Here are some hints for today's Wordle without giving away specifics, so no spoilers in the post!

Wordle Hint October 4 2022 for 472 (10/4/22) – Spoiler free clues!, Wordle

Wordle is still one of the most played games around the globe, which means many players are on the lookout for a bit of a boost when it comes to figuring out answers. If you don’t want to outright cheat, then we’ve got the Wordle hints that you need to find the solution. You will find no spoilers in this post, but if you get stumped we do feature an area where you can find the answer so you won’t lose that precious win streak!

If you give up and just want the solution, check out our Today’s Wordle Answer post!

Wordle Hints October 4 2022

Here are multiple clues for today’s Wordle to help you complete it without losing your winning streak! These don’t reveal specific letters, so they’re perfect if you want to walk through the process without making it too simple, but keep reading for a list of 5-letter word lists we’ve compiled for additional help.

  1. Starts with a consonant, ends with a consonant
  2. Has a vowel in the middle
  3. There are two vowels in the puzzle (A, E, I, O, U)
  4. There are no repeat letters in the word

For simplicity, we do not use Y as a vowel in our hints even when it is used as one.

5 Letter Word Lists for Wordle 472

If you need more specific assistance, we have many posts that we have found to be helpful for those attempting to answer a Wordle. Depending on how much assistance you require, the more letters revealed and their positions exposed, the narrower the list of possible words!

  • First Two Letters
  • First Three Letters
  • First Four Letters
  • First and Last Letters
  • Middle Letter
  • Two Middle Letters
  • Other Two Middle Letters
  • Three Middle Letters
  • Last Two Letters
  • Last Three Letters
  • Last Four Letters

You can get further hints and clues by heading to our Wordle Solver and inputting the letters you have currently opened up in the puzzle.

General Wordle Tips

If you’re hoping to get better at Wordle then we’ve got some tips for you that will hopefully have you solving these more easily next time you play!

  • Use a good starting word – Try to figure out a few go-to words that you will start your puzzles out with that feature multiple vowels and that do not repeat words you’ve already tried. These are traditionally things like ADIEU, ACTOR, ARSON, EARNS, LEANT, OCEAN, RIOTS, etc. We have a bunch of them on our Best Wordle Starter Words page.
  • Watch out for duplicate letters – It’s easy to forget that you might have repeat letters in your puzzle. For example, the word “buzzy” has double “z” in it. This won’t be obvious from the clues given by Wordle. Just because you see a letter is green in a particular spot doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work in another!

Those are all of hints we can give you for today’s puzzle! If you want to find more content on the game, you can check out the Wordle section of our website.


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