Developer runs Google Chrome on a cancelled Microsoft Lumia phone

Image Courtesy: Gustave M While Microsoft has discontinued the Lumia brand, and no new phones are coming, a couple of years ago the company tested a Lumia 950 prototype with Surface Pen support and some other interesting features. The Lumia ...

Windows Phones stock will be back soon on Microsoft Store website

Image Courtesy: Microsoft recently sold the very last units of Windows Phones it had in stock, while the report suggests that Microsoft has no plans to any more units available, the company’s sales representative told us that the phones ...

Wileyfox’s Windows Phone is once again available

Image Courtesy: AAWP Wileyfox is one of the companies that have shown interest in new Windows Phones on the market regardless of the fact that Microsoft has put Windows 10 Mobile in maintenance mode last year. A couple of months ...

Microsoft is once again selling Alcatel’s Windows Phone on its online store

Image Courtesy: Microsoft recently stopped selling the Windows Phones on its web store and the phones were labelled as out of stock. While people were assuming that Microsoft won’t sell the phones again, a Microsoft sales representative last ...

Microsoft’s Surface Andromeda could support hinge gestures

Image Courtesy: Andrew Burton / Getty Images While Microsoft’s foldable Surface Phone continues to be a dream that never seems to come true, the software giant is also exploring the new ideas to improve the concept of the foldable mobile ...

WhatsApp Beta for Windows Phone updated with new features

Image Courtesy: WhatsApp has been the only application which has been continuously supporting the Windows Phone platform strongly when big players have decided to leave the platform to concentrate on iOS and Android. To continue their support for ...

Surface Andromeda: Can Microsoft lead the foldable smartphone revolution?

Image Courtesy: Phone Designer Microsoft has never confirmed the Andromeda or the mythical Surface Phone, but this hasn’t stopped the fans from dreaming about the ultimate mobile device with Windows 10 operating system. While the initial reports claimed that ...

Microsoft Store in Australia is still promoting Windows Phones

Image Courtesy: Windows Central Recently, the Microsoft Online Store ran out of Windows Phones and not even a single model was in stock. It seemed as though Microsoft had stopped selling Windows Phones in their Online Store. However, Microsoft ...

Full Windows 10 ARM on Lumia phones is taking shape quite nicely

Image Courtesy: Ben Microsoft is not developing Windows Phone platform anymore and the company a while ago confirmed there’ll be no miraculous Windows 10 Mobile revivals. Needless to say, you might be already tired of hearing again and again that Windows ...

Microsoft’s latest foldable device patent finds a way to detect user focus

Image Courtesy: Microsoft last year surrendered in the smartphone battle and while the future of its mobile push is uncertain, the company is reportedly working on a new mobile-type device behind the closed doors. Codenamed Andromeda, Microsoft’s next ...

The third-party Windows Phones are back in stock on the Microsoft Store

Image Courtesy: AAWP Last year Microsoft confirmed that Windows Phone is no longer supported, but even after that point, the company sold some Windows 10 Mobile devices on its online store. In April, we reported that there are zero Windows ...

Screenshots provide closer look at full Windows 10 ARM on Lumia

Windows Phone platform is in the maintenance mode and no new features are planned by Microsoft. But there’s a good news for the enthusiasts as the full Windows 10 ARM on Microsoft Lumia 950 XL project is successful, though the ...

WhatsApp Beta for Windows Phone updated with Group Settings features and more

Image Courtesy: Windows WhatsApp team today pushed out a new update for its Beta Application on Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile. The latest update comes with the most awaited Group Settings and Administrator powers to Group Admins. ...

Full Windows 10 ARM also works on the smaller Lumia 950

Image Courtesy: The Windows 10 ARM projected was initially limited to the Microsoft’s Lumia 950 XL flagship Windows Phone. Today a developer announced that the operating system also works on the smaller variant. According to developer NTAuthority, Windows ...

Windows 10 ARM on Microsoft Lumia 950 XL runs really well

Image Courtesy: Ben Windows Phones are going extinct these days, and while Microsoft is not committed to its own mobile platform, the skilled developers are still working on an interesting project for such devices. A couple of weeks ago we ...

Microsoft’s new Windows 10 game hints at mythical Andromeda

The hardcore fans have always hoped that Microsoft would get its stuff together and launch the highly-anticipated mythical Surface Phone. The rumours of Surface Phone dates back to late 2015 and the mythical phone has made the news every once ...

Foldable Windows 10 devices are the future of mobile computing

It’s no longer a secret that Microsoft and the OEM partners are working on foldable mobile devices with Windows 10. Microsoft is thinking beyond mobile, and the company’s next won’t be a smartphone as we know today. The death of the ...

Dell is reportedly working on a dual-screen device with Windows 10

Image Courtesy: A report from reliable sources revealed that Qualcomm is working on Snapdragon 850 processor for next-generation Always Connected PCs powered by Windows 10 on ARM. Microsoft’s next mobile device codenamed Andromeda (referred to as Surface Phone) ...

Microsoft’s Surface Phone imagined in a new stunning concept

Microsoft has already realised that the immediate future of smartphones is likely to go the folding way, and the company is developing the so-called Surface Phone. The foldable phones-tablet certainly makes sense given the fact that the idea of regular ...

Microsoft’s foldable Windows 10 device will reportedly launch this year

Microsoft’s upcoming mobile device codenamed Andromeda (often referred to as Surface Phone) has long been considered as an innovative Windows 10 device. Microsoft Andromeda is said to be a flagship Surface-branded device with a dual-screen and innovative hinge technology ...

