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When you think of Logitech, you probably imagine computer peripherals, but in addition to speakers and keyboards, Logitech wants you to associate their brand with something else: gaming. We take a look at the Logitech G Cloud to see whether it’s worth buying.


  • Device Specifications
  • Standout Features
  • Pros of Logitech G Cloud
  • Cons of Logitech G Cloud
  • Alternatives to G Cloud
  • Should You Buy a Logitech G Cloud?

What Is the Logitech G Cloud?

The Logitech G Cloud is a handheld gaming device. With devices like the Steam Deck and others gaining in popularity and generating a lot of buzz, it’s no surprise that Logitech would want to throw its hat in the ring. Given the name of this Android-based handheld gaming device, “G Cloud,” it’s obvious that Logitech wants to market this toward cloud gaming. However, since it’s running Android, it will also be able to run native Android apps, so you can run Android games as well as a variety of emulators.

hardware, amazon, android

Image source: Xbox

Device Specifications

  • CPU: Snapdragon 720G 8-core
  • GPU: Adreno 618
  • Storage: 64GB Internal (expandable up to 1TB via microSD card)
  • Display: 7-inch 1920 x 1080 60Hz IPS touchscreen @ 450 nits
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.1
  • Battery: 6,000 mAh (supports Quick Charge 3.0)

Standout Features

Cloud Gaming

The Logitech G Cloud is, first and foremost, a cloud gaming device, so your experience with it is going to vary based on your network speeds. Cloud gaming and game streaming require a lot of bandwidth. If your network can’t handle it, then the Logitech G Cloud is relegated to a very expensive Android tablet with some tacked-on controls.

hardware, amazon, android

Image source: Logitech

Provided your network is sufficient, the G Cloud is compatible with Xbox Cloud Gaming with Game Pass as well as Nvidia GeForce Now, which translates to a pretty formidable library of games. In addition, you can locally stream games on your Xbox through Remote Play and PC games through Steam Link. Regrettably, if you’re a PS4/PS5 owner, you get the shaft. While the PS Remote Play app installs on the G Cloud, it doesn’t recognize the built-in controls, rendering it pretty much unusable.

hardware, amazon, android

Android OS

The Logitech G Cloud runs Android 11 and is preinstalled with Google Play, so you can download and install any app from the Google Play Store. Native Android games are a given, but you can also install any console emulator. Granted, your mileage with each emulator will vary depending on the system requirements of the emulator as well as ROM compatibility – but the feature itself makes the G Cloud a very capable retro gaming device. In addition, you’ll be able to download and install any app you wish, although the usability of non-gaming apps may be hampered by the fact that the G Cloud is a gaming device.

hardware, amazon, android

Pros of Logitech G Cloud

Battery Life

The 6,000 mAh battery is pretty beefy, and Logitech claims you can squeeze about 12 hours of life out of a single charge. That’s impressive, but it’s important to take that figure with a grain of salt. Real world battery life will be determined by a number of factors like screen brightness and how demanding the game is. That being said, the Logitech G Cloud’s battery life should be significantly better when compared to something like the Steam Deck’s due to the fact that the G Cloud is running an ARM processor – these processors are designed to consume much less power.

hardware, amazon, android


The Logitech G Cloud is substantially smaller and lighter than the Steam Deck. Furthermore, it features a fairly large seven-inch 1080p IPS screen. Granted, it is only 1080p, but it still looks great, and compared to the Switch’s 720p screen and the Steam Deck’s 1280 x 800 screen, it stands out. In addition, Logitech has ensured future buyers that the G Cloud is comfortable to hold, with excellent ergonomics and a thinner, lighter body than its competitors.

hardware, amazon, android

Native Android Games

Since the G Cloud runs Android as opposed to Windows or Linux, you’ll be able to run Android apps. With Google Play preinstalled, you can sign in to your account and start installing your favorite Android games as soon as you take the device out of the box.

hardware, amazon, android

Image source: Pexels


Speaking of Android apps, console emulators for Android have come a long way, and there are a ton to choose from. In real user testing, the Logitech G Cloud is capable of running virtually every emulator available for Android. While the level of game compatibility varies, some of the more demanding emulators like Dolphin (Gamecube/Wii) and AetherSX2 (PS2) are playable.

