The free Xbox Games With Gold titles for October 2019 bring a mix of styles – but are they any good?

With the arrival and rise of the Xbox Game Pass, the Xbox Games With Gold scheme has been pushed from its throne as the stand out Xbox-based feature, with the freebies that it offers rarely making a real impact ...

Looking Back To 2014 and Forza Horizon 2

Way back in the mists of time – 2014 in fact – the world was a very different place. I was getting used to the power of my shiny new Xbox One, and hearing that the next Forza Horizon title ...

Star Wars and Sherlock star but are the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for November 2019 worth your time?

There should never be a refusal to acknowledge free stuff, and with the Xbox Games With Gold scheme the free games and experiences have come in multiple forms over the years. But as the brilliant Xbox Game Pass slowly ...

10 of the Greatest Call of Duty Modern Warfare Maps

What’s the most important part of any Call of Duty multiplayer? Is it the guns, the killstreaks or the game modes? Well, they’re pretty important, but the real answer is the maps. They can make or break a Call of ...

Looking back to 2004 and Halo 2: The Difficult Second Album

I find myself once again putting pen to paper (electronically at least) on all things Halo. It’s always a privilege writing about this truly fantastic franchise, however it’s one of the weaker entries that will take centre stage in this ...

Looking back to 2004 and the fighting prowess of Dead or Alive Ultimate

It may technically not have been the first fighting game to go fully online on console, even on Xbox, but when the Xbox Live service revolutionised online gaming the platform could not have asked for a better premier fighting game ...

Looking back to 2009 and the beauty of Bayonetta

Way, way, way back in the mists of time, when I was a middle aged man, a game came about from Platinum Games that made a huge impact. Despite being published by SEGA, because of who was behind the game, ...

Looking back to 2004 and the groundbreaking Half-Life 2: “Follow Freeman!”

Ah, Half-Life. Sadly, all we can do is look back now, thanks to the slow, withering death of the series when it was seemingly in its prime. Even now, faint glimmers of Half-Life 3 or Half-Life 2: Episode 3 flicker ...

Looking back to 2010 and the apocalyptic good times of the original Darksiders

As a famous game once said: “War. War never changes” and while that fitted the tone of the game at the time, in the case of Darksiders it wasn’t quite so true. You see War – as in the Horseman ...

TheXboxHub’s Xbox Games of the Decade – 2010-2019

Ten years is a long time by anyone’s measurements, but gaming has had a seismic shift in the decade just passed: mainstream VR, the eighth console generation, 3D, 4K and HDR, the Ouya… and more than a few games. And ...

“Wonderland, where are you now?” – An Alice Retrospective

“If ignorance is bliss, I must be ecstatic!” American McGee’s Alice is the closest you will get to Wonderland. It is a third-person shooter/platformer released for the PC on December 6th, 2000 (and later released on consoles including Xbox, bundled ...

Ranking the Years of the Gaming Decade – 2010-2019

The 2010s have been more than kind to gaming. Indie games have been catapulted into the mainstream consciousness, and there have never been so many independent developers experimenting with the form. At the same time, big publishers also haven’t dropped ...

Looking back to the often overlooked Bioshock 2

In terms of the Bioshock trilogy, it’s always felt that Bioshock 2 is often overlooked. Sure the first game is an FPS classic and one of the greatest games of all time, and TheXboxHub even voted Bioshock Infinite as one ...

Looking back to 2005 and Star Wars Republic Commando

Star Wars games have been an important part of Star Wars history, and video game history for that matter. Games like Knights of the Old Republic I and II hold a special place in the hearts of both Star Wars ...

Looking back to 2010 and the Multiplayer Mayhem of Battlefield: Bad Company 2

There are a few games in most people’s gaming history that can be pointed at as turning points, or at least as significant in some way. For instance, for myself it was a game called Combat on the Atari 2600 ...

Looking Back to 2010 and the Lynchian Weirdness of Deadly Premonition

I really enjoy writing these retrospective articles as it gives me a chance to wander down memory lane, poking at bushes and turning stones over, seeing what nuggets I can dredge up from the depths of my mind. And heading ...

Looking Back to 2005 with Super Monkey Ball Deluxe – Roll With It

I will, if I may, begin this piece by casting my mind back even further than 2005. The year was 2002, and the much loved, and in the end troubled, Gamecube was released in dear old Blighty. There had been ...

Looking Back to 2010 and the Focus-fuelled Final Fantasy XIII

Let’s get something straight; Final Fantasy XIII may be one of the most divisive of all the Final Fantasy’s. But for those looking forward to reading a ‘Looking Back…’ piece that rips it apart, I’ve got some bad news for ...

Looking back to 2015 and the promotional tie-in Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious

Ridiculously fast cars, massive explosions, and badass characters; these three things are synonymous with the Fast & Furious film franchise. Each and every instalment that releases tries to raise the bar from the previous offering, usually featuring even more insane ...

Looking back to 2005 with Timesplitters: Future Perfect – Back to the Future

Here we are again. Another series which has a special place in my heart, and holds so many fond gaming memories. That’s right, Timesplitters: Future Perfect is the third game of the franchise, which follows on pretty much directly from ...