Samsung’s cancelled foldable phone Project V leaks online, and it looks ugly

Microsoft, Samsung and other OEMs are reportedly working on foldable mobile devices. The concept of the foldable phone isn’t really new, and some of the projects date back to 2014. The South Korean firm Samsung was reportedly working on ...

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new Windows 10 app

Image Courtesy: Facebook-owned WhatsApp is reportedly working with Microsoft on a new messaging app for Windows 10 devices including PCs, Tablets, Phones and apparently, the foldable Andromeda mobile device. The rumours of a new WhatsApp started when a designer ...

Developer dual boots full Windows 10 ARM and Windows 10 Mobile on Lumia

Running full Windows 10 on a phone has long been a dream for many Microsoft enthusiasts, and while the software giant is not working on such a project, the developers have shown us a preview of full OS running on ...

WhatsApp for Windows Phone updated with minor bug fixes

Image Courtesy: Facebook-owned WhatsApp is believed to working on a new app for Windows 10 device, and meanwhile, the company remains committed to its current Windows Phone app. WhatsApp recently rolled out a new update for Windows Phone ...

Report: Microsoft’s foldable Windows 10 device will be powered by Snapdragon 1000

A new report suggests that the rumoured Qualcomm Snapdragon 1000 processor is specifically prepared for Windows 10 on ARM devices, including the upcoming Andromeda mobile device (also referred to as Surface Phone). A LinkedIn profile of an engineer suggests ...

New concept imagines Windows Phone with Windows 95

Microsoft released Windows 95 to the public in 1995, and it was an important moment for the company. Windows 95 introduced numerous features, such as the start button, and since then it has been used in all Windows operating ...

Truecaller ends support for its Windows Phone app

Image Courtesy: Truecaller, the popular caller ID solution for blocking spam calls, has ended support for its Windows Phone app. The company last week ended support for its Windows Phone app, and you can no longer download it from ...

“Send Messages” feature now available on WhatsApp Beta for Windows Phone

WhatsApp for Windows Phone Concept. (Image Courtesy: We have been regularly informing our users of the new features the WhatsApp team is working on for Windows Phone users. We had reported earlier that WhatsApp has pushed the “Live ...

Report: Microsoft’s rumoured dual-screen Windows 10 device might not launch this year

A concept of Andromeda by David Breyer Over the last few days, it has become apparent that Microsoft is working on a new Surface-branded foldable mobile device powered by a new version of Windows 10 optimized for all form ...

More evidence of Microsoft’s rumoured foldable Windows 10 device appears online

If you had decided that the rumoured Microsoft’s foldable device codenamed Andromeda would be your next device, we have bad news. The long rumoured Andromeda has reportedly been put on hold for this year and it’ll be unveiled next year. ...

It’s not a bad thing if Microsoft’s rumoured foldable Windows 10 device gets delayed

Over the last few days, it had become hard to doubt that the Microsoft’s rumoured Andromeda folding device was on the way. A report from reliable sources just revealed that Microsoft may have changed its plans after the discovering some issues ...

Why Microsoft’s rumoured foldable Windows 10 device could be the next big thing

Microsoft was reportedly planning to launch the highly-anticipated foldable Windows 10 mobile device later this year, but according to a new report, the project has been delayed and there’s a chance that the project could be discontinued entirely. The ...

Report: Microsoft’s rumoured foldable Windows 10 device is definitely not coming this year

The leaked email recently confirmed that Microsoft is still working on a pocketable Surface device with Windows Core OS. While the previous suggested a 2018 reveal, Microsoft appears to have delayed the release of rumoured Andromeda device. Microsoft’s long ...

Another report says Microsoft’s rumoured foldable Windows 10 device launch pushed back to 2019

Microsoft Andromeda, which many still refer to as Surface Phone, is a project that was supposed to create a new category of devices running Windows 10. Microsoft has never publicly confirmed the existence of such a device and everything ...

Microsoft’s Panos Panay gets asked directly if a Surface Phone is in plans

A concept of Andromeda by David Breyer Microsoft is believed to be working on a new dual-screen device under the Surface brand and while the device is supposed to make calls, it won’t be a traditional smartphone. Microsoft’s Surface Phone ...

Microsoft is considering new ideas to fix app gap ahead of foldable Windows 10 device

In 2015, Microsoft took some big steps forward when it unveiled the universal Windows Store for PCs, Phones and gaming console, but the company failed to fix the infamous app-gap problem. Microsoft is still struggling to convince third-party developers to create ...

Microsoft patents extendable display for mobile computing devices

Image Courtesy: USPTO Microsoft has patented yet another interesting design for mobile computing devices such as a smartphone and tablet computers. First discovered by us, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published a patent titled “Flexible display extendable assembly” last week ...

Gameloft: Asphalt 9 Legends won’t arrive on Windows Phone

Microsoft has recently acknowledged that Windows 10 Mobile won’t get any new features or hardware and it apparently makes sense for developers to start looking for other platforms. Gameloft last year announced that it won’t be releasing new updates for ...

Qualcomm has a solution to address the power demands of dual-screen Windows 10 devices

Image Courtesy: We already know that Microsoft is working on a folding device codenamed Andromeda, but it looks like Qualcomm is also interested in powering the dual-screen Windows 10 PCs but it has nothing to share at the moment. ...

Microsoft’s latest foldable mobile device patent shows off laptop mode

Image Courtesy: USPTO Microsoft has reportedly delayed the launch of a foldable mobile device codenamed Andromeda but this doesn’t necessarily mean the software giant isn’t thinking of ways to improve the project. Yesterday, we spotted a patent detailing the ...


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New reference to Microsoft’s Andromeda OS for foldable device spotted online

Windows Phone fans launch petition to save Surface Phone or Andromeda

Microsoft Store employee claims a Microsoft-branded phone is launching soon

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