos, videos, gifs, and files over conversations. The maximum attachment size is 25MB. Before sending a video on Messenger, check the video size on your iPhone or Android.


1. Open the Photos app on your iPhone.

2. Select a video and hit the ‘i’ button, and check video size from the information menu.

internet, android
internet, android


1. Open Google Photos on Android.

2. Open a video and swipe up to check file details like location, name, video type, and size.

internet, android
internet, android

When you try to send a video over 25MB in size, Messenger will try to compress it. But even Messenger has a compression limit, and it might fail to reduce large video file sizes. You can try alternative platforms like Telegram, which has a 2GB limit, or upload the video to Google Drive or OneDrive and share a link on Messenger.

2. Check Network Connection

It’s another basic troubleshooting trick to fix Messenger not sending videos. If you are facing network glitches on your phone, the app won’t even send a message, let alone a video. You can temporarily enable Airplane mode on iPhone or Android and try sending video again.

1. Swipe down from the top right corner of your iPhone and access the Control Center.

2. Enable Airplane mode and disable it after a minute or two.

internet, android

On Android, you can swipe down from the top to access the quick toggles menu. Reset network connection using the Airplane mode trick.

3. Don’t Send Too Many Videos at Once

While there are no limits on sending multiple videos simultaneously, you should be careful. When you try to send 5-6 videos at once on a slow internet connection, Messenger might fail to send them. Instead, you can send one video at a time, wait for the loading indicator to complete, and send another.

4. Disable Data Saver Mode (Android)

Facebook Messenger on Android has a built-in data saver mode to save internet data. If you have enabled data saver mode on Messenger for Android, follow the steps below to disable it and send a video.

1. Open Messenger on Android.

2. Select your profile picture in the top left corner.

internet, android

3. Select Data Saver and disable it from the following menu.

internet, android
internet, android

5. Keep Facebook Open in the Background

When you send a video in a Messenger conversation, you shouldn’t immediately close the app. iOS might pause the app in the background, leaving you with video issues in Messenger. The problem is most apparent on old iPhones with 1GB/2GB RAM. You should keep the app when you send a video.

There is no such issue on Android as most phones come with 4GB/6GB RAM at least. However, OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) like OnePlus, Vivo, and Oppo can be aggressive and pause the app in the background. You should lock Messenger in the background.

1. Open the multitasking menu on your Android phone.

2. Long tap on the Messenger app icon.

3. Select Lock.

internet, android
internet, android

6. Check Facebook Servers

If Facebook servers are having a rough day, you can’t send videos, pictures, or messages in the Messenger app. You can visit Downdetector and search for Messenger. When others face the same, you will notice high outage graphs and user comments.

You must wait for Facebook to fix issues from their side. Once Facebook servers are up and running, start sharing media files on Messenger without any issue.

7. Update Messenger

If you use an old Messenger build on iOS or Android, you may run into glitches like not sending video. You should head to the Play Store or Apple App Store and install the latest Messenger app on your phone.

Send Videos on Messenger Without an Issue

Messenger not sending videos can confuse you. Before you ditch Messenger for another service, try the tricks above to get back to an ideal experience. We have you covered if you think Messenger is facing a network problem.

Meanwhile, here is a complete guide on what all icons and symbols mean on Messenger. You might learn something new there.


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