The Mountain awaits in Downslope

Zen-like experiences are a great way to unwind after a stressful day whilst still playing video games. Recently, the likes of Lake and The Alto Collection have offered us just that. And today, we can add another game to ...

Fight those aliens in Rainbow Six Extraction

Zombies came and went, then dinosaurs had a brief stint in the limelight, and now it seems aliens are making a resurgence as the big bad in video games. As well as Aliens: Fireteam Elite and the recent The ...

Colour it up – Hatsune Miku Logic Paint S is on Xbox

We’re not really sure what’s going on in Hatsune Miku Logic Paint S. What we do know is that it’s now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.  Blame our age if you must, or more likely our ...

Hat-trick hero Harrison takes hold in FIFA 22 Team of the Week (TOTW) #18

Another week down and yet again we get closer to being able to call football’s latest champions. And in the course of the last seven days or so, all manner of great matches have been played, with some of ...

Combining magic and music, Songs of Glimmerwick announced for PC and console

The Eastshade Studios team – they previously behind Eastshade – have today announced a new story-driven witch academy RPG, Songs of Glimmerwick. Blending RPGing, adventuring and gardening, Songs of Glimmerwick looks to enchant when Eastshade Studios prepare to drop ...

Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL powers up for free on Xbox, Switch, PlayStation and PC

With upwards of 10,000 individual cards covering more than 20 years of the series, Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL picks up the power and launches on Xbox, Switch, PlayStation and PC for free – with a host of paid DLC packs ...

DYSMANTLE the world on Xbox One and Series X|S

Want to just rip everything apart, destroying anything you can get your hands on? You’ll want to DYSMANTLE the world – especially now that it is on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.  From the 10tons team (they previously ...

Stop the Calamity in Nobody Saves the World on Xbox, PC & Game Pass

From the creators of the satisfyingly punchy Guacamelee! comes a brand new RPG that is looking to hook you in with its combat based around assuming different forms – Mega Man style – either on your lonesome or with ...

Game, set, Matchpoint – Tennis Championships is coming to PC and console

The tennis world may have been in the news for all the wrong reasons over the last couple of weeks, but just as the Australian Open looks set to allow players to hit a few balls in anger, Kalypso ...

Two games drop onto Game Pass, including the arrival of the Danganronpa series on Xbox

We knew that one game was dropping onto Game Pass today – the hack-and-slashy Nobody Saves the World (Console, Cloud and PC) from Guacamelee devs Drinkbox Studios – but we had no idea that there would be a second. ...

Embark on a new Monster Hunt with Chernobylite’s free and paid content drops

Need a new reason to head back to the survival horrors of Chernobylite? With the latest free and paid content packs, there are plenty of reasons – none more so than the chance to go on a Monster Hunt.  ...

The visual novel goodness of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition comes to Xbox and Game Pass

Way back when – 2010, in fact – the Danganronpa series was born. Having first launched on the good old PlayStation Portable in Japan, it wasn’t long before that game made a move to mobile, taking the visual novel ...

Xbox Deals With Gold Sale for 18th-24th Jan 2022 delivers a ton of bargains

We’re flying through 2022 and even though there’s currently a great deal of quiet on the new games front, it doesn’t mean we have to put the pad down and wait. You see, with the weekly Xbox Deals With ...

Hunt out the Omni-Gem as Gem Wizards Tactics is confirmed for Xbox and Nintendo Switch

Want to know more about the power of the Omni-Gem? Gem Wizards Tactics is likely to be for you. Coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch, Gem Wizards Tactics will see you leading a powerful fantasy ...

Two more free Xbox games become available through Games With Gold

As has become customary for goodness knows how many years now, the middle of every month sees two more games become free for those making use of the Xbox Games With Gold programme, and January of 2022 is no ...

Desperados III, Kingdom Hearts III and four others leave Game Pass today

The middle of the month means a couple of things for Game Pass. It’s announcement time, and that means more games will soon be added to the slate for the remainder of January (you can be sure that we ...

Why you should be playing Mass Effect Legendary Edition via Game Pass

I’m Commander Shepard and I spent £400 on a Mass Effect 3 “accessory”. It was March 2012, the week after the game had hit shelves and I was deep into the war to save the galaxy. But… let’s rewind a ...

Forza Horizon 5 Weekly Challenges Guide – Series 3 – Summer

Hello there fellow Horizoners! If you are anything like me, with a sense of direction that makes going to the toilet in the dark an adventure, you may well have to seek help to complete the weekly challenges that are ...

TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 111: The future of NFTs

Our first podcast of 2022 is jam-packed with gaming, film and TV discussion; featuring all sorts ranging from The Matrix Resurrections and The Apprentice, to Evil Genius 2: World Domination and Kena Bridge of Spirits. TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 111 ...

WIN a PUBG eSports Global Championship Swag Pack

PUBG, eh? Many still see it as the absolute king of the Battle Royale scene and no matter what goes up against it, it continues to go from strength to strength. And much of that power comes in the ...