Looking Back to 2005 and the blinged out DUBness of Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition

Way back in 2005, when I was a much younger man barely into my 30s, I had a Playstation 2, along with most of the rest of the gaming world, it seemed. I’d bought it specifically to play Gran Turismo ...

Looking Back to 2005 with Psychonauts – Open Your Mind

There are certain Xbox games that, criminally, received less attention than they deserved. Psychonauts is one such game. Developed by Double Fine Studios, which now sits under the Xbox Game Studios umbrella, the game was praised by critics but commercially ...

Ranking the Battlefield Series – From Good to Great!

Hopefully the title of this listicle isn’t too much of a giveaway, but I really, really like the Battlefield series of games. I am always happier playing a Battlefield game than a Call of Duty title, for instance, as I ...

Looking back to 2010 with Red Dead Redemption – Saddle Up

Rockstar Games. Chances are you’ve fallen hard for one of their titles, and as a result lost several days of avid gaming to it. Red Dead Redemption saw their first big, open-world foray into the Wild West, in what has ...

Looking back to 2010 and the adrenaline-fuelled Split/Second

By 2008 and the release of Burnout Paradise, the Burnout series had carved out a niche for itself in the racing genre with an emphasis on smashing cars to smithereens. Two years later though, and there was nothing new coming ...

Another Counter-Strike Port For Next Gen Consoles? Probably Not

As someone who loves to research game creation, starting from ideation to execution, it amazes me that Counter-Strike started out as a mod for Valve’s Half Life 2 created by a couple of college kids, and has since become a ...

Looking back to 2010 and Alpha Protocol – “The Espionage RPG”

Obsidian Entertainment are a developer well known for deep and complex RPGs. In between classics such as Neverwinter Nights 2 in 2006 and Fallout: New Vegas in the latter half of 2010 sits Alpha Protocol, somewhere between Metal Gear Solid, ...

Looking back to 2000 with the launch of Perfect Dark and Rare at their finest

When Perfect Dark landed on Nintendo 64 in the year 2000, it came out at a time when gaming had stepped into the 128-bit era with Dreamcast and PlayStation 2, yet it was Nintendo’s 64-bit machine which still had a ...

Ranking the Forza Games – From Fast to Furious!

One thing about this whole sit at home lark is that it’s given me plenty of time to think about games. As an additional, very small silver lining, it’s also given me plenty of time to scribble some thoughts down, ...

Looking back to 2005 and the Hot Coffee Mod in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

San Andreas is one of those rare games which can be attributed to the category of a cultural phenomenon. It’s a game so impactful that it transcends time and any current definition of “cool”. And no matter how much you ...

Looking back to 2010 and Naughty Bear: 10 Years And Still No Invite

On paper, Naughty Bear is the closest thing to an unofficial Friday the 13th game that us gamers had at the time. It’s playful visuals, hilariously simplistic central narrative, and clever marketing campaign garnered some interest, but developer 505 Games’ ...

Looking Back to the Free For All of E3 2010

As regular visitors to our lovely website will already be aware, we like to run a series of articles here at TheXboxHub harking back to great games of yesteryear. I myself have penned articles in praise of Forza Horizon ...

“Rare Treasure and Riches Vast” – How to Make the Most of Rare’s Beloved IP

Ah, Rare, or how I (and many others) remember them, Rareware. What else can truly be said about them? They had a run from Donkey Kong Country to Conker’s Bad Fur Day that was the stuff of legends. It seemed ...

Looking back to 2010 with Woody, Buzz and Toy Story 3: The Video Game

Licensed games have always had a chequered past but one franchise that has always seemingly done better than others is the Toy Story games. That could just be me looking through rose-tinted glasses – particularly with the first and second ...

DIRT 5 – Gearing up to be the best DIRT experience yet

When Codemasters first revealed that they were working on development of DIRT 5 during the Inside Xbox show back in May 2020, our ears pricked up and our excitement levels started rising. For years DIRT has been the go-to title ...

Looking back to 2005 with Conker: Live & Reloaded – 15 Years, Same Squirrel

On paper, Conker: Live & Reloaded is a parent’s worst nightmare. A potty-mouthed, borderline-alcoholic squirrel tries to find his way back home after a disastrous night out at the local tavern with friends before they depart for “some war” – ...

Looking back to the year 2000 with Jet Set Radio – Beat it Punk

Before I begin, I would just like to reflect on a couple of recent announcements by SEGA; statements which were a real let down. That’s right, firstly SEGA had something back at the beginning of June to reveal which sent ...

Looking back to 2005 and the Caped Crusades of Batman Begins

Though The Dark Knight gets the most attention, coming three years sooner it was Batman Begins that changed the superhero film as we know it. Christopher Nolan’s original interpretation of the character was one that was rooted in reality and ...

Looking back to 2010 and the rocket-powered speedboats of Hydro Thunder Hurricane

In 1999, Midway released one of their most classic arcade games, Hydro Thunder. It was a fast-paced and adrenaline-fuelled racer that put itself apart from others in one crucial way – it was set on the water. Players blasted their ...

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta – The Pinnacle of Paid DLC

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta is the best downloadable add-on for any game released, and the pinnacle for what DLC used to represent. Microtransactions have taken over the scene, somewhat diluting the term “downloadable content”. Many games today follow a free-to-play ...


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