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I have a budget of around 80k max, I will buy a good helmet, jacket, boots and pants too after getting a bike.

BHPian Doge recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hi all,

After years of contemplating and want, I have decided that I want to get myself a motorcycle, my first one. I have always loved motorcycles, but worried parents never let me hop on one.

I also resisted, thinking I’ll get one in Europe or somewhere else where I won’t be run over while riding.

Anyways, I can’t wait and have been looking around. I want to ride a bike, even if it’s just an hour long early morning ride a few times a week ( for now ).

I don’t really need the bike and probably won’t commute on it, this will be an A to A machine.

So I have a budget of around 80k max, I will buy a good helmet, jacket, boots and pants too after getting a bike. Since I have only ridden a Thunderbird for 5 mins so far, I don’t have the option to test bikes as I can’t really ride them yet. I am in my early twenties and am 6”5 tall and weight 90 kilos.

FE is not a problem, but don’t want a bike which keeps breaking unexpectedly. Most important I suppose is that the bike should be able to cruise at 100 kph easy all day as I live right next to some of the fastest expressways in NCR and I use them all the time to get anywhere. I am a sedate rider but I have seen how fast cars overtake 110 cc bikes in the left most side of the express way and I don’t wanna be the guy who gets hit from behind riding at 60. Abs would be great too but I think it will be tough to find it in this vintage. Decent breaks are a must.

I will learn on this machine only. Here is what I have found:

  • My first choice is a CBR 250R, I still find the 2012 VFR coloured ones gorgeous and have heard good things about it. Problem is finding a nice one, they are usually used by boy racers in slippers. These gaudy looking ones are the early VFR coloured ones and are around 50k, 2012 or 2013 model years. Nicer and later ones are in the 70k range but rare and don’t have the VFR colours. Abs ones are even rarer. I am not sure if this bike has good parts availability? Also the fairings are a bit worrisome, if I drop the bike I will break them.
  • Second choice is the Yamaha FZ25. Found a 2018 for 70k. Seems low on power compared to the Honda, looks a bit too busy but not a deal breaker. Still in production so that’s another plus point.
  • Third one- the Pulsar AS200, I like the way it looks, seems to have decent power and should be a good cruiser at 100 but it’s so hard to find, and the RS 200 is hideous.
  • Wildcard choice is the Honda Unicorn. I just like the unicorn, it’s a handsome honest machine. Has a mono shock and from what I’ve heard, a great engine. Also cheaper than others but I think that this bike will struggle on the expressway and probably tops out at 100.

So I look forward to your suggestions, what bike for under 80k that can cruise all day over 100 and is not tiny to sit on?

Here’s what BHPian IshaanIan had to say on the matter:

Was gonna say Duke 200 for 60k plus 10k on tyres and another 10k on other service bits and bobs. Then you mentioned you are 6’5″  I find most bikes to be built for people between 5’7″ and 5’10”. CBR250R may sound great but I found it a bit scrunched up (I am only 6’0″) which to an extent is bearable on well balance nakeds like the Duke 200 but not on something with a sportier stance. Certainly not for someone that is 6’5″. Personally I bought the RC390 as my first bike mostly because it genuinely felt roomy and felt like it fit well not leaving me feeling too scrunched up. I understand that you want a bike asap but I would recommend taking the time to actually ride and sample a whole bunch of bikes before buying one. Just to find out what fits you and doesn’t even if it might look great.


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