Cons of Logitech G Cloud

Controller Support

The built-in controls won’t work with certain games like Call of Duty Mobile, as the game only supports the Xbox and PlayStation controllers. You can still play the game on the Logitech G Cloud; however, you’ll be forced to use the touchscreen controls, which is awkward, to say the least. For some games, like Genshin Impact, it is possible to use the built-in controls with a third-party button-mapping app. Yet, it’s disappointing that the built-in controls don’t work out of the box.

hardware, amazon, android

Image source: Call of Duty

Furthermore, while the Logitech G Cloud supports the PS Remote Play app, it doesn’t recognize the G Cloud’s built-in controls, so you’ll be stuck using the on-screen controls if you want to stream PlayStation games from your PS4 or PS5 console. Some Reddit users have reported that the PSPlay app, an unofficial PS5 & PS4 Remote Play app, does work with the G Cloud’s built-in controls, so if you’re comfortable running a third-party app, there seems to be a workaround.

Wi-Fi 5 Support Only

This isn’t a huge issue, but when using a cloud gaming service, you really need to make sure that you have a speedy, stable Internet connection. Wi-Fi 5 shouldn’t have any problems with things like Xbox Cloud Gaming; however, we’re a bit surprised that the Logitech G Cloud doesn’t support Wi-Fi 6. Doing so would have alleviated concerns related to future-proofing the device.

Furthermore, there is no 5G capability. Unfortunately, this means that cloud gaming will need a WiFi network connection. For all intents and purposes, this is going to limit the portability of the device to within one’s own home. While it’s possible to connect to a mobile hotspot, you may experience latency issues in doing so.

hardware, amazon, android

Image source: Pexels


The Logitech G Cloud is, at its core, an Android tablet with built-in controls. Therefore, we feel that at its current price of $350, the device is too expensive. It’s simply not as powerful as the devices it wants to compete against. Furthermore, it lacks some features that could elevate it, like an OLED screen. If and when the price comes down, the Logitech G Cloud would definitely be on our radar. However, for now, it’s just not worth its price tag.

Alternatives to G Cloud

  • Your existing Android phone/tablet: the specs on the Logitech G Cloud are pretty good, and it does what you want it to do. However, there are certainly Android phones and tablets that have significantly better specs. You can run the same native Android games as well as a variety of cloud gaming services straight from your existing device. That said, you’ll have to put up with touchscreen controls. However, this is easily remedied by pairing your existing device with a controller.

hardware, amazon, android

Image source: Amazon

  • Steam Deck and alternatives: it’s not really fair to compare the Logitech G Cloud to the Steam Deck or Steam Deck alternatives like the Aya Neo, as the G Cloud runs an ARM processor paired, while the Steam Deck and devices like it run the x86 architecture. Game compatibility is far greater with an x86 device. Look at ARM-compatible games on Steam – the list isn’t very long. However, x86 devices are physically larger and have mediocre battery life.

hardware, amazon, android

Image source: Steam

  • Other Android handhelds: there are a number of Android-based handhelds on the market. The Odin Lite and the Retroid 3 are all recently released gaming handhelds running Android. The prices of these devices vary; however, the specs of these devices aren’t nearly as good as what’s found in the G Cloud. Therefore, when it comes to sheer power, the Logitech G Cloud wins out.

Should You Buy a Logitech G Cloud?

The Logitech G Cloud is a well-designed piece of hardware that does what it says. However, we’re not really sure who this device is for. The G Cloud is really just an Android tablet with a controller tacked on to it. If you’re already an Android user, then you probably already have a phone or tablet that can do the same thing.

hardware, amazon, android

Additionally, the current price point of the Logitech G Cloud is steep. At the time of this writing, Logitech is charging $350 US for the G Cloud. When you consider the fact that you can get your hands on the Steam Deck for only $50 more, it leaves a bit of a bad taste in your mouth.

hardware, amazon, android

Given a reduction in price, it’s not a bad piece of tech. The Logitech G Cloud is a very well-designed device with good quality buttons and an impressive screen. It lacks a bit of grunt under the hood, but it handles game streaming well and supports Google Play, so you can run native Android games and emulators. This makes it a fairly versatile machine – if the price is right.

Image credit: Pexels


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