Fun cars you can get under for Rs. 50,000 or less

With the inflation on free-run, the car prices have aimed for the sky and they are not stopping anytime soon. To buy a car which is fun to drive in today’s time will ask you to empty almost all of ...

5 cheap alternatives to the Mustang

Ford launched the legendary Mustang in India last week at an attractive price of Rs 65 lakhs ex showroom. This sticker price is pretty cheap for what it has to offer. But 65 lakhs is a lot for most people. ...

Ten 100 Bhp cars for under 2 lakhs

Honda Civic Price: Rs 1.80 lakhs/Power: 114 Bhp The Civic is one of those timeless cars that doesn’t grow old. Get into one today, 10 years after it was launched and you will still not feel disappointed. Even to ...

10 used cars BIG on fun and small on maintenance for under 2 lakhs

Maruti 800 5 speed Lightweight, skinny tyres and a responsive engine The 800 is India’s favorite car. It is the one that put India on wheels, for more part. Being affordable, reliable and small, it was a super hit ...

10 cars you could buy instead of the new Apple iPhone 7

It is ‘new iPhone’ season. Every other September, Apple unveils a new iPhone which sees the price of the old one drop and existing customers rush to the showrooms to purchase the latest avatar. However, for the same Rs. 70,000, ...

200 BHP cars for under 10 Lakhs

India has always been a reserved market. People mostly cared about cheaper cars with low running costs. There were a few however who wanted more than just that. For those enthusiasts, there are only a few cars to choose from. ...

10 reasons why you must buy a used AT car instead of a new one

Here are 5 more reasons why you must buy a used AT car instead of a new one. Immense luxury at throw away prices Honda Accord Price: 6-10 lakhs/2009-2012 model The Honda Accord has been a term synonymous with luxury ...

Used BMW and Mercedes cheaper than Honda City? Its true!

Let’s admit it, we all aspire to buy a luxury car. However, thanks to the exorbitant prices, which are courtesy of some crazy import duties, it becomes almost impossible for most of us to drive home in a Merc, Audi, ...

10 used cars BIG on fun & small on maintenance, for under 2 lakhs

A fun car that’s cheap to buy and maintain, especially in budget segments, is rare. Over the years, there have been a few exceptions though. We’ve rounded up 10 such cars that are not just fun and cheap to maintain ...

Maruti Gypsy to Ford Fiesta: 5 used CULT cars cheaper than iPhone X

Well, the iPhone X is unarguably among the best smartphones available in the market. On sale for Rs 1,08,930 (as listed on Apple India’s official website), the flagship smartphone from Apple doesn’t come cheap. Sure, it packs in a lot of ...

Buying a New Car! Tick These Boxes With Droom Before Deciding

We all know purchasing a used car is a big decision for many. Though trusted pre-owned marketplaces like Droom have made this a hassle free affair, we can totally relate to your fears and concerns, especially when you are putting ...

6 luxury sedans you can buy at the price of a Maruti Baleno RS

People who plan to buy a luxury sedan generally prefer German brands which cost north of Rs. 40 lakhs. Not everyone is able to get their hands on new vehicles with such price tags. The best option remains in the ...

10 USED affordable automatic cars for under Rs. 2 lakhs

Earlier, owning an automatic was more of a luxury. People felt that it was a waste of money and had to deal with the poor fuel economy. Now though, things are changing with the market shifting to automatic vehicles. With ...

Buy Second-Hand SUVs at Cheaper Price Than New Maruti WagonR

Indians love SUVs. While the Maruti Alto and the Maruti Dzire continue to dominate the sales charts, many SUVs on sale in the country are enjoying a steady growth in popularity. Today, let’s take a look at as many as ...

Continued: 10 USED affordable automatic cars for under Rs. 2 lakhs

Honda Civic The Civic was Honda’s take the entry level luxury sedan segment. When it was introduced, it blew the public away thanks to its sporty looks, digital speedo and cool interiors. The company also offered paddle shifters with ...

10 things that no one tells you about buying USED cars

The used car market in India is growing at a fast pace. There are many channels, portals and unorganized dealers through which you can buy a used car. But what are the things that should be kept in mind to ...

Innova to Hexa: Why These Cars Have Highest Resale Value

When a person goes to purchase a brand new car, the resale value of the vehicle is not something that crosses his or her mind. However, when the time comes to switch to a better ride, the resale value of ...

10 big DANGERS of buying used cars

The used car market is booming in India. The pre-owned car market offers bigger and more luxurious cars for the same budget. Also, the opening of organised retail chains has made it easier for the consumers to access used cars ...

5 Hacks To Save Time & Money While Buying or Selling Old Car

Buying or selling a car is one of the most important decisions of our lives. It’s truly reflected in the time & energy we spend before making that final decision. The problem becomes a little more complex when the decision ...

10 reliable used cars at the price of an Activa

Cars for the price of an automatic scooter? Ever thought you could get a reliable yet comfortable car for less than Rs 50,000? Yes, some may be older than 15 years, which means registering them in Delhi NCR will be ...

