Picture this: you are running late, and you still need to research a report that you slept over or forgot to do the night before. You board the school bus, and there is an internet connection to buy you extra 20 minutes to cram that research and come to school prepared.

The FCC is proposing to do on its recent release, saying that public school buses should have internet connection aboard the vehicle. 

WiFi on Public School Buses Now Proposed by the FCC

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(Photo : OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP via Getty Images)

A release by the FCC chair Jessica Rosenworcel focuses on the proposition by the United States Federal Communications Commission, focusing on providing a WiFi internet connection to public school buses. The fund will come from the government, and this is what the FCC chair aims to secure for this project, especially in this age of the internet. 

The fund will focus on the “E-Rate” funding from the public institution, and it will be given to students and professors alike that use the school buses to and from their homes to the learning institutions. The E-Rate funding mainly focuses on technological advancements for schools and connectivity costs, and it will be the source of another mode of access for school buses.

The FCC focus on WiFi Connection, Asks for Budget

According to Tech Crunch, the FCC already spent $35 million through its Emergency Connectivity Fund to provide for its other ventures; all focused on the schools. The in-school bus WiFi connection should ensure that students get access to school networks, something that mobile data on their devices cannot handle. 

Staying Connected in the World We Live in

WiFi is a stronger connection than data, but both are still methods to connect to the internet and stay up to date with the many happenings in the world. Staying connected in the world we live in is not much of a challenge nowadays, as there are many projects and plans to ensure that everyone gets access to the connection. 

One of the many projects present in the world is the 5G integration in most of the towers and several locations in the country, especially with the 5G C-Band spectrum launched earlier this year. 

However, that does not mean that WiFi technology and its features are phased out. Connections like Fiber and home 5G are available for everyone to use. 

Tesla vehicles also offer mobile hotspots and WiFi connection aboard their cabin, so it is not long for public school buses to have it. 

Public transportation in some countries already offers the chance to connect to the internet for all people, both students, workers, and average citizens alike. Now, there is a chance to secure it for all students studying in the country’s public institutions, helping them connect to the world and be online, even when in transit to and from the schools.

Written by Isaiah Richard


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