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Your gambling tech stack should include a stock portfolio tracker. Maintaining a close watch on your money is critical, and it’s also a significant difficulty, particularly if you have many assets with various providers.

Do you have trouble keeping sight of several different investing transactions? Use a portfolio tracker to keep track of your investments. It might be an application, a site, or a worksheet that helps you record all of your various investments. You may observe how your present investment strategy compares to your long-term objectives and how your portfolio performs compared to the market.

What is a Portfolio Tracker, and how does it work?

A portfolio tracker is electronic software that helps keep track of your assets’ progress. You’ll notice stuff like:

    The current state of your account

    Deficits and profits


    How your investments compare to your short- and long-term objectives

    What do your assets look like in comparison to the industry as a whole

This information may be accessed instantly and in real-time using an online portfolio tracker.

The Benefits of Using a Portfolio Tracker that is Automated

Your investment portfolio is the most significant aspect of your long-term financial well-being. However, this does not imply that you have unlimited time to analyze and administer your account (s).

You won’t have to invest twice as much time checking your accounts with an automatic investing portfolio tracker. Everything is taken care of by the software.

Make better financial judgments.

Buying in the financial industry can be both frustrating and thrilling. You’ll feel more secure in your potential to achieve your economic objectives if you make a wise investment and spending selections.

More effective budget management

An automatic portfolio tracker will operate within specified boundaries to guarantee that you invest according to your financial situation.

Make a note of all of your assets on a spreadsheet.

Understanding what you’ve accomplished in the past is a significant element of portfolio tracking to make wise choices. With an automatic portfolio tracker, you can keep track of your assets at all times.

Determine your trading and investment requirements quickly.

Do you wish to diversify your cryptocurrency holdings? Do you need to take a closer look at your current asset allocation? You may use a portfolio tracker to address these sorts of inquiries and define your requirements.

Key Characteristics to Look for in a Portfolio Tracker

Portfolio tracking is more than catches the eye. You should pick an investment tracker that includes all of the capabilities you require and ones that you might wish to try out later.

Here’s a quick rundown of what your investment tracker should include:

The number of stocks that are exchanged

You’ll rarely get a clear picture of how your investment portfolio functions if you don’t do this. Not to mention that it will prevent you from comprehending the accomplishment of previous purchases.

Brokerages in favor

All portfolio trackers support not all brokerages. Look for a tracking solution that works with the brokerages you already use. If things don’t line up, your selected tool will be unusable.

Instruments for analysis

There are several sorts of analytical tools available to assist you in making smarter investing decisions. A stock analysis tool, for instance, gives you all the information you need to make educated judgments. These tools give you all you need to know about your prior achievement, including evaluations.

News stream that is integrated

The stock market’s performance might be influenced by recent news. The finest portfolio trackers have an integrated news feed, allowing you to remain updated on breaking news that may affect your investment selections.

Connect a number of exchanges and blockchain

Your portfolio tracker should be able to connect a good number of exchanges and blockchains. For eg., Polar connects over 50 exchanges and over 50 blockchains.

How do you keep track of your investment opportunities with a Portfolio Tracker?

Because each individual has unique objectives, there is no one-size-fits-all response to this topic. Here are three aspects that each investor should pay attention to keep a clearer vision of their investments:

Overall Profitability: What has been the overall profitability of your securities over the last year?

Dividend yield: Do you own any dividend-paying stocks? Are you reinvesting your winnings?

Asset allocation: Do you have a diverse portfolio of assets, or have you invested too much in a single firm or class?

How do you choose the best portfolio tracker?

It is dependent on your investment approach and objectives. Both expert and ordinary investors can benefit from investment tracking software. Examine the resources and solutions provided and the costs and encrypting technique to ensure that the service is secure.

A decent tracker will allow you to track many asset classes while also supporting a large number of brokerages. Some monitors provide specific statistics on individual investment portfolios, including market exposure, asset allocation, fund kinds, etc. Some provide you with a full perspective of your economic situation by combining this degree of data with your non-investment financial accounts.

Determine why you require a portfolio tracker in the first place and your top ‘needs’ and ‘wants.’

Consider the costs you’ll have to pay and whether or not additional services are included with your tracker. Some companies may provide you with a free portfolio tracking service in the hopes of upselling you on more premium services.

For example, you can use Polar to track your portfolio. Polar allows you to track your net worth in a single place, regardless of where or how it is stored. It can help you track your crypto net worth, gain an overview of all your holdings and check your past performance.

It connects 50+ exchanges and 5+ blockchains, supports 10k+ coins, and even shows unsupported ERC20 tokens in your wallets on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and more.

The Bottom Line

Portfolio management applications allow you to keep track of your money from any location and time. Some apps integrate with your existing accounts, while others require you to manually enter data about your investments.

In any case, such applications give real-time data-so you know where you are right now-and tools to assist you in getting to where you want to go in the future.


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