we ranked the best twitter responses to stadia’s shutdown

There’s nothing that Twitter loves more than to smugly pile on to breaking (and meme-able) gaming news.

Google Stadia was first announced in March 2019 and released later that year. Here we are, almost only three years after from its November 2019 launch and it’s already getting shut down. This is what Twitter had to say in response.

14. @GreatCheshire Recounting a Great Story

Stadia shutting down is a big loss to me, someone who liked to lurk on the Stadia subreddit every time there was negative Stadia news to see people argue that there’s no way Stadia won’t catch on

— Lady Emily (@GreatCheshire) September 29, 2022

Today’s not the best day to be on that Subreddit, either.

13. @SuperButterBuns’ Reminding Us About the Game Awards Ads

I cant believe all those back to back stadia commercials during the game awards didn't work

— Buns (@SuperButterBuns) September 29, 2022

There’s nothing like some solid sarcasm in the face of a failed platform.

12. @Okami13_ Using the Funeral Meme

RIP Google Stadia: 2019 – 2022 pic.twitter.com/cZ47s0URK9

— Okami Games (@Okami13_) September 29, 2022

We all knew that this would be one of the first things made.

11. @DanyanSenpai Editing a Simpsons Clip

Actual footage of Google calling the end of Stadia pic.twitter.com/wxxQ1A6ita

— DanyanSenpai (@DanyanSenpai) September 29, 2022

There’s never a bad time to edit a Simpsons clip to fit a story/joke.

10. @LonelyGoomba Showing the Bright Side

Stadia fans end up winning and getting everything for the free the entire time. Playing the long game

— LonelyGoomba (@LonelyGoomba) September 29, 2022

Jokes aside, the fact that full refunds will be offered is really nice.

9. @AshleyEsqueda Throwing Shade at Google

So wild to hear Google is gonna shutter Stadia, this is so unlike them pic.twitter.com/plH4e5yQGj

— Ashley 🧠💚 (@AshleyEsqueda) September 29, 2022

Google does have a habit of abandoning projects (cough Google+ cough).

8. @MikeDrucker Throwing More Shade at Google

Google Stadia felt like a decent idea run by a company that hated it with the heat of a thousand suns https://t.co/KdVP9OtfoI

— Mike Drucker (@MikeDrucker) September 29, 2022

Considering the tweet above this one sharing a similar message, it seems to be the consensus that Google just didn’t truly know what to do with Stadia.

7. @CultureCrave’s Darth Vader Clip

Google after Stadia couldn’t beat Xbox & PlayStation: pic.twitter.com/7Uijwqa6pc

— FirePorter🎃 (@fireporteryt) September 29, 2022

We’re suckers for a good Star Wars clip.

6. @GabrielKono Pointing Out Google’s Self-Sabotage

Google:– Let's not mention Stadia in our main company events– Let's not get Stadia any spots in the main gaming Events like E3– Let's not have any exclusive games and shut the developers downAlso Google:”It didn't get the traction it needed, we are shutting it down” pic.twitter.com/jhU6LrxPfm

— Gabriel Konopnicki (@GabrielKono) September 29, 2022

This three-panel comic (by artist Corentin Penloup) is one of the best things ever made.

5. @TheNCSmaster’s Other Failed Gaming Platforms Welcoming Stadia Image

See ya Stadia pic.twitter.com/dWialmgq15

— TheNCSmaster (@TheNCSmaster) September 29, 2022

Turns out there are a lot of misses in gaming platform history. Also, if you can name most of these? You’re old. Just stating the facts.

4. @Mauvecow’s Excellent Takedown of a Big Stadia Issue

i'd pour one out for stadia but its latencies were so negative it'd just go right back into the bottle

— mauve (@mauvecow) September 29, 2022

This tweet paints a great picture of most players’ experience with Stadia.

3. @MegosMenace’s Life Story

A lot of crass jokes about the Google stadia but I met both my wife and my mistress through Google stadia I am divorced now but that is irrelevant to my point

— Double Fisting Two Tallboys (I MEAN BEER) (@MegosMenace) September 29, 2022

This is just simply a good joke.

2. @HardDriveMag’s Amazing Headline

Google Shuts Down Stadia, Shocking Gamers Who Assumed They’d Already Done Thathttps://t.co/YLuxum52uH

— Hard Drive (@HardDriveMag) September 29, 2022

Yes, a Hard Drive headline is kind of just a guaranteed top three.

1. @Jake_Randall_YT’s Terrific Dad Joke Pun

Google was not here to Stadia ☹️

— Jake Randall (@Jake_Randall_YT) September 29, 2022

This is too good of a pun to not be first in our ranking.

While it’s definitely a bummer that Stadia didn’t manage to last, you can always count on Twitter to cheer you up with the memes.


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