You may consider a lot when choosing a phone case for your new iPhone 14. If watching videos, reading, and video calling are some of your priorities, then a kickstand case can be a sensible choice for you.

Many stand cases are bulk and hard to stretch out. You must have some experience that your stand case is hard to put into your pocket or take it back out. Or they may not be so sturdy that they are prone to drop off when you’re watching videos. But that’s not the case with TORRAS iPhone 14 stand case series. If you need a case that offers rugged protection and supports kickstand function, TORRAS may help you out. Check TORRAS official website and amazon store.

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Why Choose TORRAS Stand Cases

TORRAS stand cases deliver functionality without sacrificing thinness. This builds on their exclusive UPROᵀᴹ Kickstand Tech TORRAS UPRO Clear and UPRO Matte series for iPhone 14, offering a 3-way kickstand for you to binge-watch your favorite TV shows or FaceTime with your family or friends. The kickstand is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy material, which is sturdy and durable enough for thousands of stable standing.

Based on the golden ratio and ergonomic design, they set the kickstand at the bottom to deliver more stable support for your phone. Focusing on how people interact with the phone screen, they provide the best viewing angle of 52 degrees horizontally and 62 degrees vertically. Consumers are free to adjust the angles that fit their eye level.

Even though they are versatile, they are slim. TORRAS iPhone 14 cases themselves are all ultra-thin while providing powerful drop resistance. The kickstand is built into the back and perfectly blends with the case without adding bulk. Most importantly, it supports MagSafe charging. When you’re spending around $1,000 on your iPhone 14 Pro Max, you’ll want a case that offers perfect protection and supports wireless charging at the same time. TORRAS also releases their MagSafe version of the stand case for an ultra-fast charging experience.

Let’s Explore More Details

TORRAS has launched three stand case series: UPRO Clear, UPRO Matte, and UPRO Matte MagSafe. Both UPRO Clear and UPRO Matte series have their kickstand at the bottom of the back, while UPRO Matte MagSafe cases have a ring-shaped kickstand on the back and lock the MagSafe accessories firmly while charging.

UPRO Clear case features a transparent composite back, which levels up protection from various impacts and scratches. With an edging made of German Bayer TPU materials, this iPhone 14 stand case also provides a premium touch feel and nice grip. Built with TransternityTM anti-yellow tech, this UPRO Clear case ensures long-lasting transparency even when you have used it for a long time.

A clear case lets you show off the beautiful back of your new iPhone and even your lifestyle. UPRO Clear case can be your best choice when you need a clear case and a kickstand to prop up your phone. And its protectiveness should not be understated. It’s equipped with the X-Shock anti-shock airbag tech, which protects your phone from corner to corner. The raised camera bezels and L-Shock camera airbags safeguard the rear camera lens, ensuring you make the most of the advanced tech from Apple.

iphone case
(Photo : TORRAS)

UPRO Matte case has a translucent hard-back bringing a sense of mystery and romance. The sprayed elastic paint on the surface makes it smooth and comfortable to hold. Its edging is designed with SliproofTM Nappa textures, giving a delicate touch and grippy protection. You’ll never need to worry that your phone will slip out of your hand. This iPhone 14 stand case features a slim profile and perfectly fits your iPhone 14.

Further, the UPRO Matte case keeps your phone intact with quadruple airbag protection. In addition to the built-in X-Shock four-corner airbags, it sets four anti-shock airbags outside the four corners, increasing air cushion and dispersing impact forces all around. This iPhone 14 stand case also has 360-degree surrounding airbags shaped like honeycomb inside the case. With the patented  L-Shock camera lens airbags, the UPRO Matte case has totally got you covered!

iphone case
(Photo : TORRAS)

The last stand case I want to show you from TORRAS is their UPRO Matte MagSafe case series. This case has the same translucent hard-back as the UPRO Matte case, but its kickstand is set in a different position and shape. It’s not only a kickstand that supports a 3-way standing but also a magnetic lock for MagSafe accessories while charging and a sturdy ring grip for confident, convenient holding with just one hand.

This 3-in-1 iPhone 14 stand case is an integration of all the functions you need. The built-in magnetic ring can perfectly align and snap quickly into place, making wireless charging faster and easier than ever. With its powerful magnetic force, you won’t need to worry that the MagSafe accessories will fall off.

UPRO Matte MagSafe also comes with X-Shock airbags inside the four corners and L-Shock camera lens airbags, which ensures multiple drop protection. SliproofTM Nappa textures make every touch of the case a pleasure.

iphone case
(Photo : TORRAS)

You Will be Glad You Bought It

A stand case can help a lot at work and in your spare time. TORRAS iPhone 14 stand cases are always the top pick, bringing a hands-free and hassle-free experience. Enjoy all the convenience they bring and explore more for your smart life.


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