What I Would Like Playground Games to Bring to Fable from The Forza Horizon series

It’s been more than eleven years since Fable 3 released back on the Xbox 360. A huge Fable fan, I was so upset that Lionhead Studios was shutdown, leaving the future of Fable uncertain. Fast forward to July 2020, ...

Why Dead Rising 4 has been crying out for the new difficulty modes

It’s been almost two months now since the release of Dead Rising 4, and those that have set some time aside since the festive period to sink the hours into Capcom’s apocalyptic adventure will surely be in agreement that the ...

Scalebound’s cancellation is a bad day for all Xbox One gamers – but what went wrong?

Scalebound, an action RPG developed by Platinum Games exclusively for the Xbox One has been cancelled. Rumours began swirling when Microsoft omitted mention of Scalebound in its Xbox Wire post which discussed the future of Xbox One. The rumours ...

Exclusive Q&A interview with Hucast Games regarding Ghost Blade HD

Ghost Blade HD has recently released on Xbox One, promising to bring bullet hell to the lives of all Xbox One gamers. You’ll need fast eyes, fast hands and even faster reflexes in order to beat something which has quite ...

2 new games arrive for fans of Xbox Backwards Compatibility – but are they worth the return?

It’s been a busy time for backwards compatibility arrivals with several new titles coming to the program in recent weeks dropping some fantastic fan favourites, as well as some equally great lesser known sensations to the Xbox One. But in ...

The Destiny 2 Trailer : A Fanboy Squeaks!

So, Destiny 2 is a thing. A thing that is coming on September 8th, and yes, since you ask I have booked the day off work! I’m going to look here at what I can cull from the trailer, ...

5 things you can expect from Destiny’s Age of Triumph

Age of Triumph – Destiny’s last hurrah, goes live later on tonight. You will face new challenges, complete the biggest ever record book, fire new weapons and adorn new armour. Are you ready for the final push, Guardian? Here’s ...

Four new arrivals hit Xbox One Backwards Compatibility – Are they worth the return?

When the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility scheme was first announced back at E3 2015, I had my first experience of over excitement. I literally jumped off my sofa and sent my controller across the room, as I let out a ...

Far Cry 3 arrives on Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility – Is it worth the return?

I’m a big fan of the Far Cry series. I’m an even bigger fan now that Far Cry 3 has emerged on Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility. But as another title arrives and crosses the generation gap, the question still ...

5 fresh faces drop in to Xbox One backwards compatibility – Are they worth the return?

I reckon it’s safe to say that no Xbox 360 title arriving on Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility now will be quite as anticipated as that of last week’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, but that doesn’t mean there ...

Prey Demo – Thoughts on the opening hour of Prey

Prey has been a franchise that has long been held in high regard by fans of the sci-fi genre. Its arrival back in 2006 marked the end of a tumultuous development period for the game that originally started development back ...

Unboxing KontrolFreek Edge thumbsticks for Xbox One

KontrolFreek are back with a new thumbstick, and this time round they’re aiming to bring a load of comfort, increased control and an improvement on your accuracy. Best we unbox the KontrolFreek Edge thumbsticks for Xbox One then! Watch ...

Xbox One – In Stores This Week 3rd – 9th April 2017

This week sees another trio of new games hitting the Xbox One, one of which will see LEGO fans especially excited for its release. Just Cause 3: Gold Edition – 7th April – Xbox One [amazon_link asins=’B06X93KY5C’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’the03da-21′ ...

DreamScreen are back with another Kickstarter – and we’ve been hands-on with their new product!

So, if you’re a regular reader of TheXboxHub, you’ll already understand how much we love our DreamScreen stick – the DIY backlighting kit which wowed us and delivered a greater, more immersive gaming experience in the process. If you’re ...

Xbox Game Pass – Is it worth another subscription?

Things have changed quite a lot when it comes to the distribution of media. Back in the good old days, if you wanted to pick up the latest games arriving on console you’d slip your shoes on, head down ...

Are the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for May 2017 any good?

No matter what you may think of the Xbox Games With Gold scheme, the promise of free games each and every month, for both Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners, is something which cannot be ignored. Sometimes the masses ...

Unboxing the Xbox One Recon Tech Special Edition Wireless Controller

The latest line of Xbox One Tech Series Special Edition wireless controllers have been inspired by the military – the first is that of the Recon Tech and we’ve got one for an unboxing! Available to purchase right now ...

What Star trek can learn from the Mass Effect formula

Hands up who preferred Speed 2: Cruise Control to the high-octane original? How about Dirty Dancing Havana Nights to the original? Or even Lion King 2: Simbas Pride? No? Me neither. The reason I’m bringing up these lesser regarded ...

Up Next – A look at the Xbox One games out in April 2017

A new month is here and that means a whole host of new Xbox games are on the horizon. It’s going to be a busy old April 2017 for your wallet too, especially if you’re one of those who are ...

Destiny’s Age of Triumph Expansion: Thoughts and Impressions of a Guardian

As those of you who have been following the streams of Bungies Age of Triumph will already know, it released on Tuesday March 28th to a waiting universe. Obviously, I was there to join in the festivities, and to ...


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