Maruti Suzuki revamps its True Value used car business

Maruti Suzuki, the leader in the passenger vehicles has announced a complete revamp of its True Value operations in India. The used car chain operated by Maruti will become much more attractive and transparent with the new makeover. The transformation ...

10 things that will DESTROY the resale value of car

While there is a lot of excitement when buying a brand new car, this is not the case while selling it. Getting the right value for your vehicle when you wish to sell it is important and is not an easy ...

This butch, modified Mahindra Thar is for sale, & it's cheaper than a Maruti Swift

The Mahindra Thar is among the most popular lifestyle off-road vehicles in India. This off-road beast is usually not the primary choice of vehicle for most people but rather as a second vehicle to be used for fun or weekend ...

Used Mercedes-Benz SLK selling CHEAPER than a Toyota Corolla

Convertible sports cars are probably the most exotic and good looking cars for the general public. The whole idea of opening the roof at the push of a button while nailing the throttle to get pinned back in the seat ...

This Hindustan Contessa wants to be a 1969 Ford Mustang Eleanor [Video]

Hindustan Contessa sedans, which were nearly forgotten a few years ago, are now experiencing a renaissance of sorts.From full restorations to resto-mods, Hindustan Contessa sedans are back in vogue. Here is a beautifully modified Hindustan Contessa, which has been tweaked ...

6 hassle-free, used luxury cars at the price of a Renault Kwid

The Renault Kwid is the only affordable hatchback currently which has made an impact on Alto and Celerio sales. The SUV inspired hatchback comes with good engines, good mileage and better than segment features. No wonder why it became a ...

Used Ford Endeavours are easy to find, but are they safe buys? We explain

The Indian car market is moderately old now, which is why the used car market is full of all kinds of options in India. If you’re out to buy a pre-owned vehicle in the Indian market and want to get ...

5 luxury cars that can be had for a 10th of their current price

Depreciation in value of cars is inevitable. However, some cars are hit more harder than other over the same period of time. There are various factors which affect how much value a car will lose over time. Brand value, after ...

Buying a Used Car in India: Guard Against These Fraudulent Practices

Used car are fast becoming popular in India due to the value tag they carry and sheer variety available in the market today. While multiple platforms do help you shortlist the final model, are you aware of what all needs ...

Now buy Maruti Suzuki cars from 200 True Value dealers across India

Pre-owned car sales network owned by Indian manufacturer Maruti Suzuki has announced that they will be expanding their ‘True Value’ networks to 200 outlets across the country. True Value is currently present in 132 cities in the country. Launched in ...

British, Vintage and Affordable? Rolls Royce Silver Shadow on Sale

Rolls Royce cars have always been symbols of luxury and power. Cars from the British brand has been a staple among state heads and royalty, which adds to their allure. Here is a piece of automotive history that you can ...

Tata Safari to Renault Duster: 5 Second-Hand SUVs Under Rs 5 lakh

Buying a used car has its own set of benefits including the fact that you can upgrade yourself to a much larger vehicle, in this case, an SUV. Most large vehicles do not hold their value too much in the ...

Here’s a list of 20 used cars that you can buy under Rs. 2 Lakhs

With ever increasing new car sales, more users are selling their old cars and upgrading to newer models. This also means the used car market is flooded with various options to cater to a wide audience. So even if your ...

This Used Honda Civic is the cheapest Hybrid car you can buy in India

If you may remember, Honda was the first one to bring a hybrid vehicle to India in the form of the Civic Hybrid. For those who don’t, this indeed is true. It was launched here in 2008 and priced at ...

Now Buy a Toyota Fortuner at Cheaper Rate Than Maruti Brezza

The Toyota Fortuner is the best selling SUV in its segment. Known for its ruggedness and reliability, the Fortuner has become the first choice of buyers over the time. However, it also is not a cheap vehicle as even the ...

This 'MONSTER' 4 door Mahindra Thar off-roader is for sale, & it's cheaper than a Tata Nexon compact suv [Video]

Modified Mahindra Thars have become a very usual thing for most of us. Almost every Thar owner customises his ride according to his needs and taste which is the reason why Thar mod jobs are so common. Also, the Thar ...

This DC Design-modified Renault Duster is for sale

It’s not often that you see a DC Design modified car come up for sale in the used car market. So, when this Renault  Duster modified by DC Design came into the used car market, it caught our eye almost ...

You can buy these 5 used rare LUXURY at unbelievable prices

When we talk about super luxury cars, the usual image that comes to mind is of a large swanky car which oozes class and comfort. However, the cars that fit this description are out of reach for most people. Therefore, ...

Maruti Baleno, Honda City Now Available at Cost of Apple iPhone XS

Apple had recently launched the new iPhone variants some time back and as expected, they are priced par belief. Every other September, Apple unveils a new iPhone which sees the price of the old one drop and existing customers rush ...

Modified Hindustan Contessa sedan for sale: Prices less than that of a Renault Kwid

Hindustan Motors was among the earliest automotive manufacturers of India. Though now defunct, it has given us some timeless classics like the Ambassador and the Contessa. Talking about the Contessa, it is considered by many to be the first and ...


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